H3H3 Logan Paul Hypocrisy

H3H3 preaches animal welfare while committing the same acts as Logan Paul.

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H3H3 Logan Paul Hypocrisy

H3H3 preaches animal welfare while committing the same acts as Logan Paul.

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70 thoughts on “H3H3 Logan Paul Hypocrisy

  1. i love your logical consistency my friend. Most people draw arbitrary lines of morality while you have brick solid arguments 😀 keep it up !

    1. I’m sorry to inform you, but you’re an intellectual midget and or have a serious reading comprehension issue. I’ll leave room for cognitive dissonance, as it’s a common phenomena in these situations. I did not say, nor imply anywhere that legal = ethical. (another subjective idea) “meateaters”? “all or nothing mentality”, what on are you going on about? Look, I already covered every base you touched on, you seemingly do not understand what it is you read.

      Just to clue you in to the smallest of details. Protip: You’re not VG, and VG does not= all Vegans. Also, what you do is exactly that, pay to have things you want regardless of the animals, human and non-human, that suffer and or die as a result. Think, stop feeling, and think.

      Please do not waste my time again. Thank you.

      Signed, 37 years animal product free.

    2. EnervatedSociety Lmao. My mistake then. I thought u used that as an argument, since you brought up legality. Also quite funny how you write an essay to me, while I wasn’t even talking to you, and when I reply back you’re like “don’t waste my time”… Lol. Aight then, you keep believing that morality is totally subjective and that that somehow justifies immoral acts. Next time you see someone torturing a dog or raping someone, remember that “morality is subjective” and don’t try to step in.

    3. SusaDavid if you drive your car you morally accept the road death casualties even if you didn’t cause a death directly. Otherwise we would just ban them, but the deaths and injuries are to most people worth the convenience of a motor vehicle. People who eat meat also didn’t deliberately or directly kill anything. They do however accept the morality of animal food production by eating meat. I don’t want to have to kill all the lambs I eat myself just like I don’t want to be in a car accident. But I don’t object to a professional doing it in a clean humane manner so that I can enjoy the meat from a position of absolute morality.

    4. Red Joker He does the opposite. He cheery picks the things he finds acceptable and acts as if they are objective moral standards.
      Here’s an example. The dude owns multiple “gaming” equipment, computers, smart phones and things that other luxurious items like PS4s and Xbox.
      All of the purchases he makes support the coltan mining industry which has devastated apes population, particularly gorillas.
      Gorilla population went from 17,000 to 3,800 in less than 20 years, due to coltan mining.
      He is personally promoting and support the extinction and mass genocide of one of the smartest and closest related species on this planet.
      You can buy computers built from ethically mined coltan, but it just won’t be a PS4, some Razer or geforce product. But you consciously choose to draw a subjective line and say, this is acceptable. According to vegan gain’s morals, the genocide of a specie for purely entertainment purposes is alright.

  2. I got the sense Richard was deeply upset at Ethan. He’s angrier here than he’s been in most videos the past year. I agree with his criticisms. I thought the same thing after I saw his iDubbzz colab videos. It’s sad because Ethan was such a nice innocent guy, but this is obvious hypocrisy.

    1. Crushed Pepper His points on morality, yes they become invalidated. Don’t forget he also abused his dog, and then blamed random muslims on the train for the dog having anxiety issues. He’s a racist. However, his points on nutrition and well-being are still valid, because they’re not his opinion but it’s based on science.

  3. Life will be an overwhelmingly stressful experience for any vegan if you cannot compartmentalise that some people will never go vegan or see the hypocrisy in what they do. Some people do realise that and change for the better but it has to come from within otherwise it’s unsustainable. The first step to change is awareness.

    I always hope my friends, family, idols, favourite actors and influencers will go vegan one day but don’t forget (the majority of us) weren’t vegan from birth and have had to unlearn and relearn what we thought was ‘normal’. Many of us thought hated animal abuse but loved burgers, hated battery farming but thought free range was any better. The world is finally opening its eyes to what is going on in the world with health, environmental factors and animal abuse. ‘Awareness’.

    I hope Ethan will go plant based one day since his mother has already had some heart issues, he will do what he can to help mitigate any future genetic problems he may have. I wanna see that thiccc boy around for the rest of my life at least. Papa Bless <3

    1. Garfoid the only problem veganism faces is douchbags like Bruce S, i.e militant anti-vegans spreading misinformation and lies. But don’t worry, they will also be vegan within the next 5 years, just like everyone will be.

    2. James R Let’s be honest, the Bible says a lot of stuff that doesn’t seem quite right for a perfect divine being. The Almighty gets angry, jealous, vengeful, and toys with the good people featured in physical and emotional ways. Wait a minute….it does make perfect sense that veganism would be a biblical idea.

    3. Bruce S God responded to man’s sin in a holy, righteous and justified when God says manner. For example, when God says He is jealous. What He is jealous of belongs to Him. And when he killed everyone on Earth he did it because of the level of sin and corruption among the human population. Also, God originally created humans to be vegan

    1. Eberhard butters *Explain how he is a “crazy nutjob”. He comes with rational arguments and his rage is justified. He is dealing with irrational apathetic idiots who destroy the enviroment, slowly kill themselves and animals just because of their hedonistic tendencies.*

    2. I guess some of Richard’s anger problems come from the pain that double standards and general retardation in the world cause him… can’t blame him, but for one’s own sake it’s probably better not to let anger overtake in the face of so much bullshit.
      I think he improved a lot since he lives together with Jasmine. She’s good at governing his tempers.

    1. Why would he respond, VG wants free publicity from a much larger YouTuber name dropping him.
      Not responding will probably piss VG off more and stops him getting free views

  4. You are completely right Richard, unfortunately most people haven’t made the connection with the animals on their plates.

    1. That is because we have been conditioned to not care. From a young age they tell us over and over that we need milk for strong bones and animal protein to be strong, which are lies to fool people as part of a sinister agenda. I was about 4 or 5 years old when I became consciously aware that it was wrong to eat a chicken leg put on my plate; my parents say that I got upset over it. Unfortunately, I fell for these deceitful marketing tricks when I got older and ignorantly consumed meat and dairy because I thought it was ‘essential’ to be healthy. Clearly I was not intuitive anymore because of the deceitful marketing of all these dumb industries that perpetuate the importance of animal products. It’s a shame that everyone is desensitized to this and most experience cognitive dissonance when presented with information that challenges their paradigm. People don’t like to hear anything bad about their lifestyle, they rather be blissfully ignorant and not give a damn about the consequences. It’s difficult to care when you have been conditioned to believe that it’s ‘part of human nature’, which is why people get hostile when they hear the word vegan.

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