Bradley Martyn Natty Or Not?

Bradley Martyn clearly isn't natural. So why do I have to make this video?

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Bradley Martyn Natty Or Not?

Bradley Martyn clearly isn't natural. So why do I have to make this video?

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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87 thoughts on “Bradley Martyn Natty Or Not?

    1. Naruto’s story made way more sense in the end and literally had the biggest
      plot twist I’ve seen. I like attack on titan more than DBZ and that only
      has 1 season lol

    1. How do you define attainable? If you mean that someone somewhere could
      reach that then maybe. If you mean that everyone could with proper work,
      food, and rest then lolwut?!

    2. in all fairness vegan gains used 15 % BF, he was lower than that imo, you
      can see some veins and striations, id plae him at 12 % tops.I used the 12 %
      version and he is 28 .
      Its is virtually impossible to be above 25 naturally, just to give ou an
      example.Im a huge fan of sergio oliva and apparently he started juicing in
      the 1966ish.He competed at that contest with another famous bb from that
      era, boyer coe. Coe stated sergio was 197 lb at 5 10, that puts him at
      25.4.And sergio is widely regarded as the most genetically gifted
      bodybuilder ever.And he was at that 25 limit naturaly( more or less).No way
      does bradlye have better genetics than sergio, yet he is 20+ lb above the
      natural limits.I SMELL BULLSHIT

    1. ^ no idiot lol 25 means elite genetics which very few have. A lot of these
      guys around 22-24 are even on gear, don’t be a fool

    2. Reuben Sbarge there is a huge difference between Kali and Bradley! Kali
      insists that is not true and he always mentions it in his videos


    2. Just try to use single digit numbers for bodyfat when you are using FFMI,
      it’s much more vegan that way. I meant accurate.


    2. The fights are cooler true, Batman The animated series rapes both those
      shitty manga cookie cutter porn addict shows anyways

    1. +david bouy
      Mankind is doing the same to their fellow man. Remember how Apple factories
      have suicide nets installed because people were killing themselves due to
      the stress of working in sweatshops.

      A lot of terrible things happen, you shouldn’t only focus on cheeseburgers
      and milkshakes. Would you agree?

    2. “That vegan insulted me, thus I am justified in continuing to kill animals
      entirely to satisfy my tastebuds and give me pleasure. Because that vegan
      insulted me. Don’t judge me, that vegan insulted me.”

    3. +James Purcell
      Nice strawman argument. I thought a grown man such as yourself would see
      that my point was you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar and
      not “boohoo vegans are mean.”

      But maybe you are not a gown man mentally.

  1. Clearly my man Bradley is taking steroids, although in the video you talked
    as if he denies this, and claims natty. Which he does not. Don’t know if
    that was a mistake on your end, or you just had misinformation.

    1. Also I think some fat weight is good anyway, if I’m at a concert or
      something I can have both weight and strength to help me out in mosh pits
      instead of purely strength, but it definitely is a balance between the two,
      a fine line of keeping them in harmony. Strength and speed are the goals
      though, a little bodybuilding never hurts though

    1. Ever meat-eater isn’t a jerk or a murderer just because they eat meat. Most
      people don’t know what they are doing to the animals by eating animal
      products. I doubt there are meat eaters who eat meat JUST TO cause the
      suffering and death of animals…

    2. Aivar M people don’t rape just to cause suffering, they do it for the
      pleasure despite the suffering caused. same logic.

    3. @Conscious Conscience I think rape is a whole different issue because of a
      lot of psychological factors like dominance playing into it. That said, I
      think your argument is true for meat consumption: people just don’t care
      because animals are ‘lesser’ beings, and abuse of power is the most human
      thing in the world. I think most people would change their ways if they’d
      spend a few hours with a pig or a cow so they’d build empathy and realize
      those animals are beings with a character of their own. Then again, there
      are those who would still not care, and since noone will ever find an
      argument that works on them, you might just as well call them assholes and
      at least say it like it is.

  2. What is the point of this vid? He doesn’t claim natural. He has even gone
    as far as to make subtle jokes about his steroid use in some vids.

    1. +Shadow Shaker Not sure if I’m being played, but I’ll bite. Ogus pretty
      much admitted in an “April Fools” video that he was using. Even if he
      didn’t, just look at him. Are you really that naive?

    2. Fitness professionals have said it is possible he is natty. He has long
      cutting and bulking periods and he isn’t over 25

    3. Well the thing is that most individuals even if not natural, could be on a
      low dose of testosterone which makes a vast difference in the physique
      which usually ends up making them look like the best natural they could be,
      real growth comes from synthetic variations of testosterone that bring out
      the obvious steroid user look.

    1. andar rahady Whatever brah. Keep chasing your goal physique. Its good that
      you have extremely high standards I guess.

    1. If I was making this series of videos on my channel, I would pass him off
      as natural. He has a lot of lighting in videos that suite him very well. He
      is not large by any means, and his physique is perfectly attainable.

    2. Hrad Atashian yeah he does have good lighting and compared to other people
      who are Clearly on steroids he looks pretty natural.

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