Debate Tomorrow With Ranting Monkey

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Tune In Tomorrow Saturday July 1st at 2pm eastern time US/Canada to see a train wreck of a debate.

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Debate Tomorrow With Ranting Monkey

Tune In Tomorrow Saturday July 1st at 2pm eastern time US/Canada to see a train wreck of a debate.

Support me on Patreon:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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54 thoughts on “Debate Tomorrow With Ranting Monkey

  1. Why do people keep trying to debate with Vegan Gains??? You’re practically setting yourself up to look like a dumbass lol. Richard will school you xD

  2. *_Hello, I’m The Infamous Grim Hope who you should bloody well know by now?!_*

    *_Who the hell is ranting monkey? If you wanna debate, debate me….that one would be interesting_*

  3. 1980’s: I bet they’ll cure cancer in 30 years

    2017: animals have no sentience and cholesterol is not linked to heart disease

    1. Nick Miller it’s just a fact animal flesh no matter the quality is linked to cancer and diseases. It doesn’t matter that people have been trying to ban cigarettes because people still smoke and their bloodlines are not being extinct, it doesn’t negate the fact that it’s not gooe for your health or the enviroment

  4. Judging by what he said when you were debating Millennial… I can already tell this is going to be cancer. Try to actually be slightly more aggressive, don’t let him just change the subject and ignore points – rape him…

    1. I’d just be prepared for the dude to basically want none of it. I think he thinks that if he doesn’t openly acknowledge that Richard’s arguments have merit – then they don’t actually have merit.

  5. By the way, on your live stream, I heard you talk about debating a flat earth raw meat eater. Have you heard of Eric Dubay? He’s the most famous flat earther in the whole community and he’s a vegan. If you debate him over the flat earth I will legit piss my pants.

    1. I find it hard to believe that Eric Dubay would debate anyone who’s intelligent. Flat Earth is how he makes his money – entirely.

    2. it would be cool, though he really should have to research the hell out of it. The flat earth theory is just ridiculous, I wanted to be objective, open minded and give it a chance (you know, most science facts are never proven to be 100% true) but there’s just no way, its too idiotic.

    3. oaksterdam
      I also tried. I couldn’t find any reason to say that the Earth is flat. I watched one of his videos, and I realized that the reason why he thinks people are concealing the truth about the earth being flat is because it would prove that creationism is real. So basically, if the Earth is round, that disproves creation. That’s where it all stems from, they are religious.

    4. everything in space forms into a sphere . stars, planets , comets . it’s just the way matter comes together under gravity and pressure of space

    5. This would be awesome because it’s two vegans going at each other and Richard is the only person I can think of who can break the flat earthers cognitive dissonance.

  6. Best arguments so far
    “Top of the food chain”
    “Ancestors tho”
    “Bacon tho”
    “Social contract”
    “Invasive species”
    “Jellyfish protein”
    Yeah u guys are winning

    1. La Frog you know some of the reporters at infowars are actually vegan. They just don’t talk about it.

    1. I’ll put it back up soon. Some people complained that their address was visible when I was opening up packages.

  7. Since the food chain is only determined by who kills and eats who, there could technically be a food chain within the human species. I’m sure 6’3, weight lifting Richard could kill a child by hand and grill them up. Remember everyone, that would be justified because Richard is higher on the food chain than little Billy.


      He owed 20 bucks!Now how am i supposed to get extra cheese on my cheese less pizza?

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