Dr. Nun Amen-Ra Diet Debunked

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Dr. Nun Amen-Ra is a vegan strength athlete, he holds a deadlift world record in his weight class, yet he claims he eats only one meal per day and only eats an average of 1200 calories per day. Is it possible to have his strength and size while eating so little?

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Markus Rothkranz's video:

Conditions in Nazi Concentration camps:

Dr. Nun Amen-Ra Diet Debunked

Dr. Nun Amen-Ra is a vegan strength athlete, he holds a deadlift world record in his weight class, yet he claims he eats only one meal per day and only eats an average of 1200 calories per day. Is it possible to have his strength and size while eating so little?

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Markus Rothkranz's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR1FCJS8DoM

Conditions in Nazi Concentration camps:

73 thoughts on “Dr. Nun Amen-Ra Diet Debunked

    1. And onision is a leftist cuck. Wooould thoroughly enjoy watching those two
      absolute betas getting sodomized by a transsexual

  1. hey man i need help. I went vegan a month ago cuz i always had diarrhea
    from eating meat and even now as a vegan a still have it daily. I eat at
    least 5 to 6 cups of fruits and vegetables a day. Any tips?

    1. Fiber can make your diarrhea worst tho, try to eat white rice and maybe
      some fruit for a few days until your digestive system gets a little better

    2. +Vegan Gains tea bad for gut Heath ? Erm no … It’s good for you .. and
      also there’s many different types of tea …

    3. butt plug. Nah just jokes.
      see ya doctor. Don’t tell him or her you are vegan tho. unless u can find a
      vegan doc.

  2. I completely agree with you, the only thing I just want to say is that jews
    had to do very hard physical activity basically all day long
    great videos dude

    1. +William Elbaum You’re right, I’m not, I have an independent mind, I’m not
      a dogmatist, I don’t proscribe to the holocaust religion.

  3. Fake boobs or not, Cara is very beautiful for her age, and I’m sure her
    vegan diet helps with that. However, I think Marcus is selling some
    unnecessary supplements and that supposed 1200 calorie a day man is not
    doing what he claims he is.

    1. If they’re unnecessary, don’t buy them. Simple enough. I agree with you on
      Cara though. 48 and looks that good? She’s got to have more than just a
      boob job, right? Those lips didn’t exactly look natural either.

    2. +TPQ1980 I don’t know what surgeries Cara has had done. I’m sure without
      the surgeries she would have still looked pretty good for 48. Yeah, I won’t
      buy the supplements.

  4. Nah, the Jews got so skinny because they weren’t spiritual enough. Probably
    didn’t have a core message either.

    1. +EDMSQUAD I get where Vegan Gains is coming from but in this video, he
      kinda sounds like a hater. I mean if people fall for that stuff then they
      do, you can’t force them not to

  5. Sounds like you’re hating both on Dr. Nun and Markus. They both have very
    important health information that is easily available for FREE.

    1. +Jenny Shary How are they scammers when their information is FREE. You can
      watch all of markus’s videos on youtube for free.. and you can download a
      couple of his books for free..

      As for Amen-Ra, You can download his books with ANY donation amount.. there
      is no fee to HEALTH.

    1. the real holocaust was then aficans sold the negros into slavery and the
      native indians got their land stolen from white people but they just say
      forget this but not my 6 million fake jews.

  6. I’m not saying it’s possible
    but, not all calories are created equal
    and fasting does increase natural growth hormone…and i think meditation
    does too

    1. I think the only way to prove this would be watching everything the guy
      eats for like a week and dont take eyes off him.

    2. Yes but meditation can slow down your heart rate and reduce your blood
      pressure, thereby slowing down your metabolism thereby slowing the rate
      your body is using up “fuel”. Ya sure calories are calories but different
      foods have different properties on your body’s metabolism.

    3. +Red Fad Look at his muscle mass. All that muscle uses energy at rest. A
      lot of energy. He probably needs somewhere in the region of 3000 calories a
      day to maintain his weight with average levels of activity. If he laid in
      bed all day and did nothing at all, he’ll still need more than 1200
      calories a day just to maintain his body weight.

      Meditation is fine for clearing and focusing your mind, but you cannot
      create energy out of nothing. You cannot meditate away your body’s energy
      needs, or meditate into existence the energy your body needs. Calories are
      just a unit of energy.

    4. Like I said, meditation can have a direct physiological effect on a persons
      blood pressure and heart rate, which are both two BIG factors on energy
      expense, and you are right he does have muscle mass, not a crazy amount he
      is just lean, which even further goes with what I am saying. Blood
      pressure and heart rate has a larger impact on energy expense the larger a
      person’s BMI is.

  7. I think for the first time in the history of your channel, you didn’t
    actually debunk your target. Science can’t explain his alien body and it’s
    needs 😉 The mystery continues…

    1. Ha ha yeah.
      Some people do intermittent fast like this and remain strong. I’m not a
      record weightlifter like Amen but my similar schedule doesn’t affect my
      strength negatively from what I can tell. I don’t think the amount of
      calories needed thing is always set in stone. What he has is still a pretty
      good amount of calories in my opinion. Some people might not feel there
      strongest this way. We are all different in this way I think.

    2. Science has more questions than answers like a child growing into the
      Can words truly explain an experience.
      Can we truly understand how fast things change.

    3. I’m with Vegetable Police here. Completely inconclusive. Tons of people
      doing intermittent fasting and making good gains in calorically restricted
      states. You can’t really compare what this guy is doing and eating vs. what
      Jews were doing in Nazi death camps. I’m sure they were put to work 12
      hours a day in horrific conditions. Nun meditates like 10 hours a day, lol
      (slight exaggeration). He is an alien.

    1. +bookmarkthis No, if you go and watch a few of his vids on his channel, you
      will quickly find out that’s his house..

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