Burgers Aren’t Arguments

Another idiot with no comprehension of logic attempts to debunk a philosophy he doesn't understand.


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Intro: CHON – Sleepy Tea
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Burgers Aren't Arguments

Another idiot with no comprehension of logic attempts to debunk a philosophy he doesn't understand.

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Intro: CHON - Sleepy Tea
Outro: Glass Mind - Inside The Whale

71 thoughts on “Burgers Aren’t Arguments

    1. ive had it numerous times and i hate it. great logic jackass. no wonder people think vegans are nutcases like richard

    2. TraXXXtar it takes on the flavor of whatever you flavor it with. you just need to learn what to flavor it with.

    3. Plus thats not the only alternative at all !!! Try vegetal nuggets etc… it’s impressive, I didn’t trust it wasn’t meat at the beginning !

  1. Ask Yourself is going to get subscribers like a motherfucker now.
    That being said, everyone go subscribe to his channel.

    1. Captains Logs the pet needs meat, there is no reason a vegan should force their diet upon animals.

    2. I doubt there are even 1 million vegans worldwide, let alone that many who have pets and choose to feed them vegan.

  2. QUESTION: Does vegan gains still feed his dog dead animals bones which supports the meat industry. So why hasn’t he changed his name yet?

    1. Cruelty FREE Gains im saying by simple agriculture for plants or meat kills off insects. the point of veganism is to reduce as much exploitation as possible.

    2. SOULPROPRIETOR 91 Yes, I don’t kill bugs even when they’re in my place. Not even roaches, I caught a roach and kept him as a pet for 3 days, but he escaped!

    3. Cruelty FREE Gains, Who said anything about surgery? They would just take a tiny piece of cell tissue for it, completely painless & harmless. That’s what gynecologists do to women for pap tests. They just haven’t been able to raise enough money or they didn’t plan it out correctly. Not bringing on any new arguments just saying this is what they were planning on doing.

    4. Cruelty FREE Gains im done talking to you and anyone else should as well. you sound real atupid talking aboit vegans being fucked now days. thats you! take a ateo back and think. firat of all he doesnt actually hurt any babies or anything. it was satire, he did it on purpose bc the second he finished screaming his head off the clip immediately cut to him sipping on a drink loud on purpose to show the contrast of not being serious. and going from extreme to calm. and you go ahead and say you would wait until the baby is atleast 8 to smash his brains to pulp? the fact your 13 talking like this worries me. you might have a b12 deficiency

    1. +biker​ He helped him realized things that made him make the decision to transition
      to a vegan diet.
      That’s what he means.

    1. Maybe VG won’t lose his temper this time.
      Then again, Warski talked to Omnipolitics and it remained pretty civil.

    2. Nadine T Andy threw a bunch of money at Roaming during the debate, giving her answers to VG’s questions etc…

      I have a feeling this isn’t going to be civil. Did you see Andy’s most recent video about VG? And Vegan Revolution’s old interview with Andy… he really seems to hate VG.

    3. Neko Shiiro Blair wasn’t a neutral moderator either. She was literally speaking for Roaming when RM couldn’t get her jumbled thoughts together. So it looks like this debate is going to be 3 on 2 again. Hopefully it’s longer than an hour and hopefully VG keeps his cool. They always want him to lose it to “prove them right” and it drives me nuts. Any sane person would get triggered by their ignorance.

    4. I bet Andy will have no choice but to admit it’s wrong unless there is no other food available but will admit that it’s too hard to stop eating meat and will continue to do so.

    1. I Couldn’t Think Of A Username so I made this one False? you mean the fact those that consume neat and dairy are directly consuming both the secretions and flesh of animals laden with artificial hormones, particularly estrogen,for fattening purposes and unnaturally large amounts of milk production? oh, did you not think of that? Let’s add in the fact most vegans and vegetarians are a lot closer to a healthy BMI than their carcass-munching counterparts, making their estrogen levels lower by comparison.

      “The researchers stated that the statistically significant lower body weight – and therefore BMI – of vegetarians and vegans explained the lower estrogen levels, rather than any specific nutrients either eaten or not eaten by vegetarians and vegans. That being said, regardless of whether it was something specific to the diet or simply the fact that vegans tend to have lower body weights, there was clearly a lower level of estrogen in vegetarians and especially in vegans.” Of course there are things vegan consume that contain phytoestrogen, buts it’s safe to say the hormonal balance in vegans versus meattard is much more of a harmonious, healthy balance. I rarely see vegans walking around with man boobs, yet there are meat eating men abounds with c-cups, essentially, that should be required to wear a bra.

      “This study[1] showed that high animal protein diets suppressed testosterone in men.

      Another study[2] took men who ate plant-based diets and fed them meat everyday. Their testosterone levels went down and some estrogen levels went up.”

      “Another study[3] examined natural body builders who didn’t use steroids but who ate high animal protein diets. Their testosterone levels dropped by 75% in the months leading up to a competition.”

      “Medical evidence indicates that meat-eating does indeed cause impotence, because meat clogs up the arteries going to all organs, not just to the heart. Meat-eating is also linked to numerous other health problems, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke.”

      “According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, many cultures, including ours, consider eating meat to be manly. But as a growing body of scientific evidence shows that animal protein can cause a host of problems for men—including impotence, prostate cancer, penile cancer, smaller penis size, breast growth, and infertility”

      “. A British Journal of Cancer study of 696 men (233 of whom were vegans) concluded this: “Vegans had 13% higher T [testosterone] concentration than meat-eaters and 8% higher than vegetarians.” Not only did vegan men have as much testosterone as meat eaters, they actually have 13% MORE of this manly hormone. On the flip side, too much testosterone can be a bad thing because it leads to higher levels of IGF-I – a risk factor for certain cancers. Surprisingly, the report also found this: “Vegan men had on average 9% lower IGF-I levels than meat-eaters.”

