Cardiologists Acting Criminally, Webinar 04/28/16

In this live webinar, Dr. McDougall, MD, will discuss why some cardiologists withhold life-saving information from their patients. Q&A follows. Watch more videos at

Cardiologists Acting Criminally, Webinar 04/28/16

In this live webinar, Dr. McDougall, MD, will discuss why some cardiologists withhold life-saving information from their patients. Q&A follows. Watch more videos at

29 thoughts on “Cardiologists Acting Criminally, Webinar 04/28/16

  1. I love the webinars!
    thank you very much for taking the time and effort to produce these videos.
    Mcdougall you are a wonderful person and Dr. I follow your recommendations
    and it’s changed my body in numerous good ways.
    We are fortunate to have you!

  2. Let the patient decide after being properly informed! It truly is criminal
    to choose harmful and inferior treatments for the patient, all the while
    the patient is clueless and thinks you are doing what is best for them.
    Very nasty. Why do they act like they know us? They have no idea the
    lengths we will go for our health and our family. Eating potatoes and
    watermelon is a laugh compared to what I am willing to do.

    1. +Luke R. If they teach people how to treat heart disease then they’re
      inadvertently getting the message out on how to prevent it too. And if
      nobody’s getting heart disease, they aren’t making money.

    2. +Sam
      Yeah, informed consent is their worst fear because it would mean a career
      change since, if properly informed, they would lose 95% of all their

  3. It is a shame that Truth stands in the way of “Cash is King” even at the
    risk of 3 stage Kidney disease to do open heart surgery but “Thanks” to the
    Internet I found out I could reverse heart disease by a plant based diet
    and it works. Alive and feeling great at 80 after denying the surgery five
    years ago.

    1. well done Jim! I also reversed two forms of arthritis, high blood pressure
      and chronic asthma with a plant based diet. doctors were treating me for
      years and just got worse. nobody ever mentioned diet as a solution but
      thanks to John McDougall and people like him I have my life back.

  4. “do not stent, i will sue” – ha ha ha. can you imagine a cardiologist
    watching this video.

    1. +Aussie Vegan Gardening Yogi Ahahahahahah I’m fucking dying cause I’ve just
      seen the moment he says that with his usual serious face !!!

  5. I would love to see other prominent doctors make guest appearances here
    like Dr. Esselstyn, etc., especially when it comes to cardiology subjects
    like these. Keep up the wonderful webinars, Dr. McDougall and Gustavo:-)

  6. It’s just too bad that some people just flat out refuse to change their
    diet though. When i hinted at it at my parent’s house over dinner, i got
    disgusted stares from them asif they just stepped with one bare foot in a
    pile of dog poo. They will also not ‘watch that alternative stuff’ and when
    i tell them that the doctors and dieticians they suffer under are heavilly
    influenced by financial incentives and the medication industry, they laugh
    it off like i’m some conspiracy freak. “They have our best interest in
    mind, they are doctors/dieticians!” , “But this is *healthy* fat!” … All
    the usual arguments, of course. That would be why you’re fat and sick,
    constantly operated on, sleep with a mask on and take 10 different pills
    every day? Then they continue to ask how i managed to look so trim, fit and
    healthy within just a year. “Dr. McDougall, Dr Bergman, Dr. Greger, Dr
    Popper… and i’m not even working out much beyond some garden work and
    taking a walk” This is where the pile of dog poo turns into a pile of
    elephant poo, They know what they have to do, they refuse, they will die
    within 10 years, both of them. It’s a miracle they even made it to
    retirement. Such a shame. How is it that people still think they can get
    healthy with medicating symptoms instead of actually fixing the cause…

  7. I’m 23 years of age and watching these webinars are literally my favorite
    thing to watch on YouTube! People my age find celebrity music videos
    entertaining, but this right here is pure entertainment and not to mention,
    educational for me. I love these videos. Keep up the great work! Btw I’m
    doing a college paper of Dr. John McDougall and featuring information from
    the “McDougall’s Color Picture Book: Food Poisoning”. Hopefully my teacher
    and classmates can learn some great vital information from this. Thank you
    for being such a great person and Doctor and putting your morals before
    money to help people.

  8. Great webinar! So nice to see information like this being put out into the
    public. Keep it up! You have changed my life Dr McDougall

    IGNORE LOW FAT HIGH CARB DIETS. Sry, had to say that out loud, I’ve been
    ridiculed and stupid-smiled at by enough doctors to be upset.

  10. Are most people aware of the profound extent to which great circulatory
    health is a choice you can make?

  11. Oh my, I can’t believe Gustavo is really 52! I thought he was in his
    thirties, (35 was what I guessed), MAYBE in his 40s!!! That is crazy, he
    looks very good. :)

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