Bearing vs Vegan Gains Live Debate

Me, Bearing, Jack Green, and Kraut and Tea had a live debate about the ethics of veganism and animal agriculture.

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Bearing vs Vegan Gains Live Debate

Me, Bearing, Jack Green, and Kraut and Tea had a live debate about the ethics of veganism and animal agriculture.

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67 thoughts on “Bearing vs Vegan Gains Live Debate

  1. No side won this debate; period. I for one have to eat meat (mostly chicken) due to a protein deficiency. Is it ethical to kill myself over not eating meat. If one chooses to be vegan then bless you. Not one person has a right to judge another on their dietary needs. We are also biologically evolved as omnivorous creatures hence why we have k9 teeth. We have teeth for ripping meat and grinding vegetables/nuts/fruit. My problem was the very false dietary stance. Not everyone can physically be vegan/vegetarian.

    1. Were are designed to eat mostly plants. Maybe 85/15 plant/meat ratio we share much more in common with a herbivore than a carnivore MUCH MORE. Saying we are omnivorous is misleading. Humans are omnivorous but leaning Heavily on the herbivore side, heavily.

    2. Leslie Anne Whitman Break fast:100g oats:14g protein
      30g flaxseeds:6g
      1 medium banana:1g
      2 slices of.bread:6g
      30g tahini/peanut butter:8g
      200g tofu/
      100g red kidney beans:25g
      50g quinoa:8g
      100g black beans:21g
      1 tortilla:6g
      50g rice:3g
      100g frozen corn:3g
      total protein:100g :/….

  2. Bearing: “Because i like meat more than it breaks my heart to see animals beeing slaughtered?? “”” And Vegan gains is a sociopath here? dafuq? 😉 BTW VG you destoyed them.. they are too easy for you.. we need JASON BLAHA VS U”

    1. +Pure and Vision Did you know you’re one of the dumbest fucks I’ve run across on Youtube? That’s pretty crazy cause there have been a lot, but you by far are the nutiest.

    2. +Pure and Vision oh yes, go ahead and show your projection. You’re so obviously triggered that now you can’t control yourself. Smh

    1. its easy to show your face when virtue signalling so it doesnt exactly take balls for vegans to do it either …

    2. Goabnb94
      so basically Bearing is not so anonymous, but he does hide behind a drawing at the moments when he’s debating something? isn’t this kind of only underpinning my point?

    3. good point but VG isnt exactly the person that gets doxxed by feminists to get him fired or has actual nazis and islamists stalking him because of the views and oppinions he puts on youtube. VG has all the reason to be confident he was the better prepared one and managed to make the better arguments in this debate .

      if VG had a hatemob of islamists , feminists and nazis trying to find where he lives and what he looks like to ruin his entire life or burn his house down i wouldnt be exactly sure he would show his face either regardless of his conficence in his views .

    4. He gave a face reveal, and part of the reason is that Bearing is his brand. Its his full time job now being has he resigned from his old job to pursue youtube fulltime. Feminists can’t exactly get him fired if he is basically self employed, which is why he did it when he did. Not only will he try and limit the opportunity feminists and SJWs have to recognise him to post more personal details so as to ruin his life, but Bearing and the bear is still his brand, not his own face.

  3. Vegan gains: “So the agreement is the most important thing correct?”
    *30 second pause , while Krauts brain is shutting down from pure logic and cognitive dissonance*

    “Were getting into a really deep thing ”


    1. @MasterFhyl if you think that the claim of the experts in a certain field is unsubstantiated because you cannot interpret what is written on a document that is your own problem.

      You think I care about your time ? I am only responding to you because YOU make it clear you have no idea what you are talking about. Stubborn people like you, regurgitating stupid mindless crap about plants and contesting science because it fits their rhetoric…it’s sad really.

      The small chance someone stumbles upon this and sees how dumb your arguments are and ponders about going vegan is wroth it for me. But hey I am glad you have nothing more to say.

    2. Oysters are sentient, just ask em they will tell you bwaaahhhhhhh

      We eat meat so vegans lose, how can they stop us????

    1. i know is a lot to take in and when you will uncover all the conspiracy facts you will get your mind blown but a tin foil hat will help you a lot.

      It prevents the wi-fi radiation that the reptilians set all over the world to brainwash the general population and it will help you look cool too

    2. @Goabnb94 yes, Jesus ate fish, but you need to look at the context.

