Alltime10s vs Vegan Gains

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Alltime10s think they're experts in nutrition, health, the environment and economics because they can do a google search.

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Research referenced:
Agriculture and GHG emissions:

Agriculture and water:

Phytates can improve nutrient absorption:

Phytates protect against mortality and cancer:

Soy has no feminizing effects in men:

Soy inhibits growth of breast tissue:

Alltime10s vs Vegan Gains

Alltime10s think they're experts in nutrition, health, the environment and economics because they can do a google search.

Alltime10s video:
Support me on Patreon:
Get Vegan Gains apparel:
Follow me on Facebook:
Research referenced:
Agriculture and GHG emissions:
Agriculture and water:
Phytates can improve nutrient absorption:
Phytates protect against mortality and cancer:
Soy has no feminizing effects in men:
Soy inhibits growth of breast tissue:

67 thoughts on “Alltime10s vs Vegan Gains

    1. @Thea: Okay, thanks for clarifying what you meant about evil. However, just because people and animals do bad acts, doesn’t mean that they should. This is known as an “is/ought” fallacy – mistaking what currently is, for what ought to be. Regarding legislation, I think we can see from history that banning any commodity that people really want, doesn’t and hasn’t worked. The US banned alcohol for a few years, and all it did was create organized crime around illegal alcohol, which is the same thing we see now with illegal drugs, guns, prostitution, and gambling. People aren’t going to stop eating meat, eggs, or dairy just because they’re illegal, just as people haven’t stopped smoking marijuana, and I remind you that the “war on drugs” is something that governments are spending billions and billions of dollars on every year with virtually no effect. How hard is it to find marijuana in places where it’s illegal? If veganism wins, it won’t be through force but through education, advocacy, technology, and market forces. Even just removing the government subsidies that farmers get, would make a big difference because it would rectify the artificially-low price of animal products and people would buy less.

    2. John Harley. “They’re free to stand on their own property and try to sell magazines, but not on mine unless I allow them. You’re not entitled to anyone else’s property or platform.”

      I disagree. Property is also defined by past and what people class as being earned. If someone works out how to own most property and says you can’t talk about anything, has government power, owns a country and says what they can or can’t say at that point they can censor everything people say based on your idea that property ownership is what gives people the right to speech. No. The right to say what is right to say needs to be said, and no one should be able to stop them say it. However I get that your argument is that they could set up shop and still say it. But if the TV is telling millions of people what to think, and you have an opinion in which shows the TV idea is wrong, it is only fair that you also get the same audience. Otherwise you’re being censored.

      However I think sometimes censorship is needed. If too many people realise a truth but their is no economic way in which to support this truth it could cause all sorts of issues. Someone could also say something which is true, but certain people can’t grasp it fully and lose their mind. In this case again it makes sense to sensor it. That is why ratings exist on films after all.

      This all springs back to my argument of if good men do nothing and let people be, this logic allows people to do bad things or encourage bad things to happen.

    3. “Regarding legislation, I think we can see from history that banning any commodity that people really want, doesn’t and hasn’t worked. The US banned alcohol for a few years, and all it did was create organized crime around illegal alcohol,”

      Well based on history this makes sense to an extent. This is different to using drugs. If a person is aware of the negative affects of that drug, than it is there choice whether to harm themselves. As long as they know the risks. That is why so many people still did drug use after it was banned. Where as this is different. People are actively taking away an animals life against that animals will. Which causes harm to animals. Additionally a lot less people use drugs because they where banned. It’s not like it did nothing at all. So it would reduce a lot of animal suffering, it’s not like they can hide farms animals like they can hide drugs after all.

      But I didn’t mean legislation over night. Just long term. Without legislation to prevent people using animals for food. Long term people will be more open to the idea and my point being that unless we get to the point where banning animal products is supported by people, than we will still have to deal with a lot of people advertising and or subtle influencing and encouraging people to eat animals, making them think they need to eat animals when they don’t. To make it known that it is terribly wrong and backed by the government would make those who still do it question this more. At the minute culture does it so much they don’t question whether animal slaughter is right or wrong because it’s just always been like that.

      But yea I agree, my point was more through legislation it would make it a lot harder for those who want to kill animals and exploit animals to do this. As I said I didn’t mean arrive at the banning of animals products over night.

      Legislation first could stop government funding for animals. Then you could encourage more healthy plant based diets, then you could ban adverts which market products which are directly responsible for animals to be killed. This would make it a lot easier to convince people to not eat meat.

    1. He’s destroying idiots, but vegans are destroying the planet. Stop drinking almond milk vegans!!!! You’re f’ing up our future.

    1. Sea Witch

      A marine a communist? Source?

      She’s still a comrade – she’s pro Hillary Clinton. I’m being a meanie, but she’s really a two face person – only vegans I trust are Durianrider and Vegan Gains. She’s plant based by the way, not even vegan (source: honey video she made).

    2. Sea Witch
      I love how so many of you kids think debating is about “sharing opinions”. Debating is about one thing and it’s winning. It’s not about convincing the person you debate, it’s about convincing the people who listening that you are right, even when you’re not. A debate is not a conversation, it’s not a discussion.
      Good debaters can take an idea they don’t believe in, and convince other people they’re right.
      Notice how VG titled his video where he actually tries to have a debate on sterilization and population control. The video is titled ” Vegan Gains vs Wtv debate”, it’s titled “Sterilization and Population Control Discussion” because if he called it a debate, it meant he didn’t make a single valid point in a 1 hour debate, and that’s kind of embarrassing, even for a drop out.

    1. roman boy yeah. I didn’t know they could scissor each other if you opened them up like that. It really does look like lesbians!!!

    1. chinom I never heard him criticize for ads. Even if he did, he does because he vids get demonetized very quickly and deserves money from hos videos.

