Birthday Mukbang Live

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heart-disease - Birthday Mukbang Live

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Watch me eat some garbage on my birthday.

Birthday Mukbang Live

Watch me eat some garbage on my birthday.

31 thoughts on “Birthday Mukbang Live

  1. I want to see Richard have birthday sex with Roaming Millennial

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    1. sea toe I think Zilla is referring to her fashion choices. As far as I can tell she’s just keeping it chill. I think it makes the videos have a more comfortable feel. Richard is not all dressed up either. It’s kind of the appeal of the channel.

  2. Happy Birthday Bro. Remember for every hater you have a fan (for want of a better word) , they just can’t think of how to sculpt there sad little lives so they stew in there own self hate and project it at you. Powers! Enjoy the rest of your birthday man.

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