      “Erectile dysfunction and coronary artery disease are just two manifestations of the same disease: inflamed, clogged, and crippled arteries.” And also, “men over 40 who experience ED have a 50x (5,000%!!) risk of having a cardiac event.” Of course, a plant-based diet is the single most effective step to preventing and reversing heart disease (and, therefore, erectile disfunction as well).”

      Not to mention vegan men have less body odor, likely healthier skin, and lower BMIs, basically making them more attractive as a whole. 😉
      “False”, what a completely unspecific, evidently scientifically lacking, word to use to show your “research”. How very valuable of a reply for me even to waste my time on…. What’s funny is non-vegans won’t think twice about the Earth being damaged beyond repair for their taste buds or the animals that are brutally killed to rot in their gut, but when they have to pop pills just to get it up, I bet that will wake them up real quick.

    2. I Couldn’t Think Of A Username so I made this one “According to the Cleveland Clinic, as many as 52 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction, with it affecting 40 percent of men age 40, and 70 percent of men age 70. Men who have heart disease, diabetes and are taking certain medications have higher risks of experiencing erectile dysfunction.”

      As vegans make up less than 5% of the population and less than half of that are men, it’s safe to say the VAST, VAST majority of those suffering erectile dysfunction are “omnivores”.

    1. +Anti “I don’t abuse animals I just eat them”. That’s like Hitler saying I didn’t kill people I just ordered my people to do so. You’re supporting slaughter of animals with the demand you create. If not for you “ordering” dead animals or buying dead animals, there would be no demand for it and eventually they would not be killed anymore

    2. Yes, they would not be killed anymore, but who would look after the welfare of those animals? Farmers only pay for their upkeep because of the incentive of profit. With that gone, those animals will be out in the wild to suffer and die from disease and predation. Or do you think that hundreds of millions of cows and chickens are just going to still be taken care of by some Vegan Foundation with a magical limitless bank account? Whether I eat a chicken or a wolf does, whether I eat a cow or a bear does, whether I eat a fish or a shark does, that animal is going to die. It’s quality of life is better in a domestic setting.

    3. +Anti again, you have not even the most basic grasp of veganism. Ask yourself made an entire video addressing those arguments and you still hold on to it. It’s hard enough to make one person go vegan. To make the entire world go vegan is an uphill task and will NOT happen overnight. What will happen is that there will be a gradual shift towards veganism causing demand for animal products to gradually drop which would mean farmers will stop breeding them and their numbers will return to what it would be without human intervention. Just because a bear or wolf would eat them isn’t a justification for you to kill them or pay for them to be killed. I assume you’re a fairly decent person in your life than most rapists in human species. Just because those rapists will continue to rape, does that justify you raping women just because you’re a better person than them ? Assuming you don’t kill your victims like serial rapists would? Does the slightly better treatment you’d give to your victims justify rape ?

    1. Felipe Salvo lmao no these youtube fuckers need to wake up and smell the coffee stop giving lazy slobs money

  3. Cenk Hoca so unintelligent so unattractive.. Can’t even talk proper English! What does he do with his face the whole time? He looks creepy. And honestly… This guy looks so dumb I bet he sticks to everything he’s saying in his video’s. Even if the best doctor in the world told him all the facts, he would still stick to it. He wouldn’t be able to become vegan anyways… Too dumb, obviously no heart and too weak. I hope a person like this will never have children. I’m disgusted! Great video ask yourself.

    1. Michael Sutherland perhaps eating things that cause heart disease,cancer etc…
      And obviously he’s just here to troll and didn’t even watch the vid.

    2. Mrs. uLLeticaL™-L- | Soaphy You wont get to seem them anyways. They are going to be raised by a single mom, that was smart enough to divorce him but stupid enough to have kids with him. They are going to be criminals, and be in jail most of their life. Its sad, but what can you do, when theres women stupid enough to enable such behaviour and giving them access to reproduction.

  4. Almost a month going vegan, thanks to Vegan Gains!

    Quit cold turkey all meat and animal products (dairy). Have no cravings for any of them.

    Vegan on!

    1. Thank you everyone! The funny thing is, I’ve been watching Vegan Gains for a while now, long before deciding to become vegan, simply because he was entertaining as hell compared to other vegan youtubers. But the more I watched his videos, the more I was swayed by the science behind the health benefits of being vegan. Not to mention the way being vegan helps animal abuse and suffering.

      If there was one video that really convinced me to become vegan, it was probably Vegan Gains taking on Stan Efferding. VG’s absolute demolition of Efferding’s insane nutritional philosophy really sold me on veganism.

    2. I’m new too..and never going back. I remember when I’d eat chicken and feel something stuck in my tooth and it wasn’t meat…it was some chicken ligament or tendon stuck in my tooth Eeeeewwwww

      …when it happens now I know its just plants, beans and leaf matter !!

      Happy days..

    3. +Joe Downing very natural to buy meat from a supermarket. Would love to see your natural instinct to kill your animals without tools, just with your natural body like real apex predators

  5. England is letting millions of these low IQ inbred degenerates into their country… *This is cultural suicide.*

    1. Japan is the most advanced nation in the world. I go back to visit my Japanese relatives every other year, and there are always new/ innovative things when I go back.

    2. +kyle mander the Japanese are significantly healthier than any other country on the planet. They aeat extremely healthy and they do alot of cycling and hence, they live extremely long compares to the average american or European. Japanese really quite active. Just look up the average life expectancies of the Japanese.

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