Costco Vegan Grocery Haul

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heart-disease - Costco Vegan Grocery Haul

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This is how I pick up groceries from Costco on my e-bike.

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Costco Vegan Grocery Haul

This is how I pick up groceries from Costco on my e-bike.

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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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52 thoughts on “Costco Vegan Grocery Haul

    1. He surely convinced me that eating meat, despite the aggregate effect on a population, is inconsequential to the individual that adheres to consumption through moderation. He’s a meme, slightly autistic, but that’s what we love about the internet.

  1. I think vegan gains should put his money where his month is and get his lipids tested and show us his cholesterol levels.

    1. steven west you want to see mine??? send me an email. I will screen shot it or send u the pdf. I have been vegan for 33 years and eat high carb and have outrageously low triglycerides and cholesterol. Idiot. gtfoh

    2. High fat or high protein doesn’t cause high cholesterol or triglycerides. Animal products and processed foods do. However, after watching Happy Healthy Vegan’s video and FullyRawK, im starting to think that high fruit intake may affect lipids. Their results were not great.

    3. Yami high sugar intakes do effect triglyceride levels I’m pretty sure. I’m sure processed sugar has the most significant effect, compared to just sugar from fruit.

    1. Vegan Gains Thank you Richard I saw the video and I almost screamed at every thing on his list. It was sickening to find out how stupid some people could be.

    1. We’re considering it. In Canada you can get a 14,000$ rebate from the government so you can get an electric car for pretty cheap right now. The problem is you can’t charge the thing at our Condo and I’d need to use electric fueling stations to charge it up. On top of that there’s an issue with parking. In our building parking costs 150$ a month per spot and there’s limited spots and we already have the motorcycles. We’ll probably get an electric car a little while after we move and get a house.

    1. Kaizen That’s what I said. If he really wants an electric car that badly then a used Prius would be the best to get even if they are hippie old people cars. I’d just get a hybrid Civic or something but your budget electric car really is just an old Prius

    2. They’re over priced. I’m thinking about getting a volkswagen e-golf. With government incentives I could get it for about $20,000. Problem is where I’m living right now I can’t charge it and parking is also an issue.

    3. perhaps I misread, but I thought I read somewhere that there is a model that is in the range of $30K. It’s still something right?

    1. Vegan Gains are you two ever going to debate? Can we at least see a video about her from you? A debate with durian rider would also be amazing.

  2. Dude chill out with the negativity and rage. That car was trying to figure out where he was going. It’s not that big of a deal.

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