CT Fletcher Worst of the Fitness Industry

Ever get inspired by CT Fletcher's amazing training videos? Well here's why you shouldn't.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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CT Fletcher Worst of the Fitness Industry

Ever get inspired by CT Fletcher's amazing training videos? Well here's why you shouldn't.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
CT Fletcher's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CTTheTrainer
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37 thoughts on “CT Fletcher Worst of the Fitness Industry

  1. You do realize that he went through major heart surgery? Taking steroids
    with a weak heart is basically suicide. He would already be dead from heart
    failure if he was taking steroids.

    1. All you have to do to decide if someone is using roads or not is see if
      they are selling supplements. If so then they are injecting and using their
      unnatural body as an advertisement for blind consumers who believe the
      supplement they are pushing is how they got huge. Its a business and messed
      up industry.

  2. So this guy is natural that’s why he’s roasting every bodybuilder who’s
    better then him!
    So fucking jealous!

    1. +Pete Angelo I dont want to look monster huge, but their is another
      problem. Finding out how to get them. lol. I could go to Mexico, have to
      get their before a wall get’s built lmao.

  3. overtraining is not a myth but truth be told, most ppl will never train
    hard enough to over train. they just under eat and sleep

    1. smont mstep Well they are kind of the same thing, more food/sleep means
      more recovery thus greater work capacity, resulting in less chances of

    2. German Lehmann

      true. but, its not overtrai ing if you didn’t overtrain. you just didn’t do
      what you were supposed to. most ppl dont “train” hard enough to overtrain

    3. That is very true. Overtraining is more of a concern for athletes. It has
      turned into this mainstream concern that supplement companies use as a
      platform for their recovery blends and such. It’s one thing to hit a hard
      few sessions with inadequate nutrition and rest, but to chronically hit
      non-functional overreach to the point of getting OTS, that’s not a common
      problem for the average gym goer.

    4. Roberto Marshall
      Exactly. ive done mma n boxing for 10+ years. we hit the training sessions
      for 1-2 hours 5 days a week and i lift weights 4 days a week and no1 in my
      gym is crying about overtraining. ive been more burnt out from work then
      training. if anything the training revitalizes me from being burnt out

    1. But Bradley doesn’t really give any nutrition advice, or training really,
      and he also doesn’t claim natty which most of these dumb fucks do.. Bradley
      gives semi good info breaking down excersiezes, but that’s it for the most
      part.. I don’t see him all that bad

    2. Bradly Martyn is without a dought on steroids (FFMI of 32) but at least
      he’s a down to earth guy with a good outlook on life. I don’t think he’ll
      get a WOTFI but if he does I’ll definitely be interested. Haha

    1. That’s the equation for work. Maybe you are thinking of “volume-load”. That
      consists of weight units x distance units x reps. Volume, as opposed to
      volume-load, is a bit simpler. It is total weight lifted in a workout: sets
      x reps x weight. Vegan Gains’ point about CT getting away with high volume
      is because the guy lifts constantly, and since it looks like he goes for a
      lot of reps (with crappy form, which lets him get away with heavy weight),
      then it amounts to very high volume.

  4. I believe he is the most overrated youtuber ever he doesnt give good advice
    like Elliot Hulse or Omar Isuf he is just big thats all

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