Dave Palumbo Debate Challenge Accepted

Dave Palumbo challenged me to a debate and I accept. If he wants to get into contact with me Twitter is the best way.

Dave's video:
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Dave Palumbo Debate Challenge Accepted

Dave Palumbo challenged me to a debate and I accept. If he wants to get into contact with me Twitter is the best way.

Dave's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9g9fYnkF1Q
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34 thoughts on “Dave Palumbo Debate Challenge Accepted

  1. Too much isult, and personal attack. If you continue like this I might stop the support. Please be a bit clean when you talk

    1. Are you new? Or are you lost? Cause Vegan Gains has always cursed and insulted people while also giving valid information. He’s not gonna change his style for you

  2. I’m trying to listen but I’m distracted by this episode of hoarders in the background. Jesus man, how do you get around in there? Trash-avalanche coming anytime now…

  3. Bostin Loyd is 25 years old and took 13 grams of gear and has had no cardiovascular issues (so far). There are plenty of guys even as low as regional level shows who take upwards of 10 grams of gear per week, you just haven’t heard of them because it isn’t exactly the norm for guys to go around flaunting how much drugs they take, hence why it took an autopsy report from the death of a very well known pro for us to actually see blood serum concentrations at those astronomical doses. These dosages aren’t extremely uncommon though in competitive bodybuilding, and most live to tell the tale (or not because 99% of people keep their dosage use private). Does it severely shorten your lifespan using that much for a long period of time, yes of course, but one important thing that is going completely unspoken about is the fact that Dallas is 340 pounds. And he was 300+ pounds for several years. The heart needs to work WAY harder for a 300+ pound guy than your average 200 pound regional competitor who may very well run just as much gear. If you look at the history of deaths in bodybuilding at young ages, it is typically cardiovascular related, and the reason for this is because long term AAS abuse does have an extremely negative effect on cardiovascular health, however, the majority of the deaths are guys who are on the heavier end of the spectrum, and sustained that weight for many years. This is why long-term 300 pounders tend to die a lot younger than the typical bodybuilder (Nasser, Greg Kovacs, Dallas, etc.).

    In my opinion, the cause of death was a combination of heavy duty drug abuse, weighing way more than the heart can handle (being 300+ of almost pure muscle is more taxing on the heart than being a 300+ tub of lard), and some genetic factors as well. I’m sure diet played a fairly major role in those blockages as well (a good example is the death of Mike Matarazzo, where he would eat upwards of 7 pounds of fatty red meat per day).

    Ruling out genetics entirely though and not touching on body weight at all as contributing factors is ridiculous when there are plenty of other guys using that much gear and outliving 26.

    With that all being said, yes steroids can absolutely shorten your lifespan if abused period.

  4. Ya dude. Throw epigenetic factors at him. Heart disease is not a genetic predisposition. It would jist be a weak genetic constitution, but not actual disease worthy unless its promoted by PURELY EPIGENETIC LIFESTYLE CONDITIONS, I.E. STROIDS! These are not in any way genetic issues. Its epigenetic. 100%

  5. Omggg its simple cause and effect, dave! Everything genetic is predetermined by EPIGENETIC FACTORS, AND CHOICES. its simple CAUSE (LIFESTYLE CHOICE) and effevt (GENETIC DISPOSITIONS(.

    1. milk jar Your argument has no relevance to modern society.

      So what if we used tools to hunt? Is meat healthy? Is it necessary with modern agricultural production of plant foods?

      What benefit is there to eat meat?

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