    1. Neck Man If it makes you feel better to falsely believe he’s taking roids then have at it. You think it’s only vegans who don’t think he’s on roids? You’re delusional.

    1. Tyler Selig
      i dont have to !! why would you call the majority of the world brain dead idiots !! i guess you seem to think you are better !! another vegan tick

    2. crocfixio
      Just going to ignore the facts and evidence I laid out? What do you know, another typical brain dead idiot! Enjoy your nutrition related disease goals for 2018 and beyond. As long as you condemn animals you will never be at peace.

    1. Also smart and educated are two very different things. One requires mental work (as in education) the other the other stems from experience and simply describes the way you react to situations with the “weapons” already at your disposal.

    1. Thomas Black ive been to the doctor for fainting/blacking out actually due to low blood pressure. They didn’t check my cholesterol levels for that. If I was going to say something to try get the NHS to do it id mention my BMI which is technically overweight due to muscle. Additionally, could mention my family history although it’s my grandparents not direct parents.

      I think my cholesterol levels will be healthy because I have basically the lowest risk possible. I’m 19, exercise 4-6 times a week, don’t drink, don’t smoke, not obese and don’t eat junk food near as much as everyone else.

      Signs of plaques is high blood pressure and a high heart rate from the heart struggling to pump blood. I have literally the complete opposite as my blood pressure is on the edge of being dangerously low and my heart rate is that of an athlete.

      You can call it stupid but overall all the evidence suggests my cholesterol will be fine. I actually might get it tested though because of this conversation just to see, I’m bulking up to 200lbs before cutting so it would probably be good to get an “all good” from the doctor.

      I actually didn’t know that there was evidence of plaques from an age that early. Doubt if I had any then as I was anorexic growing up but it was informative. 👍

    2. Thomas Black my exact blood pressure is 110/60 btw. Low blood pressure means I have a lower risk of basically everything except I have to deal with dizziness and blacking out. Basically the doctors just tell me it’s not dangerous as the worst that could happen is falling and hitting my head off something, which has happened and isn’t pleasant. The headache after from fainting and hitting your head is ridiculous.

    1. We started serving soy-based products in the gay bar I run, everyone became gay and touching each over up. It was really gay, don’t touch soy.

  1. YES BROTHER. F*ck these morons up. In a world where violence is illegal I’m just glad you’re far more intelligent than these dipshits and can rip them to pieces intellectually. If only they knew how many animals they were killing with their ignorance… Unleash a stampede of elephants on these motherf&*^@$

    1. Because spreading ignorance and misinformation that will result over time in thousands of animals being caged, mutilated and tortured to death infuriates me, as I know it does Richard, and if any decent human being saw a person doing that to an animal in public, we would obviously intervene, physically, to protect the animal from the sociopath.

      In this case the people responsible for that torture are these AllTime10 dumbasses, discouraging people from trying a cruelty-free diet on a channel that has millions of viewers, and I’ve seen that there video reached many millions more on Facebook as well, and there’s no doubt over time that will encourage the consumption of thousands of torture-based meals from people who might otherwise have been curious about the vegan option.

      Seeing as it would be illegal to kick their frail-looking, animal-eating asses in response, I’m happy that we’ve got powerful voices like Richard on our side of the debate to set the facts straight, non-violently. AllTime10’s is advocating widespread, massive and brutal violence on their channel towards billions of innocent and defenseless animals by spreading this ignorant horseshit that they didn’t even bother to fact-check. How do you feel about that?

    2. Gaiaisi – Gaia’s Eye – Gaia is I I honestly have no horse in this race, no pun intended. I just like watching what new hit Rich plans next. I tried vegan and while some of the food was good, my body had trouble processing it. I honestly don’t care what people eat, my grandfather was a butcher when he was younger and I’ve learned a lot about meat from him. I think as long as people are conscious of a balanced diet then everything is good. I just started a serious workout routine this year, determined to get myself in shape. I’ve cut back on sugar, caffeine, and many other unhealthy things. It’s given me a new perspective on my diet, so while I’m still eating meat, I’m more aware of choices I can make to make my diet better. That’s my philosophy.

    3. Gaiaisi – Gaia’s Eye – Gaia is I Look, while I appreciate it, I’ve heard all before. While I’m open to new food, I just can’t see myself going vegan. How it messed with my digestion put me off, though I will say that vegan ‘meat’ is almost on par with the real thing, so kudos to the geniuses that did that.

    4. Well I appreciate your open-mindedness, just remember, as that video illustrated, that there’s thousands of options for cruelty-free eating, so if something legitimately didn’t digest well there’s lots of other options out there, and the experimenting part is quite delicious.

      Also, whenever changing your diet, for humans or even dogs lol, there’s always going to be an adjustment phase in which the huge ecosystem of bacteria in your digestive system changes to adapt to the new types of food. If I were to start eating animals again, believe me my guts would be struggling to digest it, someone who never eats legumes might also get gas, but studies have shown that after 4-6 weeks consumption of legumes does not cause increased gas. The only foods I know that cause gas regardless of how long you’ve been eating them are dairy and leafy greens. But dairy is blood and pus-dripping torture juice that has disastrous effects on human health, and dark greens are essential for most primates, including humans, to live a long and healthy life. It’s worth tooting once or twice to prevent cancer and get all those nutrients in kale, broccolli etc. Sorry, TMI!

  2. i love how the lettuce study assumes that lettuce and bacon take the same amount of resources to create, like meat just appears and it doesn’t take years of feeding an animal to get it……

    1. katelyn ast Sounds like you don’t know the current method of mass production for produce and veggies. The companies that cater to your buying habits don’t worry about what you can’t prove about their process.

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