Be Proud Of Your Progress

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heart-disease - Be Proud Of Your Progress

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There are insecure people on the internet who try to shame you even though you are working hard and making progress towards your goals.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Be Proud Of Your Progress

There are insecure people on the internet who try to shame you even though you are working hard and making progress towards your goals.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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77 thoughts on “Be Proud Of Your Progress

    1. lucisays God hasn’t even thought of creating me as a sperm yet and I can lift sponges with feathers stacked upon them, come at me hoe!

  1. The people who leave, “DUDE, YOU’RE SO WEAK!! I CAN LIFT MORE THAN YOU!” comments.. Battle of the egos and/or trolling. It’s pathetic. Everyone’s at their own fitness levels. Only compare yourself to where you were at yesterday.

    1. Carbs Are Happiness Richard is just triggered because he’s ​been lifting for close to a decade and just hit intermediate level. Nobody is laughing at a noob who comes in the first time to the gym that can’t even bench 80 pounds. If you lift for a decade and you’re still weak it means you fucked around and people laugh.

    2. Dirtyspace Rat Ah yes… The classic “SJW” label… Nah, bro. I’m just not a keyboard warrior lowlife like the people who leave idiotic comments like yours 🙂

    1. being fat is unhealthy, if you are on the chubby side and you are ok with that than that’s great for you, but being overweight is nothing to be celebrated. fat activists and whatever are just lazy idiots who will eat themselves to death.

      As long as they mourn every animal life sacrificed to fill their belly i can accept them

  2. Good video, I think its good to always strive for the better but people online will always talk smack.

    Trust me, I know. lol

  3. great video, I have been training for five years and gained 35 pounds of muscle, its not much but I am fucking proud of it

  4. dude i only weight 5 pounds and i can lift over 9000 pounds with a finger. me is stronk and u is weak!

  5. lol. i have actually had fat nerds talk to me irl, saying “you go to the gym? but you’re skinny”

    Yeah, i never claimed to be a body builder.

    1. haha this is what happens when you use such a weak criticism like “you are so triggered”. when you say it You are also triggered. the discussion can go back and forth saying “you are so triggered by what i just said, relax”

      ask me why this has triggered me enough to type this and i’ll say “why are you so triggered to care?”

    2. Ok I understand it’s over the internet and it was so super extremely obvious that I wasn’t joking or anything when I was saying that kain was triggered, but really guys? I think there was like 3 people at least that felt the need to comment on how they felt about the word “triggered.” How come you guys felt the need to explain your opinion on the word triggered as if u were explaining it to an audience who gave a crap?? and that guy, u keep typing super long comments trying to explain things but i don’t think anyone knows what your trying to say, including me

  6. Ironically enough, those arms are bigger and leaner than Jason blahas even if you are fucking 6ft3inches….
    Jason is on roids too.
    So in all honesty, Vegan gains is actually a big guy.

  7. Demeter is the highest quality organic label there is in Germany, they have very strict guidelines and only a minuscule amount of products have this label.

    1. bg dvdfcd Sometimes it says bio-dynamic though which isn’t vegan. When I find a similar product by another organic brand I go for this instead of demeter because I don’t want to support this bio-dynamic crap continuing.

    2. vegancorn bio dynamic doesnt mean ground up animals sprayed onto food contrary to popular belief. demeter is generally banging quality. they also sell animal products which you obviously can avoid

    3. Demeter is not a vegan company and never claimed to be. It’s just an organic label like so many other organic labels with the difference that it has higher standards.

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