1 Pound Of Carrots Eating Challenge

I attempt to eat a pound of carrots as fast as I can.

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1 Pound Of Carrots Eating Challenge

I attempt to eat a pound of carrots as fast as I can.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Synth Wave Attempt: https://soundcloud.com/kuseki-akorame/synthwave-attempt

81 thoughts on “1 Pound Of Carrots Eating Challenge

  1. WOW a mukbang video where the user eats large amounts of something healthy instead of something that will kill them, nice very wow.

  2. You’ve inspired me to eat healthy vegan gains. I’ve cut out all red meat and mostly eat fish and vegan foods now. I’ve been making a lot of gains

    1. Laura Lejeune ….he’s trying to transition…not everyone can cold turkey. Gradually cutting out the meat is a good way to start. Stop making vegans look bad with your negative attitude towards non vegans.

  3. Richard, I’m not going to lie I used to hate you. But the more I watched you the better I’ve liked you. Keep putting out good content bro..keeping it real ??

    1. Richard: Tanks you Garret tice for changing your mind about me. Now go eat as many shitty vegetables as you can so that we can have overpopulation of animals shitting everywhere.

    2. Lol Watching someone eat carrots for 10 minutes is what you call “good content”? I had to fast forward…there was no way.

    3. Michele Hatch He looks like he could be the son of Richard Simmons. Change the video name to. Richard Simmons half nig son eats bag of dicks! Watch the views launch into the millions.

    4. michele Hatch Eating a pound of carrots is a good content by sending message out to all the fat asses on the planet that you can do it with greens instead of cancerous junk fried foods.

  4. Furious Pete should try a healthy challenge like this for once instead of always eating corpses that fuel his cancer

    1. BM Urban if we were all vegans, 16.99999r million would be dying every year of heart disease, but:
      1. the infant mortality rate would skyrocket,
      2. people who don’t spend a lot of mental energy monitoring their diet would be feinting in the streets,
      3. children would end up half their size, with even smaller brains,
      4. no-one would be able to live away from inner urban environments, where specialty foods can be gathered together, without serious health complications occurring.

  5. Vegan gains you are awesome bro. Because of your videos, I refrained my self from eating meat for almost 2 weeks now

    1. thank you so much pal! i never thought my comment would get this popular. One day, i will become a vegan and eat vegetables only.

    2. thank you! It has been already ! one day i will become a vegan. Furthermore, i will contribute positively by working with the envionrment!

    1. No doubt they would destroy this time. It would be interesting to see though, carrots are tough. It’s not like a hot dog or burrito which are soft and easily chewed and swallowed.

    1. I’m transitioning to veganism, and I follow VG even though I don’t agree with everything he says/does.
      Also, I upvoted Leslie’s comment about ‘insulting one another’ so yeah, that recent comment, why?

    2. Rocky yeah that’s why he’s going through psychological evaluations. I’m also not a bro

    3. Rocky no, I’m basing this on his own words and videos as well as livestreams. His evaluations were ordered. I have not used one ad hominem nor have I literally claimed to read minds. In order for that to be relevant I would have had to say “I know how he thinks” I didn’t. I gave you facts from his own videos. Later gator.

    1. he’s just fatter, thats why he looks bigger with a shirt on. But if the takes it off he will look chubby.

  6. Favorite YouTuber currently, you convinced me to go vegetarian and I am going to go vegan soon. You provided great research and back up your points. Continue with the amazing content and keep making those spiritual, vegan, and physiological gains.

    1. Actually meat consumption makes almost no difference at all to rates of cancer. More dopey, anemic lies and misrepresentations.

  7. Crazy part is… a pound of carrots is still under 200 calories….. an eating challenge that won’t make you fat… go figure!

    1. And what, like 2000% of your daily value of Vitamin A lol? Good thing Richard doesn’t do this every day, or he would be one orange motherfucker…. Hey, maybe Donald Trump is secretly a vegan, and eats 2 pounds of carrots a day?

    2. Charles the Bold I read Trump loves fast food, especially Wendys. Personally i hope he chokes down Wendys everyday and reaps the consequences.

    3. not just that but the insane fibre, vitamin and phytonutrient content will also lower bad cholestrol , increase digestion, gut microbiome saturation and SO MUCH MORE!!!!! carrots baby yerrrrrrrrr ?

    1. REVOisMYname In a fair society right after what you said people would piss in the slut’s you call mother mouth

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