British Heart Foundation – Shisha, the facts

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Shisha smokers investigate the shocking truths behind smoking a shisha pipe and the effects it can have on health.

British Heart Foundation - Shisha, the facts

Shisha smokers investigate the shocking truths behind smoking a shisha pipe and the effects it can have on health.

12 thoughts on “British Heart Foundation – Shisha, the facts

  1. I hate when people have an agenda, even if its a good natured one.
    Cigarette smoke and shisha smoke is quite different. Yes, you are smoking
    quite a lot in VOLUME from a hookah, but the harm from cigarettes is not
    prominent in shisha. Why? Because a CIG burns at over 500 degrees. The
    coals used for a hookah are not. Shisha contains no tar, and very little
    nicotine (.03%). Can we see some scientific research about the smoke
    generated from a hookah? Because cigarette statistics do not apply here

  2. The volume of smoke (actually vapor from a hookah) is the same as 100
    cigarettes in an hour, but it’s not harmful. There are no additives in
    shisha tobacco like rat poison or created tar from burning the tobacco in a
    cigarette. I was going to falsify all of your claims, but never mind.
    You’ll figure out one day when a respectable study is done.

  3. unless you are smoking an electronic hookah, you will still be inhaling
    smoke, and significantly more than cigarettes, and the CO poisoning you can
    get from the inhalation of smoke is what is dangerous.

  4. first of all on a pack of StarBuzz shisha it says right on the pack 0% tar
    and only 0.5% nicotine. Sure there may be a little tobacco, but the truth
    is you’re not burning the shisha you’re baking it with coals producing a
    vapor not “smoke”.

  5. Jeez, Shisha is not that bad…. I’m smoking it as I watch the video.
    They’re acting as if it’s cocaine or something.

  6. Is it just for shisha bongs this or does it also effect in shisha pens I
    don’t do it but a friends does I want to no the facts of it 

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