Cultural Appropriation (Only Bad When White People Do It)

A black woman attacked a white man for having dreadlocks and her justification was cultural appropriation. Of course she and other minorities are guilty of appropriating cultures, but it's only wrong when white people do it.

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Cultural Appropriation (Only Bad When White People Do It)

A black woman attacked a white man for having dreadlocks and her justification was cultural appropriation. Of course she and other minorities are guilty of appropriating cultures, but it's only wrong when white people do it.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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72 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation (Only Bad When White People Do It)

    1. While blacks are more susceptible, they are not “hundreds of times” more likely to contract HIV. According to what I read, they are about 8 times more likely according to statistics. These variables of course change among various different situations, such as location and sexual partners. Having a susceptibility to the virus does not automatically dictate that the virus was made to kill off blacks. There are many diseases that vary among different racial groups. This does not mean that they were biologically engineered to wipe out or harass those races. My only issues with your statement is that you’re passing a theory off as a proven fact, when this is still something that is unknown, and that this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with modern black rights.

      So you’re claiming that the reason for the gap in pay and employment rates must be racism? Why not laziness, drug use, lack of experience, lack of social skills, or any other conceivable reason for each individual person not being able to find a job or a well paying job? I’m not saying this _is_ the case, I’m saying it’s a possibility, so why are you ruling it out and jumping to the conclusion that it’s just racism?

    2. Daily reminder that black men are only 6% of the population and commit over 50% of all murders.

      Daily reminder that if New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91%, the robbery rate by 81%, and the shootings rate by 97%.

    3. +potato jenova True not that those facts mean we should generalize and demean all black men >.> There is a healthy medium and a way to appeal to equal rights of all without judging every single black male by that standard.
      Everyone’s got ta watch that line of managing our actions to the norm because of statistics without being discriminatory and over looking the fact human beings are still individuals who can’t in every situation be defined by the color of their skin.

      And btw not saying black lives matter is a good thing BUT kind of unsure of the point of your comment and what you want to prove….

    4. Yeah you should generalize, I’m not saying all blacks are criminals I”m saying that if you do your own research and look at crime statistics you will see why BLM movement is bullshit.

    5. +potato jenova Like I said the black lives matter movement isn’t a good thing because it’s dominated by extremists. But blurting out things like is discriminatory.
      The idea you should just generalize people on the color of their skin is just racist and an insult to blacks who are decent folk and are grouped with bad apples just because of their skin. More men murder than women does that mean we should treat all men as murders’s ?
      More men rape than women so does that mean all men should be treated as rapists. I think it’s sad we have this sexist and racist attitude and we justify it by generalizing people and talking about extremists , did you know women who rape are treated more nicely by the courts because men are assumed to be more dangerous?

      I’m just curious do you support Trump and do you believe in equal rights? Are you a republication ? I suppose I could generalize you =/ and group you with people?

      I understand generalizing makes things easier and maybe there even are times people have to resort to it but being racist and degrading black people like that isn’t right.

      Many human beings are monsters …that doesn’t mean all of them are it doesn’t mean every human should be treated with no rights.

      Of course let me know if I picked you up wrong what exactly is your point your trying to make?

    1. +Partylike Tony99
      ” I wouldn’t hit a women unless I felt it was necessary which is pretty much never”
      “Obviously punching a women in the face would be last case scenario”

      Choose one.

    2. Or are you saying “I would kinda sorta maybe possibly unlikely hit a girl” in order to avoid answering a question. Haven’t seen someone try to be soo generic with their statements that they don’t have an actual stance on the subject and just want to chime in with their irrelevant roid rage comments.

    3. +Iownyoujk​ Okay the only time any man should consider hitting a women is if they felt they could not defend theirself in any other way. Why do I have to be clear, this is common sense. How old are you ? If a women was physically going to kill me and the only way to defend myself would be punching her in the face then yes. But if I could stop her from murdering me by inflicting less harm to her I would aim for that option always.

  1. Next thing you know SJW’s will say a vegan diet is ruining the culture and traditions of “insert non-white race here”

    1. Connor Simpson There’s still cultures who live without technology and they are doing just fine. Your argument is invalid. Sorry, m8. You lost. Thanks for playing, though.

    2. In other words, you can’t refute what I said so you pull the “fallacy” card as though that defends your childish arguments. You lost. Just give up already and stop beating a dead horse. There’s no shame in hanging your head down low as you walk out the door.

    3. I’ve already beaten you. SHould I waste my time writing an intelligent response when all you can do is tell me that phones kill animals too. Phones benifit society, the meat industry doesn’t, I said that in my last post and you ignored it. Why shoul I argue with you when you obviously don’t listen?

