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Paul from Hench Herbivore just sent me some awesome t-shirts.

Check out the Hench Herbivore Store:
Discount code: Gains10
Hench Herbivore youtube channel:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Fresh Vegan Swag

Paul from Hench Herbivore just sent me some awesome t-shirts.

Check out the Hench Herbivore Store:
Discount code: Gains10
Hench Herbivore youtube channel:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
Follow me on Facebook:
Support me on Patreon:

70 thoughts on “Fresh Vegan Swag

  1. Hey guys I am the first vegan transexual feminist liberal pro-life jewish
    fitness channel to reach 30 subs. My goal is to become the first democratic
    christian vegan politically correct activist trans-aged fitness channel to
    hit 100k with 0 content. Pls join my journey. SMALL UTOOBERZ UNITE!!!!

    1. He was wearing the Vegan Kingdom T-shirt which Brian made, when he was
      trying to go for a PR. Vegan Gains said that the new T-shirt gives you
      powers and the Vegan Kingdom does not, because he couldn’t do a PR with it.
      He didn’t really say that, but, you get the memo.

    1. Fronk Wut He looks like a man and his girlfriend too? So he looks like a
      man and he looks like his girlfriend. 🙄

  2. Pfft I don’t need a shirt to tell everyone I’m vegan. I approach each and
    every person I see and tell them I’m vegan anyway.

    1. I’m Here brother thats why there are soooo many vegan youtubers… so you
      dont have to assume anything. i find myself triggered because people try to
      base arguments with what they think they know, rather then get the
      information thats available, ignore ypur convictions, and form an educated
      opinion. mic. the vegan is one of the BEST for information like this. watch
      his videos for your questions. good luck

    2. I have a few degrees so at least I can understand the academic literature
      and science suggests cholesterol is healthy and harmful, depending on the
      literature read. Suggesting it depends what you eat with your cholesterol.
      Besides the body makes it.

    1. Do they sell a I’m not vegan T-shirt? Why leave out the majority? you could
      sell I’m
      on the SAD diet T-shirt, I’m a Paleo eater etc… Why does everyone need to
      know what
      diet you’re on? Vegans are no better are they? If it is all
      about ego, why not wear a – shirt stating “I gave money to charity”, “I
      helped someone”, “I’m a good boy!” If it is to encourage others to go
      vegan, why not put reasons at back of shirt? T-shirt could say Go vegan &
      reach for better health or Go vegan & feel fantastic (on back) or Go vegan
      and love animals, perhaps have a couple of reasons why veganism is so
      important on back of t-shirt?

  3. I met Hench Herbivore and his wife at t Vegfest london, really bloody nice
    guys! Oh he has a youtube channel as well! Check his video about Joe Rogan

    1. of course it is, you are doing it to make money, “use code Gains10”

      seems like someone is in need of money lol. Maybe ask your useless ugly GF
      to get a job and not just leech off your money bro. Dont let yourself get
      used like this, you’re a good guy and shes only draining your energy and
      being negative, at least from what i can tell

    1. +Rich 1 yeah, full body is better, but sometimes certain bodyparts lag
      behind. When that happens, it’s usefull to add workouts that target those
      specific areas so they catch up with the rest of your body

    2. Rich 1 doing isolation like back/chest, arms, and legs (abs everyday or
      every other) are better for muscle growth and strength training. It gives
      your body parts time to rest on days you’re doing other muscle groups. Some
      people would say to do full body or half body workouts for sport
      conditioning for things such as football, basketball, swimming, etc. Truly
      in some cases it’s up to you and you will discover whatever helps you make
      gains or become more physically fit overall. I personally do muscle group
      isolation and I’m a junior high school swimmer. I have found this training
      regiment helps me the most as full body workouts plus swimming 6000-1000
      yards a day is overtraining me and creates a lot of stress. Just figure out
      whatever works for you, I’d recommend trying each one 3-4 months and
      compare your results, good luck.

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