23 thoughts on “God Healed Benny Hinn’s Heart Disease

  1. here are bible verses that describe people falling to the ground when
    coming close to a person of spiritual stature: mt 2 11, 17 6, 18 26, & 29
    mk 5 33, 7 25 lk 5 8, 12, 8 28, 41, 47 17 16 jn 11 32. heres the best one:
    as soon then as he had said unto them i am he they went backward & fell to
    the ground jn 18 6. acts has other cases of this

  2. Falling in the Spirit (The Holy Spirit) is a beautiful Mystery..It has
    happened to me a few times and I was at a Catholic Service(I am a Roman

    1. the Holy Sprit is a he and it is a comforter.he will lead us in all the
      fruits of the spirit . not to be slain hope what he is doing is it biblical
      search the Scripture and c. We need to pray for the people . Have a Bless
      Ed day.?

  3. Atinge-Te si de Pastorul meu, Grigore, si de sotia lui. Da le acest copil
    pe care l-ai promis, Jehova Rapha , in numele lui Isus te rog

    1. +daniel alzuru It called “I am the God that heal thee” by Don Moen. It is
      such an anointed song. God bless

  4. I feel the presence of God when I watched this blessed be the name of the
    Lord our God forever no other name like the name of Jesus halleluiah we
    love you Lord

  5. wonderful video really the lord is the lord that heals my disease.thank you
    lord for this testimony. from pastor Benny Hinn

  6. you are the Lord my healer Lord heal me to from painful Arthritis if you
    can do it for one you can do it for us all God bless you pastor Benny

  7. That’s what being filled with the spirit of God looks like for as many that
    he given to the spirit of God to???

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