Cardiologist In Maryland

Cardiologist In Maryland

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Cardiologist In Maryland
Cardiologist In Maryland

The rise in number of people being affected with heart diseases each year has been one of the main concerns of medical associations in the US. Just like other states, Maryland has created programs that would help educate people about ways to prevent certain heart conditions. They also provide necessary information regarding heart diseases, the common signs and symptoms to watch out for, and who to contact in case they or someone in their family develops any of the cardiac conditions. Several cardiologist in Maryland are also listed in several websites for contact information.

People are also warned regarding the risk factors that are linked with common heart diseases. Some of the common risk factors of heart disease that are not controllable include age and family history. Controllable factors include:

  • High cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia- although the body naturally needs particular amounts of cholesterol, too much of it could increase the risks of people to develop heart disease.
  • Smoking- Tobacco has properties that could cause hardening of the arteries. The nicotine in cigarettes also increases blood pressure and reduces the oxygen levels present in the blood.
  • Obesity- the excess amounts of fat in the body causes obesity. People who are obese are also likely to develop conditions such as hypertension and high cholesterol.
  • Nutrition- the food that people take in either increases or lowers the risks of heart disease development. Fatty, salty and low fiber foods increases the possibility of heart disease development while low fat, low sodium, and high fiber diets can lower people’s risks.

For those who have conditions that are linked to heart diseases, it is best to ask their doctors about ways on how to properly manage and prevent the worsening of such problems.
One of the most common heart conditions is coronary heart disease or CHD, also known as coronary artery disease. This occurs when the blood vessels become too narrow for blood and oxygen to pass by. This is said to be broadly caused by atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is when substances such as cholesterol, calcium and other debris form into plaques and build up in the walls of the arteries, becoming obstructions. Some cardiologist in Maryland say that people should be aware of symptoms such as chest pains, breathing discomforts and sudden fatigue because it may already be a warning sign of heart attack, which is a result of severe CHD.

The best option that people with heart diseases or are at high risks in developing such problems is to consult a cardiologist in Maryland or any heart doctor of their choice. Some of the known cardiologists in the said area are Dr. Michael Levangie, Dr. Leighton Hugh Forrester, and Dr. George Bren. They are available for consultations and other matters regarding heart conditions.

Cardiologist In Maryland

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