A Very Unhealthy Day Of Eating

I normally eat healthy but sometimes you need to have some fun.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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A Very Unhealthy Day Of Eating

I normally eat healthy but sometimes you need to have some fun.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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72 thoughts on “A Very Unhealthy Day Of Eating

    1. The Platypus You exaggerate false insults Everytime you get angry and emotional. It’s okay, I don’t blame you, but try not getting helplessly angry too often or it might take some years off your life.

    2. angry? emotional?.. What? Like I said. I just feel bad for you, and wanted to point out the obvious, maybe after you realize it you’ll do us rational people a favor and get some professional help.

    3. The Platypus “feel” is an emotion.. Thus you insulting me based on what you FEEL and since you were offended, angry, upset etc, you “exaggerated” your false insults… Look at the anger in your first reply to me and try to claim you weren’t mad… lmao

    4. +Jeff seddal You’re such a hypocrite. Your insults were far off from reality, yet you try to point out mine that are pretty damn close to realty to cover it up… Good try. lol
      And I was just making a bad joke out of an observation, no anger was involved… As i mentioned before. I just felt bad for you…
      So by your definition we are all emotional at all times, meaning you are being emotional as well.

  1. Son I am so proud of you. I am glad to see that you are doing well. Please come see your ol pops sometime. I miss you so much.

    1. Vegans rule- Who cares? VG probably loves this as it earns him more views and a fatter paycheck. The OP is doing a fine job at that.

  2. Just a thought, Richard. If Jasmine doesn’t have a job or really do anything, is it really unreasonable for her to do the dishes? I’m referring to the beginning where she insinuates that since you’re the one who used the dishes that you should be the one to clean them.

    1. +Oneallah Byrd​ why are you talking to me, wasnt talking to you. I did stop responding you fool. If you could read you would see that I was not the last comment in our conversation. My point made a nuanced agreement that the OP got. Shut up before you hurt your self.

    2. All you fucking idiots talking about another mans wife and their division of labor. You are sitting in your pristine homes behind a keyboard judging someone by 20 minutes worth of YouTube footage. Shame on you all.
      You guys are the reason feminism exists.

  3. You’ve inspired me to start eating healthier and giving away a lot of animal products. Keep making those videos man

    1. Just remember when eating healthily, it’s okay to cheat and eat deep fried doughnuts as long as you call yourself a Vegan everyone will understand!

    2. what fucking donuts, ice cream and chicken and waffles with french fries? His fat kid is out of the closet!

    1. Yeah, I live in France and I’m vegan for 3 or 4 months now and I never had any vegan cake or donuts.

    2. Yeah but France is like . . . healthy. This is a pretty accurate stereotype for North American culture haha.

    1. we really need more good vegan eating places and stores in Denmark 🙂 I mean I am from belgium but my boyfriend is danish and I am with him most of the time.

    2. I agree. I’m Dutch, engaged to be married to a Dane and the only good vegan places are in Copenhagen. I live in the Roskilde area and it’s okay I guess, but Denmark still has a long way to go haha.

    3. oh we are in a similar situation then 😀 So you guys were also long distance? I love in mid denmark. So your planning to go live in Denmark? We are planning to go to Belgium once he is done studying.

    4. VegAnn yes, we were long distance for about 1.5 years, then I moved here in 2014. We are planning on staying here though, i want to attend the university of Copenhagen, and for us working opportunities are better in up here! I also prefer the calm atmosphere here in Denmark as opposed to the Netherlands haha.

    1. Not at all! That’s actually one of things that make us attracted to other people. The more they are like us, they more attractive we find them, usually!
      And in this case, they are both kind of introverted, they both hate babies (and people), they are both vegans, they both love dogs etc etc. I do think they have a lot in common actually.

    2. +James Sarvan yeah you right, but VG seems to also be very passionate about things such as fitness and health, whereas she is out of shape, lazy, eats junkfood all day and doesn’t seem to be motivated for anything in life.

    3. That is true. But I think that maybe training isn’t as important to VG afterall as some other things. I mean animals etc seems to be more important for him, and most of his videos up here is about that as well. So maybe he feels that it’s more important to have that in common with her and don’t really care about if she is in shape or not, but I don’t know, just speculating!

    1. Vegan don’t tell people where you live; that could be an extremist trying to seek retribution for the Islam video

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