    1. +pimpofdoom Actually you don’t end up with one type of people, if this is you referencing the “if all people are mixed they will look the same” myth you’re also wrong. Look at how diverse “white” is, you have whites with light eyes, green eyes, dark hair, blonde etc. because of racial and ethnic mixing. Otherwise they’d all look very similar. Look at the USA alone..most blacks are already 10-20% european because of slavery, if every black race mixed with a white the children would probably be more white and there would still be about 30% of the white population that hasnt race mixed who could breed with the already dominantly white biracials, so we’re more likely to be “outbred” by whites anyway, if anything we’re the ones that should be whining about race mixing but we don’t. Biracial people look different depending on the exact genetics, you’re just looking at the situation in white and black. Biracial people have very diverse genetics from allover the world thus being very diverse than pure breds.

    2. pimpofdoom
      Dont worry these idiot minorities think they can keep poking the lion. When it wakes up itll fucking demolish these parasites. Only a matter of time

    1. +hellowutlol true, but some anime fans also being called webs, according to some anime reviewers on YouTube. But I suppose it understandable, it like being called Chinese cause you’re Asian.

    2. Tô Hiến Thành Pretty sure VG is just demonstrating that cultural appropriation is annoying at worst and society advancing at best. Definitely not a reason for assault.

    3. It’s Our Third Life. They’re not real, they’re actually a troll channel, but they keep their secret well hidden to those who aren’t subbed to them. Most of their videos are hilarious though.

    1. braposo23 false. the italian tradition of pasta started in Magna Graecia and was developed through centuries. it is totally independent from the chinese tradition, and equally antique, or even more

  2. Vegan Gains can criticize the black girl because he is black, if anyone else does it they are a racist. haha. Blacks have racist immunity.

    1. If you have the black gene, you are black, regardless of skin tone. Would you say an albino black is white? Take a look at the NAACP president, he is white skin tone as hell, but again black gene=black.

    2. hippo potamus um, like 17 million white people have a little black dna. so they’re also black i guess. they have black genes. gtfo.

    1. Mr beef there won’t be any humans in a century period you dumb nog. At this point global warming Is killing everybody. Maybe smart people like whites and Asian will survive but I doubt it at this point.

    2. +FearlessP4P1 lmao. Its not killing “everybody”… ?? ITS KILLING WHITE PEOPLE. LMFAO. Do you get it? Niggers are good to go. ?

  3. I have natural dreadlocks for spiritual and religious beliefs as a Nazarite and some people have the nerve to tell me that I don’t know what they mean, when they themselves think it means that you’re black.

    1. Well I did also comment that vegan gains was ignorant about dreadlocks as he said they don’t wash their hair. Hopefully he just isn’t aware that many people wash their locks and isn’t being prejudice. Hopefully.

    1. IrishBoi5000 this might…actually hold some water.

      st Patrick’s day in the US makes the Irish look like belligerent drunks and has nothing to do with its original purpose

    2. St Patrick’s in Ireland is actually a nice family holiday to host a cosy get together. American Irish people have made it into one huge alcoholfest. Visit Dublin on St Patrick’s day, probably 3/4ths of the crowd at the parade are tourists. All the Irish people are at home celebrating

    3. IrishBoi5000: It’s okay to participate in other cultures. Just give credit to those from whom it originated. As an Irish person, wouldn’t you be bothered if your people were ridiculed for celebrated St. Patrick’s day but Hispanics people celebrated it but were instead praised for it?

  4. “normal rational human beings” HAHAHAHAH what a bigot! And another thing.. cultural appropriation doesn’t work in racist societies. It worked for the Japs as they TRADED it with whites. Blacks dont get anything from others using their culture you bloodsucker!

    1. +Vegan Gains

      I wonder if you even bothered to research what you’ve posted. I have yet to see anyone demand to see Mitt Romneys birth certificate. As I said before, no other president has been made to show there birth certificate.

    2. If blacks had the same right as whites then how is it possible that unarmed black men are murdered by white police and ordinary citizens (Zimmeran) and there is no penalty. Vegan gains did your BLACK daddy tell you about some of the racism he experienced as a BLACK man?

    3. Black people use white culture ALL the time. They use our inventions, our society structure aka democracy, our clothes, our language. Maybe they should be a bit grateful. If it wasn’t for white people they’d still be sitting in mud huts with no education, electricty or scientific advancements. And now they care about a piece of hair? Wow, talking about being delusional.

  5. This isn’t a good example of what cultural appropriation actually is. Cultural appropriation is more like plagiarism.

    1. Riiquo Music We have lived in a globalized world since the Europeans started trading with other countries hundreds of years ago. Have you ever ate at an Italian restaurant? Chinese restaurant? Asian restaurant? Do you buy foods from a store other cultures have used for their practices? You are guilty of the very thing you’re ranting against yet you get PO’d when someone wears a dress or a hat from another culture even though the people FROM that culture supplied them with the materials…you should be face palming yourself right about now.

    2. Tribe By Noire EXACTLY! The downside to culture appropriation is one culture can adopt another’s traditions/ mannerisms and be praised for it while the culture from which aforementioned customs originated is either not given credit or bashed for it.

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