Goodbye World

Goodbye World

Goodbye World

We've reached a global warming milestone of 400 parts per million and atmospheric carbon levels haven't been this high since 15-20 million years ago. Well it was nice knowing you all, goodbye world.

Goodbye World

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Goodbye World

Livestock and ghg emissions:

Goodbye World

Food availability and grain fed livestock:

Goodbye World

We've reached a global warming milestone of 400 parts per million and atmospheric carbon levels haven't been this high since 15-20 million years ago. Well it was nice knowing you all, goodbye world.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Articles Referenced:
Livestock and ghg emissions:
Food availability and grain fed livestock:

69 thoughts on “Goodbye World

  1. Everyone who says global warming is a myth are complete idiots and meat
    eaters don’t even know the damage they’re doing to the planet

  2. People have been fear mongering about this since the 80’s. We should
    definitely continue to work toward cleaner energy, but I’m done buying into
    the propaganda. Keep in mind, we’re all supposed to be under water right
    now according to the scientist from the early 2000’s.

    1. Yeah and we are supposed to have run out of oil, and acid rain was supposed
      to kill all the trees.
      Its such BS.
      They keep inventing new propaganda to brainwash every new generation.
      I agree we should lessen our impact – but the lies and fear mongering crap
      has to stop.

    2. Yeah I’m sure if we just carry on the way we are right now everything will
      be fine in a few hundred years, doesn’t affect you though right so who

  3. Yep a major problem is that even people who say climate change is a serious
    threat will not go vegan. I guess they really don’t care about it.

    1. It’s a viable solution yes, as many studies suggest, and it’s incredibly
      simple, just stop eating specific foods and wearing specific clothes.

    2. it is a really big individual step forward, yes. Eliminating meat and dairy
      from your diet does more to save the environment than all of the waterless
      car washes, walking, biking, and short showers combined. Watch Cowspiracy
      for a good concise discussion.

    3. +Zulay092 in an ideal world, yeah. I have a Tesla on order. I walk wherever
      I can – hard to do in the suburbs though. Yes it would be ideal to not have
      to go anywhere, but we do and unfortunately not everyone can buy an
      electric car as they are still expensive. So do what you can in terms of
      transportation, but what you CAN do RIGHT NOW to help the situation is
      change your personal habits and most importantly your diet. Transportation
      will come eventually.

  4. In the time of the dinosaurs carbon dioxide was up to 4% of the atmosphere,
    that is 100x the current level, and life was thriving on the planet more
    than it is now, with much more abundance of species.

    1. +Hardstylerz global warming isn’t some government/corporate conspiracy.
      Actually look at reputable science sources.

    2. +PoteNoob his math was correct. You move the decimal two spaces to the left
      since its x100, making it go from 4% to 0.04%

  5. Vegans gotta have that special Bolivian quinoa salad, driven, sailed or
    flown 10,000 miles away. It’s killing our environment!

    1. the environmental impact is not even remotely close man, like 1% vs
      100000000000000000% impact. Meat and dairy industries are the single
      biggest polluter…period.

    2. +Blueis Acolor well then please enlighten us. We are obsessed with food and
      environmental impact, so I would think we are well informed. So
      please….tell us how we are ignorant? Meat and dairy are horrible for the
      planet. That is FACT. Vegan diet is a fraction of carbon footprint and
      water usage of an omnivore diet. That also is FACT. So how are we ignorant?

    3. Blueis, show us a fucken report or some sort of logical scientific evidence
      for your claims otherwise no one will take you serious!

  6. Here in Canada the carbon tax is causing beef feedlots to shut down. They
    can’t afford to pay for all the GHG they produce. Hopefully this continues.

    1. +Bclar3 sometimes people’s free will needs to be compromised for the
      greater good. For example making murder and rape illegal…

  7. There is one simple solution to global warming. Literally just build man
    made islands in the middle of the oceans all over the place and plant the
    best trees to absorb carbon dioxide. But dumbass vegans are holding us back
    because they are eating all the greens that absorb the co2.

    1. Abi666, the planet does not have a brain; it doesn’t care whether it’s hot,
      cold, or vaporized by the sun.
      As Vegan Gains alluded to, the stress on people’s mind comes from the
      thought of suffering of themselves, their children, and other living things.
      To support the wellfare of humans by minimizing meat consumption, thereby
      reducing the rate of human death, directly contributes to the increasing
      rate of potential for the death of all species. Human beings are better off
      dead; especially if your goal is to save a larger number of sentient
      As was the solution in the video… you know the drill.

  8. As usual, the liberal solution to environmental change is for the common
    man to have more taxes shoved down his throat and more government.
    Meanwhile, the elite, who are responsible for most of the pollution
    continue to live high on the hog.

    1. +Angrypolack yeah it is a complicated problem, but the government needs to
      have a role in it. They need to fully devote themselves to environmental
      improvement, but that might never happen as they are owned by the big
      polluting businesses. So they need the common citizen to vote with their
      dollar and actual vote to get in change.

    2. Lol, you obviously have no idea how an economy works… Every time you tax
      large companies, especially monopolistic companies like energy providers,
      the taxes always get passed on to the consumer households. Those energy
      companies will pump out the same amount of carbon as the did before the
      tax, they’ll just increase electricity prices to cover the cost of the tax.
      Carbon taxes are NOT effective at reducing carbon, and all the tax money
      will go towards is supporting homeless families who couldn’t afford their
      electricity bills. There is absolutely no way you can defeat these
      companies in terms of regulating their production, they’re just too
      powerful and they all have strong ties to unions, which have
      labour/left-wing governments by the balls. The best way to help combat this
      issue is (Like you said) providing tax incentives and returns for
      households that switch to solar or renewable energy sources, and not make
      it so expensive to install solar power (It’s like $8000 for basic solar hot
      water here in Australia) It’s a joke how expensive going green is in most
      countries, and its 99% the reason, people won’t turn to it, but if we all
      did do it, collectively we could severely hinder the energy companies
      production and carbon emission.

    1. no its just something that happens when you alter the atmospheric
      conditions of the planet you live on. Pretty basic

    2. +AnimalBloodFitness The official position of the World Natural Health
      Organization in regards to global warming is that there is NO GLOBAL

    3. I even checked what that organization is. It’s a religion thing, are you

      And he meant that without the greenhouse effect earth would get cold.
      Literally an ice ball.

  9. But everyone has jumped on board with high efficiency light bulbs, why
    hasn’t this problem been solved yet?
    People are too selfish to make any meaningful changes in their life, the
    best they can do is buy a more fuel efficient car, which personal
    transportation vehicles are such an insignificant part of the problem.

    And then there’s everyone being so ridiculously ignorant and delusional
    about nuclear power, thinking every nuclear power plant is actually a
    nuclear bomb that’s going to kill everyone. So for every pretty little
    solar farm we build, the irrational fears of stupid people lead to the
    shutting down of a nuclear power plant. So we move 1 step forward with the
    new green energy solar or wind farm, then take 10 steps back removing
    nuclear and needing coal and oil to make up the difference.

    What we need is a great disaster or plague to come in and wipe out 90% of
    the population. Oh wait, we have one on the way.

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