      Humans evolved because of the discovery of fire that allowed them to eat cooked starches.
      They also eaten meat but only in times of famine.
      Humans even cannibalize each other if they don’t have food because they do whatever it needs to survive.
      Some tribes wage wars with other tribes to steal their food supplies or they cannibalize their own tribe members that are weak.

      Of course this is not a normal behavior. And in time the new generations start to adopt this abnormal behavior that becomes normal to them.
      We still have tribes that eat human flesh, we still have have people that eat animal flesh. Things are coming back to normal, we just need to educate ourselves.

    3. Humans by nature are kind, compassionate creatures.

      You know workers in slaughterhouses get mentally traumatized ?

      Did you ever hear of some worker in a broccoli packing factory to have such problems?
      Take a look at the general health of meat eaters and general health of vegan population studies, you will have your answer.

    4. Not all humans are kind people.
      If that were true, everyone would go vegan at some point in their life.

      The fact is, most people are already hostile to veganism because it is a fringe movement with a bad reputation. And they like eating their meat and cheese, of course.

      This means that they are more likely to agree with viewpoints that support their bad habits, and look for reasons to disregard those that don’t. It’s called confirmation bias. This is why you so often see omnivores bashing vegans as tree-hugging hippies; it helps them shrug veganism off and sleep better at night.

      Vegan Gains gives people plenty of ammunition to do just that. And the thing is, he could still be funny and sarcastic and entertaining without blatantly calling people fucking stupid. It’s just really disingenuous to spend 5 minutes insulting people and then say “hey man, no hard feelings”.

    5. Right, so Jesus and other people in the bible ate meat and sacrificed animals because they had to, but God is mad that we eat it so He makes it possible for us to eat animals? Mate, there is absolutely no biblical argument you can make that supports veganism. As mentioned, sacrificing animals on an altar was very much a thing. The bible does not exclude vegan, obviously, but it does not even hint at the idea that we shouldn’t eat meat. I know very few Christian vegans, if any, and I am a Christian myself surrounded by others. If God had a problem with it, He either would tell us not to, or He would make it impossible to do so, at least to the point that humans wouldn’t bother trying to.

      But cannibalism has nothing to do with eating meat. Often its a result of war (ie eating enemy tribe prisoners) or of religious ceremonies, like eating a dead or dying person to absorb their spirit or whatnot. So its little or nothing to do with needing to survive. It is done on the rare occasion that there is no food, but that is super rare and not at all comparable to eating meat.

  4. For someone that does not care about the pain and suffering of animals he was really butt hurt about how you feed your dog

    1. mintsiez Animals don’t feel pain when they are killed for meat in the western world.

    2. nd4spd Did you say that feeding the dog vegan was a good moral choice? That’s disgusting.

  5. This was a massacre. Simply, not a fair contest. So much so that the content of the ‘debate’ and any conclusions a listener could draw can’t be substantiated. It wasn’t Veganism vs Meat eaters, but Critical skills against incredibly poorly argued often arbitrary statements irrelevant to the debate. Their argument essentially boiled down to “I don’t agree with you! Who are you to dictate what I believe using reasonable ideas?!”
    With this logic, being incorrect/unjustified in actions becomes a ridiculous ‘infringement of my personal freedoms’.
    People give Richard a hard time for his anger. But I am amazed that anyone could keep their patience and engagement in this situation

    Next time try to debate people willing to listen/in the possession of critical faculties.

    1. ahh the good old vegan insults. well the minute someone starts stories and defamation i start ignoring them.

  6. It’s crazy. ‘Yeah I like pork, pork good, I eat pork, I don’t care if pig suffers’. buuuuut ‘No, you cannot rape, is a social contract blah blah blah’. Following that logic you could just say ‘Well, but rape feels great!’

    1. Yes I compared it but not equated it – please know the difference as I’m not belittling anything. Also I’d like to believe we’re not all sociopaths scared of prison that the second the law would fall would start raping and murdering each other. We have something called empathy – you should be empathetic to the person being tortured and understand their pain – that’s why we shouldn’t do those thing. Why should we do them to animals then? They’re clearly are suffering for unnecessary reasons. It’s only humane to spare them that.

