Debate With Onision, Matt Dillahunty, Dave Palumbo and Jean Francois

Upcoming debates with Onision, Matt Dillahunty, Dave Palumbo and Jean-Francois.

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Debate With Onision, Matt Dillahunty, Dave Palumbo and Jean Francois

Upcoming debates with Onision, Matt Dillahunty, Dave Palumbo and Jean-Francois.

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outro: Beef by KRS-One
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71 thoughts on “Debate With Onision, Matt Dillahunty, Dave Palumbo and Jean Francois

  1. Let (ask yourself) do the debate on the atheist experience, you are you better from the health side of veganism where as Isaac is better at articulating the ethical side and that’s where Matt is coming from. Thank you and Much love Richard and destroy Onision

  2. When will GradeAUnderA and Mr Repzion ever be on a live debate with you?
    These clowns are too scared to go in a live hangout, they’d rather make multiple videos and go back and forth.
    Internet is a coward’s paradise.

    1. GradeAUnderA failed to make a single valid point in his video, how on Earth are some people actually saying he won?

    2. I like gradea. But I thought he was just in it for the lawlz. You people don’t actually take him seriously right? How about a debate v unnatural vegan. I’d like her knocked down a peg or two

    3. Awkward Gecko Watch ThinkAboutThis’ video on GradeA vs VG.
      You have been lied to and manipulated by GradeA.
      It’ll open your eyes and you’ll realize that you have been played

    1. So, what other red pills beyond the vegan pill do you have on offer? The MGTOW pill? The Race-realism pill? The (((echo))) pill? Maybe the anti-statist pill as well? Just curious, really. ^^

    2. Duh vegans channel is bigger but unlike vegan gains dave pulumbo isn’t only a you tube celebrity. He had actual buisness …. than you tube money. I’d actually like that to watch that debate though.. I do agree that vegan gains is internet expert… the way he cites all the research.. it’s funny

  3. the vegan diet is not for everyone i know people who are vegan and are the most miserable people to meet. if u wanna talk about ethics. that’s a different topic.

    1. Adolf Hitler what a mug .adolf hitler is vegetarian and so is our stalin you are insulting lord hitler, you duetsch prick.

    2. Nein! I am the Kaiser of the Third Reich! I suggest you read Mein Kampf, it will allow you to better understand my life story. Anne Frankly, your ignorance makes me führerious!

    3. Adolf Hitler i am more ignorant than you. Why did you betray us communist. Hitler could have been an ideal communist.I hate germans but i love nazi. Good night my fuhrer

  4. PLEASE DO NOT GET TRIGGERED AND ANGRY, it is almost the WORST thing to do if you want to win the debate! You have all the knowledge, just be calm and you will destroy him!!!!!!

    1. In his video’s Richard is calm, but in his debates he’s very not hostile. I think he knows this. But then again, any conflict you show in the words of the other can bee seen as a attack. And then they go cry like baby’s.

    1. Heather Holt That wll be fun. But the JF debate is actually really important. That is the one that matters. Somebody needs to show him up. The ethnostaters are getting out of control and the left is afraid to talk to them.

    1. I’d like to see a debate with Pewdiepie about why he doesn’t care about the planet or his 60 million disciples. ClickOn #PDP60MillParty to check out the preliminaries ????.

    1. The idea he seemed to be trying to get across was that it was a mutually beneficial exchange, and not a literal statement. He was describing the idea that animals are actually better off in human captivity, and that their numbers also increase dramatically.

      This is important for the following reason; if VG is unable to understand this, then there will be another circular train of conversation between him and JF, while JF is trying to explain his actual stance, and no progress will be made.

      The argument that would counter JF’s position sufficiently would be to demonstrate that animals will be fine on their own, and that losses to their wellbeing would be minimal, if not negative. JF is arguing from a basis of pragmatism and not morality.

      I’m sure you guys could come up with a reasonable argument, but you need to understand what he’s actually asking for.

    2. the thing VG needs to remember is that he’s dealing with someone who believes in R/K selection. JF can’t say that carrying capacity (R selection) trumps quality of life (K selected) for animals and not humans. But again this comes back to what AY rightly points out: “name the trait”. And JF is unwilling to accept name the trait even though it’s a valid form of argumentation. I’m going to guess that VG will run into the same issues AY did, and the debate will wind up similar.

  5. Dude, debating JF on warski’s channel is a mistake. Warski is handsdown one of the worst host and moderators. Not to mention he’s horrible articulating ideas, including his own, furthermore not being able to think outside of his own worldview. It’s actually embarrassing his channel is as big as it is. Goes to show hard work pays off regardless of the constant demonstration of cognitive dissonance and idiocy.

    1. Not true, he recently had Mike Enoch on and is getting slowly redpilled on the JQ, just as he had when Spencer trashed Sargon on the topic of race realism.

    2. Andy is a malleable buffoon. Not one time does he actually challenge the views that are posed on his stream. He’s a useful idiot for the alt right.

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