Brandon Carter Strikes Back

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Brandon Carter attempts to refute my criticisms of his diet.

Brandon Carter's video:
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Research Referenced:
A way to reverse CAD:

Dietary lipids and serum cholesterol:

Optimal LDL:

Atherosclerosis risk factors:

Cholesterol and atherosclerosis progression:

Effects of dietary cholesterol on serum cholesterol:

Dr. Jonny Bowden is a fraud:

Brandon Carter Strikes Back

Brandon Carter attempts to refute my criticisms of his diet.

Brandon Carter's video:
Support me on Patreon:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research Referenced:
A way to reverse CAD:
Dietary lipids and serum cholesterol:
Optimal LDL:
Atherosclerosis risk factors:
Cholesterol and atherosclerosis progression:
Effects of dietary cholesterol on serum cholesterol:
Dr. Jonny Bowden is a fraud:

67 thoughts on “Brandon Carter Strikes Back

    1. Banned from poundland for wearing a Gimp mask I’ll also assume that’s not your profile pic because you’re ashamed and that saying i look effeminate is just a veiled attempt at calling me attractive. Thank you. Baby xx

  1. Can you make a video on benefits to becoming a vegan, I’m officially a vegan today and I want to know what benefits, besides not supporting animal cruelty, come from being vegan

    Edit: Thanks everyone for helping me out I really appreciate it

    1. to be honest you should do a transition and inform yourself on the diet, start replacing you milk and eggs by something else cut off red meat then slowly adjust to the rest of the nutrition to finally become vegan when you feel you know enough and that you control your nutrition good enough to be completely vegan

    2. +Jake Moran Calories make you fat. A vegan eliminates a lot from their diet that the average person may typically eat. You need calories to build muscle and enough protein to repair it. A 14oz bag of broccoli is 150 calories and 15g of protein whereas a 4oz piece of chicken is 110 calories and 26 grams of protein. That means a person would have to eat 2 14oz bags of broccoli in other words, nearly 2lbs to get what you what get in 2 4oz pieces of chicken which is very small. So, while I may eat chicken, brown rice, broccoli, and protein shake which has egg whites, peanut butter, etc. A vegan can only do the rice and broccoli thus getting less overall calories. So…can you get fat? Yes, but you will have to basically stuff yourself. Even bodybuilders who eat meat do so imagine a vegan.

    1. DUAL 777 or just state your points against veganism i would just like to know im not trying to patronize you

    2. sp awn Won’t matter what sources you provide. All information, factual or otherwise, will fall on the deaf ears of zealots.


    1. The Cheesy Vegan What a cringe worthy comment. Do you guys even realize you’re cult following Richard here?

    1. imrandma
      Those girls in Brandon’s video are his employees. He is also helping them start their own youtube channels. I’ll tell you people this, if you watch Brandon’s videos and ask him questions on health. You will see results in your health improve and performance in improving your physiological structure of your body. If you watch Vegan Gains and ask him questions on health. You will only lose weight if you are overweight and not improve in any area other than constantly trying to validate yourself that being a vegan is better than everyone else. Vegan Gainz does not have the knowledge to add muscle mass on his frame. He has low testosterone compared to other bodybuilders, he makes excuses and claims everyone else is on steroids.

      If I were you people, I would not take health and dietary advice from Vegan Gainz who obviously displays personality traits of a chemically imbalanced individual who is lacking proper nutrition to feel happy and satisfied with themselves. Brandon on the other hand has always been a positive individual and you can see it from his personality. He offers free advice and content all the time. He is the most transparent youtuber who still holds Q and A’s once a while for free.

    2. Lasting Sincerity
      So… Brandon trumps studies and Gains is wrong because of random claims of yours…?

  2. You always need the last word. The problem is, everyone that is smart enough knows that you’re right, regardless of who gets the last word. Additionally, everyone that is too stupid will not change their mind either, so really, there is no point in beating it dead. Anyone with a brain knows that a vegan diet is far healthier, do some more recipe videos.

    1. +Deffine
      You forgot Chia seeds for omega 3 oils. I have tried the vegan diet before. It didn’t work for me, even with eating all the variety of vegan foods, yes even lots of lysine, I never reach the same numbers of protein I got with eating diets that included meat. The solution for which other vegans would tell me is this, just eat more of it and you will get more protein. No it doesn’t work like that, I cannot be eating all day to achieve the same numbers of protein I was getting off diets with meat, I ate less meals and felt satisfied. Also half the time the soy and mycoprotein products I keep finding market themselves as imitation meat products. Like why am I eating fake sausages and fake meat products all seasoned to taste like meat but not as good? It’s almost a admission that the vegan diet itself is inferior to the traditional diet that includes meat. So yes, I gave up the vegan diet and went back to meat. Eating a real burger felt so much better than a soy or quorn patty.

      As I said earlier, I think the majority of people who do not have a intense lifestyle of fitness would be fine off a vegan diet. But I am a MMA fighter, I rock climb, I am a bodybuilder, I also have a hobby in lots of intensity sports and work in heavy duty labor jobs. I cannot sustain my lifestyle with the vegan approach. It does not reflect optimal performance and the time constraints of consumption and the quality of meals I ate made me feel were inadequate.

    2. +Tyrone
      Do you know the definition of the word calorie?

      Calories are a unit measurement for energy.

      Your statement is the equivalent of saying, “The car engine doesn’t run off gasoline, it runs off gallons!”

      You are a absolute dumbass and embarrassed yourself!

  3. Brandon is gonna get fucked up by Greg when they fight. Can’t wait๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Argya Wanaditya dude your fucked up it’s happening greg isn’t a bullshitter. If it gets called off it would be because of Brandon

  4. Been vegan 11 years and low sat fat and whole foods and my cholesterol in total is 137 but my LDL is 80, my hdl is 48: triglyceriddes 44
    Chol ratio 2.85

    no idea how to lower LDL to 50-70 tho, didnt even have that when I was fully raw

    1. Patrick Bateman damn I thought it did I didn’t see the whole thing just seen what he said it did to his cholesterol

    2. VegAnn vegan for 6 months now, my ldl dropped to 39!!
      not sure if that’s too low, but I was really shocked that it happened so fast

  5. I just hate the tactic when people pretend like they “don’t care” about something and then kind of “celebrate” it and put on that weird mask.
    I had some ego problems in the past, too, but this tactic never helped. It destroyed me from the inside.

    1. What dont you understand – it is my right to eat as i please!!!! I know all the facts but it still wont change the fact that vegan food sucks . If your argument is resource intensity then go and complain to your local govt for legislation change.

    2. I think you’re actually a vegan pretending to be a meat eater to make all meat eaters look unhinged and uneducated. I admit, I have done that before. Good one but I couldn’t help calling you out! Lol.

    3. Alex Miller

      Yikes, same old arguments, different day. I agree with the dude above though, I’m a little convinced that you’re playing devils advocate.

    4. Aretรฉ Let’s just ignore the the most educated people, at least when it comes to heart disease (you know, the number 1 reason everyone around you dies if you’re in the US), are vegan.
      Dr. Kim A Williams is the fucking president of the American College of Cardiology…& he is vegan. He recommends a whole food low fat vegan diet to prevent and REVERSE heart disease.
      By the way, a plant based diet is the only diet that has EVER been proven to be able to reverse heart disease, you know (yes, I will repeat myself), the number 1 reason you and everyone you love will die.

      And people are still so delusional and indoctrinated into believing all this bullshit. Every day we stray further from logic.

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