  7. *virtical farming is the future of agriculture. and no matter how much you people kick and scream, you’re not going to stop it. the most satisfying thing about this argument is knowing that, in the end, mass animal agriculture will cease to exist. and this is simply because of sustainability. we DO NOT need to filter our nutrients through another animals body. not only is it unnecessary and detrimental to our health, but as our population continues to grow, it is completely unsustainable. this brings us all great joy.*

  8. His argument about civilization. The more civilized a society is, the more compassionate they are. Our society used to have arenas where people would fight to the death and murder was ok in a lot of circumstances. Arenas have been abolished, slavery has been abolished, now things like dog fighting are illegal and animals are getting more and more rights because people can see what is morally right. Being civilized is the reason not to be cruel to animals.

    1. Personally I just buy my meat from places that don’t factory farm when I can even though its more expensive.
      Going vegan because factory farms exist is like being a nudist that never buys clothes because sweatshops exist.

    2. Arenas have been abolished? Boxing and MMA exist which people have died and cause horrible problems with people who do it. Slavery has been abolished? Mexicans are still being used for practically slave labor with the threat of deportation over them. Things dont just go away, they just change.

    3. MMA is different, the fighters have both chosen to fight each other. In my country slavery is illegal, there’s a minimum wage. There are people who keep slaves, but they aren’t doing it legally.

    1. Daan Kosmosdwergster
      Ya, but the flash has to much fat. and in some places it’s culturaly normal to eat humans.

    2. gushergamer So just to be clear here, and please be honest. Do you really think it would be morally justified to enslave, kill and steal babies of disabled humans with healthy flesh (not too much fat) because in some (sub)cultures cannibalism is or used to be acceptable? look, you might not create a double standard anymore but now you sound like a psycho and I don’t believe you are…just saying.

    3. gushergamer Also, do you understand by now why being vegan will cause the least amount of suffering to both animals AND plants?

    4. gusher. We shouldn’t not torture animals because someone said so. We shouldn’t torture animals because they can feel pain and suffering and because it’s completely unnecessary. This is also something that we’ve told you 50 times over. How can you not grasp this?!

  9. 22:05

    Cause that’s part of nature, like it or not, we apart of nature, we are omnivores and have been for as far back as we can tell. We do not have to question our morals in the interest of survival. Period.

    1. Are we animals? Yes. do other species of animals have morals? No.
      Again, is it necessary to kill animals in order to survive? No. If we had to ok, but we DONT have to ,that’s the whole point the NEED TO. And you actually said it , ‘You really think any animal who is hungry and saw us’, that would be the same as if we were hungry, ok then killing an animal is necessary to survive nor…

      Get it?

    2. There is nothing immoral about killing animals for food, and if you feel otherwise that’s your deal.

      Life feeds on life, matter must be consumed or gained from another source, that is just the way it goes.

      Next you’ll say it’s wrong to destroy plants for food since they are also technically alive.

    1. +Im a Girl Wait, you think Vegan Gains is intelligent? Please tell me you’re joking? All he does is regurgitate information from the first studies that he comes across which support his pre-determined narrative, which have utilised questionable methodologies. No, what this showed is that Bearing and Kraut tackled a subject that they don’t specialise in, thus this gave the perception of false superior intellect for Vegan Gains.

    2. I Quote Randomly From Books So this vegan fella wants to talk about the moral issue here yet he’s cool with yelling at kids coming out of church on Easter to praise the devil? Pick and choose your morality I guess.

    3. Abrus Kabrus It’s not immoral necessarily but it sure isn’t​ funny or in good taste. It’s disrespectful and imature

    1. Clint Sevilla I have to say as Bearing said in a video he doesn’t care about the subject and really why even waste time on a subject you don’t care about aka vegan

    2. You do realize scientologists are mostly vegan right ? You need to eat some meat cretin because you are the one who is starting to sound stupid.

    3. You do realize Scientologists are mostly vegan right ? You need to eat some meat cretin because you are the one who is starting to sound stupid.

  10. I enjoy Bearing occasionally and I’m a big fan of Kraut, but they were completely intellectually dishonest in this debate. They had no argument. It’s also quite funny how Vegans are accused of being rude and angry, yet Vegan Gains was quite patient with their bullshit, especially Bearing, who came off as very rude and obnoxious.

    1. Scott MacSween Yeah I’m really disappointed in both of them here, and I’m not even vegan. It just goes to show that everyone has intellectual blindspots.

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