Awesome Stunts On My New Bike

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Just got my new bike and pulling off some awesome stunts.

Bicycle Pump:
Bike Lock:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Awesome Stunts On My New Bike

Just got my new bike and pulling off some awesome stunts.

Bicycle Pump:
Bike Lock:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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61 thoughts on “Awesome Stunts On My New Bike

    1. FatBoy Crew no he does…he sometimes replies. and the comments don’t even necessarily need to be popular. I’ve seen him reply to the most basic comment like when is *bleep* coming out even when the comment had virtually no likes.

    1. I know this isn’t related to the video at hand but I hope somebody reads my comment and checks out a link to an answer in quora about veganism that’s been bothering me a little bit, here’s the link , the person in particular that posted a comment actually attempting to debunk veganism is a lady named “Jan Soloven”, just to give you people a little bit of an idea of what I’m talking about here, this is the first part of her comment:

      “The real truth is far more brutal than the arrogant answers of salad munchers who say “live.” We already have seen that in areas where we stop hunting deer, their population grows out of control and the result is widespread starvation and a great many of them ending up dead on roads.

      Commercial chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese have no natural defenses, so if you release them into the world they certainly do NOT live, they die, in painful ugly deaths for instance with their necks ripped out by wild dogs, or to disease and parasites. You could expect these species to die out completely and quite quickly.”

      She then proceeds to talk more in “detail” about this and she shares links and everything, does anybody else know about any of these arguments already or what?

    2. Carrie Nation, Troll! You come to our Vegan Community with your fake account. You no NOTHING about this video or the comments ppl leave. Vegan Gains is having a bit of fun at Durianrider’s expense in the video. It’s a thing they do back & forth every so often. You being a FLESH EATER & MURDERER of millions of INNOCENT Animals doesn’t have a clue about it. YOU ARE THE TROLL ACCOUNT HERE, NONE OF US!


    1. The Young Turds VG is black so he stole the black guy that stole his bikes other stolen bike that was now stolen again

    1. Leon Kootstra I know! If he gains one more pound of muscle..he will literally crush the bike!?…He also reminds me of a little kid getting a new toy. He thinks it the coolest thing ever..when it really isn’t.

    1. I’ve just checked his Vegan Gains FB page and he had a post about a different bike that is orange and a lot larger. Did he buy two new bikes?

    2. Have you considered the possibility that it might be his old bike that he used as a kid. And it’s not pink, it’s purple.

    1. I like buff dudes, but would be keen to see a worst of the fitness industry on anyone haha.. can get them on their dietary recommendations not being vegan.

    2. Jake West yea i like them too but, im pretty sure they’re on roids considering their weak training programming and the amount of muscle mass they have for their strength.

    3. Nah Bro their training program is specific for bodybuilding and hypertrophy so it’s not really meant for strength and performance. I don’t really see anything wrong with that considering that many people are actually getting results with it. Their physique is very achievable with a high body fat % and training experience. Try lifting for 10+ years and see what happens. Also there’s little to no chance of you knowing how much they can actually lift so I’m not sure about your second argument as well.

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