Durianrider Worst of The Fitness Industry

Durianrider is a vegan youtuber who has some of the most bizarre diet advice I've ever heard of. He believes you can eat as much processed sugar as you want while still losing weight and that soft drinks like sprite are one of the best weight loss foods.

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Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research referenced:
Healthy body fat percentage:

Sugar, soft drinks and weight gain:

Sugar and cognitive impairment:

Durianrider Worst of The Fitness Industry

Durianrider is a vegan youtuber who has some of the most bizarre diet advice I've ever heard of. He believes you can eat as much processed sugar as you want while still losing weight and that soft drinks like sprite are one of the best weight loss foods.

Durianrider's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/durianriders
Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Research referenced:
Healthy body fat percentage:
Sugar, soft drinks and weight gain:
Sugar and cognitive impairment:

75 thoughts on “Durianrider Worst of The Fitness Industry

    1. +Kyle Cummings Fitness +Kyle Cummings Fitness Aren’t you a Christian? How
      ironic, one believer of an Abrahamic religion bashing on another one. I
      mean, God wanted some dude to kill his son just to say he was devoted to
      him, damn.

    1. I know, but DR has made tons of videos on steroid abuse in pro sport and
      body building, just like VG. Perfect time for lots of people to get back at
      someone who has been calling them out for years (and a vegan in general 🙂

    2. No offense to any of you but most of you people are just not getting it and
      are way off. DR is a proponent of long-term fitness and not necessarily
      body-image. Fat is the #1 contributor of most chronic health problems in
      people. Studies have shown including the one Richard has put up 8:00 that
      it is next to impossible to gain fat by eating sugar. Even Dr.McDougall
      has presented evidence of this in his recent webinar. Fat is the problem
      as it blocks insulin.

    3. “DR is a proponent of long-term fitness”…..the comedy just writes itself.
      Durianrider is a proponent of extreme eating disorders and wacky
      pseudoscience, nobody recommends a 5% fat intake like he does, McDougal and
      even more reputable MDs like Dr. Greger would all agree that a 90/5/5 ratio
      isn’t recommended for optimum health.

    1. “it’s easier to be a judgemental prick instead of actually looking into the
      science behind his lifestyle”

      True. But I did BOTH. I showed a fasting & longevity book I own. Then I
      roasted this rama-scama with my comedy (rivaling VG). Check out my
      ingenious vids.

    1. +Xiverse903
      im telling you man, i have literally worked out a few feet from her and so
      was able to get a good look: her face is butt ugly, bottom line, sorry but
      its true, banana nose, bad complexion and her hair looks like she may be
      getting some dread locks started….she has zero muscle tone and like u
      said–zero curves…only thing she has going for her is the thigh gap–in
      exercise pants she rocks a rather nice looking thigh gap if i do say so
      myself…..i race bicycles so i have ridden with Durianrider here a few
      times: he is a leathery sunburnt shriveled up mess—no muscle tone and he
      is nowhere near as lean as he says–skinny fat i guess you would call
      him….yeah its ironic, two of the most unhealthy looking humans i have
      ever seen and they are making money hand over fist telling people how to
      eat—wonderful world we live in!

    2. +Pauli650
      lol!..could be–easy to get in thailand….if i had to guess though i
      would say there is a good chance they are both abusing adderall—to me,
      adderall is cocaine without the hard comedown and lasts longer

    1. +Johnny Poon What does that have to do with anything? Just because
      something is a drug does not mean it is bad or addictive.

    2. +Jayced Up yes caffeine is a drug and can be adictive. i don’t even know
      what you are arguing about. weed is and can be adictive as well in about 6%
      of people who use it.

  1. I mean dude ur girlfriend looks suspicious af, like why would she text a
    guy she never met before saying that she wanna be friends with him?

    1. +Monica Ganja vegangains has a terrible hairline!!!! It’s sooooo bad. omg
      he’s going to be bald in a year or two.


  2. I unfollowed him and freelee months back. I couldn’t deal with their
    nonsense anymore. I will always thank freelee for introducing me to
    veganism but she has changed so much for the worse. I feel like all she
    cares about is money and not about the animals anymore.

    1. +MrOnionCock I think VC uses them because DR says he moves snails on the
      road so they don’t get run over by cars.

    1. Seriously. I remember watching DR videos about five or so years ago. This
      is the first time I’ve seen him since then. He looks 15 years older, at

    2. its his bodyfat. people go to plastic surgeons when they age to get that
      fill in their face back. durian readily gave his away to pursue the bodyfat
      percentage humans are programmed to find disgusting. you need to have greek
      god genetics and facial structure to be able to pull off a body fat below 7
      percent. i think its obvious that he lacks in that department lol.

    1. +Jesse Fruhwirth I had no ED before RT4. I can’t completely blame the diet
      as results always vary for different people, but ED combined with weight
      gain spiked my mild anxiety and depression significantly. This is my
      personal experience with it, I can’t speak for everyone.

    1. +Ashley Bleich
      Many Zionists are not even jewish and the poltical ideology of Zionism has
      very little to do with “jewish teachings” unless we’re talking about the
      20th century only but Judaism is much bigger than the 20th century of
      course. seems like you might want to study the fancy words a little.

    2. +Ashley Bleich
      look up “settler colonialism” and then put yourself in the shoes of the
      indigenous people who’s homes are being settled by some outside group who
      is hostile to them. Zionism is a political ideology calling for the jewish
      settlement of Israel, which is not an empty container of course, it was/is
      already filled up with Palestinians. So that’s how Zionism is related to
      the persecution of others, to begin with.

    3. Oddly enough I commented before I read the comments, and I said about the
      same as you. Some will feel like they HAVE to defend their leader, but the
      rest of us hear him!

    4. +hanif aswad
      “Jews where only persecuted on a mass scale” god you are a clueless piece
      of garbage, and the land of “Palestine” is the ancient homeland of the
      Jews, the Jews had a homeland there before the Muslims took over that land

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