Full Upper Body Workout

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I'm bulking and making serious progress hitting PR's every week.

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Artist: AKnewGod
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Artist: DEgITx
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Full Upper Body Workout

I'm bulking and making serious progress hitting PR's every week.

Vegan apparel: http://henchherbivore.com/shop/
Discount code: Gains10
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Artist: AKnewGod
Song: Indifferent
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Artist: DEgITx
Song: Minefield (feat. Matty M.)
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85 thoughts on “Full Upper Body Workout

    1. I think its sad that its easier to grow when spreading hate and drama than doing what a fitness channel is actually for..

    1. +AreFallout ok lets go by “the americas” it is the same thing. If it is called “the americas” then the inhabitants of that land are americans.

    1. People who say that VG is small , are brainwashed way too much by the fake natty standards of the youtube fitness community.

    1. Just do fullbody 3 times a week and have a max day , light day and volume day, and rotate all the exercises in the 3weeks and the gains Will be raining like you won a jackpot .

    2. Well let me say this when i tried canditos six week strength program 2 years ago i gained like 6-8 kgs during that time and guess what happened i only gained strength in OHP i said to my self after six weeks ok maybe it Will work  in another six weeks , i was wrong i didnt get jackshit from that, thats was just my point of view for his program not revelant to the topic , but yea upper lower is better for powerlifting gains ok.

    1. dude, i see u commenting rich piano’s videos all the time man. I’m pretty sure we have the same subscription list lol.

  1. Richard, does Jasmine exercise? I’m not trying to be rude, but she just seems to play on the computer all day.

    edit: I’m asking politely because every other person who mentions it does so in a rude way which probably deters you from answering seriously. Why don’t you answer? Is it because you don’t want to admit that she being lazy?

    1. +moral dilemma Thank you for being rational and nice! People like FrLouis makes me want to vomit. I hope you have a great day!

    1. Matt G not sure what the point you’re trying to make is. Are you saying there is no difference in physical tendencies between a white and black male? Cause I would definitely have to disagree. Black people are like jacked af without even lifting a day in their lives

    2. God damn when will they learn. ‘Race’ makes next to no difference. I can’t wait till we’re all just mixed so this meme can die.

    1. The Last Mohican steroids make you retain water. other substances are more often associated with drying you out. he’s clearly on a bulk.

    2. +Dan Sullivan Water retension makes you vascular as hell and this guy barley has a vain poping out and I am not 100% sure if he is on roids but I know really well how roid users look.

    3. Really? My veins have been popping like crazy for a couple months, am I retaining water. I don’t look bloated. I think you got it backwards. The veins pop when you’re dry (use anti-estrogen or come off aromatizing steroids for a couple weeks, use diuretics or fat burners like clen/t3). Idk. Anyone else want to chime in and help out?

    4. On other hand carbs and water do seem to make veins bigger, I’m confused. I think there are “wet” steroids and “dry” steroids so you can’t generalize diff types

    1. It’s true man, i started seeing him in my feed when he did all those big fitness youtuber hate vids and naturally i disliked him, too. But i subbed him a few months ago because he just makes quality content

  2. Dude, did you sniff some coke before you hit the gym because you are going beastmode. I know its plant based, but chill bro…

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