240 Pound Bench Press PR!

My bench has improved significantly over the last few months and I'm breaking personal records every week.

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240 Pound Bench Press PR!

My bench has improved significantly over the last few months and I'm breaking personal records every week.

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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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69 thoughts on “240 Pound Bench Press PR!

    1. Thomas Black Will upload workout vids in the future but If you feel about me that way I don’t really need you to subscribe

    1. +Alan Lopez I love people who start arguments passive aggressively and then claim the other person is a “keyboard warrior”. Seek help.

  1. The fact that you actually think that it’s healthy to live a vegan lifestyle despite god giving us animals to eat really makes you stupid. If you took some time to actually read the bible and realized that God gave us that god gave us DOMINION over animals you would realise that the reason your bench press is low is because the loss of strength that god gives you through the mechanics of biology. The thing you don’t seem to understood is that sceince is a product of religion as many of the founders founders of science where religious and really it’s just an expansion on christian values and discovery of gods beauty. It’s pitiful that you don’t know this but hopefully you will someday but until then good luck making any of those ‘vegan gains’.

    1. KaleBer And another thing, there’s more than one cause of atherosclerosis, the one cause thing that Vegan gains shows us all the time isn’t something that unanimously accepted in it’s respected field.

    2. Jon j – *”Also when it comes to atherosclerosis, high blood cholesterol is a cause of it, not necessarily animal products, or even dietary cholesterol in of itself. Take a look at this, and do your own research of course.”*

      https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2015/02/why-you-should-no-longer-worry-about-cholesterol-in-food/ – So you think this random biased article providing no peer reviewed medical data is proof against the fact that cholesterol is the only risk factor for developing atherosclerosis? Meat, dairy and eggs, they all have cholesterol, and they all raise serum cholesterol levels. Humans, cannot regulate their serum cholesterol levels. This builds up around the arteries over time, and leads to atherosclerosis. Cholesterol is its own independent risk factor for atherosclerosis, in of itself.

    1. Why do people say he should “get a job” youtube is his job you dumb fucks, he is self employed. I ain’t giving him any money personally, Richard will get nothing from me, I even run adblock. But I am not stupid enough to tell a man to get a job instead of being self employed. Sure his business model sucks, but you little boy cucks are doing socioties cookiecutter path, school, get a job, retire, die. Good Luck with that, you drones, spending your whole life at some garbage job. The rest of us will be self employed, working only a few hours a day and paying YOUR wages with our business, which FYI will be a tenth of the money you put in our pocket daily via your job slavery.

    2. John Smith even he says he works up to 60 hours a week, so please don’t imply that being self employed doesn’t require a lot of work. People are saying that,
      1. If he’s going to ask people for financial support, his wife should get a job first.
      2. YouTube shouldn’t be your only source of income because you never know what can happen.

      The smart people use YouTube as a starting point. Whether it’s necessary or not, people have obtained many online clients from YouTube. So many clients, that they don’t even need YouTube anymore.
      Some have opened their own gyms, some start their own clothing line, etc.

      I’m just tired of people calling people slaves, and sheeps just because they work 9-5s.
      I’m 23, I went to school, I’m an accountant. I’m enjoying my benefits, 401k, etc. Everyone isn’t doomed just because they chose a more traditional path

    3. +weaklydeficientandiabolicalcultistveganbully even your name is a book. In New Zealand, most of the damage done to the regeneration of native bush, is by animals. Namely deer. Red meat is the best and most bioavailable source of iron. Iron carries oxygen in the blood. The first place blood goes in the body, is to the brain. Maybe this could help you?
      I have two dogs who I love, I would not eat them. But I’ll eat a cow, Hindus wouldn’t. Jews won’t eat pig. I think Vegan diets are a trend. Most trends are started by conglomerates for profit.
      If we look at the fit, strong, healthy generation that preceded us, their diet consisted of meat and three veg.
      I think that growth hormone used to grow meat, is probably some of what is to blame for health problems, but also refrigeration, fluorocarbons etc.
      I was vegetarian for the first 18 years of my life, but I ate eggs and cheese, which do not require the death of anything bar vegan ignorance.

    1. +Drew James Respect for actually posting a video to back up your claim of benching 225 x 15. I watched it and those were all legit full ROM reps. I uploaded a video a couple weeks ago too to shut up some guy on a different Vegan Gains video, who was saying I look like my arms are only 14 – 15″ tops. I measured them properly on camera at 16.5″. I think I will upload a video of myself bench pressing 225 x 20 next time, cause I want to show everybody here that I can literally benchpress 225 lbs like it’s a warmup weight. But to be fair, I’d say in my gym the average guy can only do 225 x 5 – 7 reps. They look at me like I’m some kind of monster.

    2. Matthew H Thanks man, yeah obviously you get people who have just started but if they’ve gone regularly for a year (or less if they’re bigger) then 225lbs is pretty achievable.
      Saw your 17 rep video, very nice.

    3. Matthew H Yes, very true. I got back into lifting late last year after an extended time away – but much easier to get back with muscle memory.
      However, I think I’ve started to plateau.
      I’ve progressed 2.5kg on my dl in two months! Very slow. YouTube just makes it seem you’re weak unless you bench 500lbs and deadlift 800lbs.

  2. Good job on the bench and not caring what people think. It’s hard to believe that people who criticize how much you bench actually lift. They either don’t lift or they’re just extremely insecure. I remember how excited I was the first time I hit 225 for a single. I’m sure many can relate to that.

    1. Meely you weigh 220 and you bench 280? Thats not that good. I weigh 160 and bench 250 touching my chest, and I have long lanky arms

    2. pegy hill well i maxed out at 280 like 8 months ago and have strictly been repping since. i’m sure i could hit 295 but i haven’t tried. and i’m only 17, so it’s not that bad.

    3. pegy hill lmao i’m not lying and would have no reason to. before i stopped playin football, i was the second strongest kid in the weight room behind this kid that went to the gym twice a day

    4. Meely wow that’s pretty neat. Did you know that I am a billionaire and I am only 19 years old. I’m not lying I have no reason to but I also do not need to post a video to prove it

  3. Most people don’t realize that genetics matter when lifting heavy weight. The way your muscles and tendons attach to your bones, the length of your bones, your body type, etc. It’s hard for someone like you to bench press a lot of weight because you are tall and lean with a huge range of motion. It’s usually the wide, squat, stocky people that you see lifting huge amounts of weight. They have more leverage and shorter distances to move it, so the bar doesn’t have to travel near as far. Also, you’re doing multiple reps, so your one rep max will be higher.

    1. Yeah, on the WEIGHTS end! lol That works AGAINST the person lifting. Hold 20 pounds at arms length and then put 20 pounds on the end of a 36 inch board and hold it by the opposite end at arms length, and tell me which is harder to hold up.

    2. adamaj hafthor bjornson is a former basketball player and he has broken records in strongman. Edit: as is Brian Shaw

    3. adamaj but yeah dude I know what you mean. Taller people have more strength potential because they are just larger humans and can carry more muscle, but the fact that they need to carry so much muscle to fill out and improve their leverages means it is harder for tall guys

    1. In it’s current state, materialism is not a good thing. I don’t care if people like buying a lot of things, I only care about it’s impact on the environment, which is something we can and are doing something about. But not enough.

      Seen people on here call me a communist also, which isn’t true, I despise all forms of dictatorship. I just enjoy the music.

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