Boxing Day Shopping And Unhealthy Eating

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I went out to take advantage of some boxing day deals and had another very unhealthy day of eating.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Boxing Day Shopping And Unhealthy Eating

I went out to take advantage of some boxing day deals and had another very unhealthy day of eating.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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51 thoughts on “Boxing Day Shopping And Unhealthy Eating

  1. I watch his videos but am still confused as to why he needs to inject b12
    instead of oral b12. did I miss some thing? was fortified b12 foods wasn’t
    easily digested or pills either?

    1. taking b12 suppIements is useless as a lot of people’s body can’t even
      utilize the b12. For example b12 can’t be utilized if the body is deficient
      in lithium, and you’ll still be deficient and tired

  2. Unload Jasmine ASAP, go out and mingle, get yourself 10 girlfriends and
    have fun, you don’t need to be in a graveyard relationship, you deserve
    soooo much more in life!

    1. Sieben Fünf Well someone sounds incredibly bitter… know not everyone
      is like that. Most men care about women past sex and most women don’t want
      to spite men and ruin their lives. Get married if you trust the person, and
      you want to be with them not just for sex. Don’t get married if you have
      doubts or only want a sexual relationship.

    1. +Someone The way she was talking about his mom is pretty shitty, honestly.
      And her remarks are bitchy. VG messed up marrying her I think…

    1. 101mrcrazyman then why isnt she eating him? maybe shes weakened because she
      hasnt eaten in a while.or vegan gains is a dev and he is keeping her as
      hostage to controll other ghould who care sbout her!!

    1. +Jared Sheldon​ since when does “not even a full hundred” and “hundreds”
      mean the same thing? And since when do bits and pieces of information mean
      you have all of it? Society does change, like the shift from paganism in
      regions to Catholicism and Christianity that destroyed what civil rights
      there were for nearly 2 thousand years. Friend I can tell when a discussion
      is no longer worth having and when a person is so set in an assumption they
      won’t allow room for other possibilities. I’ll leave you with a suggestion,
      read the Havamal and learn from it. It’s some what of a coat of arms that’s
      believed to have been used by pagan societies in pre-Christian northern
      Europe, a lot of it is still applicable.

    2. +Jared Sheldon I never said that she does have a job just that we don’t
      know if she does, way to try to put words in my mouth. Also 3rd wave
      feminism is where these white knights come from, 3rd wave feminists have a
      tendency to try to shame home makers regardless of age so keep telling
      yourself the lie that it makes some one a white knight to want to fully
      support their significant other regardless of age. I didn’t acknowledge the
      rest because my opinion is irrelevant to the situation, you and a lot of
      people are making assumptions with a very little base on them, that’s it.

  3. 3:38
    gotta admit VG has more self control than me. If that was me there would be
    words exchanged then possibly a altercation ??

    1. Just because you don’t like vegan gains doesn’t give you the right to bash
      his wife’s looks. Just makes you look like a nasty bastard to be honest

    2. Df Mf Shitty people aren’t immune to having their shittiness observed just
      because their deluded spouse may not like it, get outta here with that

    1. i think, that Jasmine, is a nice girl. All of the videos, that i’ve seen of
      her, she seems like she would be a great wife and a good friend.

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