Happily Married Without Children

Me and Jasmin are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary without children.

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Happily Married Without Children

Me and Jasmin are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary without children.

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20 thoughts on “Happily Married Without Children

  1. Lol! That was me and my family who you weirdos had a problem with in that restaurant. Ya, my one year old was being loud laughing and yelling being excited, true. But he wasn’t screaming at the top of his lungs like you two are making up, as well as Jasmine saying she politely came up to us. She was rude saying she was “literally going deaf”. So yes my husband and I were rude back. Mind you my husband would have never been rude to a woman but he legit thought Jasmine was a man. And when you asked my husband to go outside, a man with his 2 babies and wife with him, we were laughing at you! We are two grown was adults! He didnt calm down because he was scared or something, please. The only person who got up was Jasmine and then myself after. There’s more I can say about it but who cares. You guys sound so stupid in this video. We chose to have children, we will chose to have more. We are both educated, very successful, have a nice house ( not a shitty dirty shoebox apartment filled with animals) nice cars, we can afford it, but thanks for your concern. We are very happy. I’ve been a professional athlete, traveled the world done a ton of great things in my life and hands down my children have been the best thing I’ve ever experienced. Who are you guys to tell people what to do lol stick to making vegan videos cause outside of that you sound like an idiot. No ones cares if you guys don’t want kids….but I’m certainly glad you don’t. Anyways, no hard feelings lol. Good day.

    1. I feel sorry for you Robyn Starr. I wouldn’t like it if two guys came to my dinner table while I was out with my family complaining that I can’t control a 1 year old child…how can you control a one year old child??I can’t believe how pathetic that tranny is ???

    2. Robyn Starr. Richard is the strangest child I’ve ever seen in my life. One of these days he’s gonna cross the wrong person.

    3. my son just ripped a fat azzz cloud yo. Can you believe he’s only 4 ? Dude he’s bugging out !! hahaha #GoGreen

  2. I think this is a bad calculation for Veganism. because having 303k subscriber that are mostly Vegan and trying to convince them not to reproduce mean there will be less Vegan and more Meat eater for the future.

  3. I can see why she would not like to pass on her genes on, but you vegan gains we need your genes in the gene pool, your semi smart and have great physical features, not to mention your of mix decent. The world needs your muti racial G.I. joe power cycling babies. We can passed the schizophrenia. 🙂 love ya


    Didn’t you guys go to a specialist breeder to get that dog you’re playing with instead of a shelter though????

  5. I totally agree. Kids are a waste of time and money. And it means 9 months of pregnancy hormones, shouting at everyone, constant pains and lethargy, morning sickness, contractions closer to the time, then when the kids grow up, you have to deal with attitude, them rebelling against you, them answering you back, them asking you for money, either getting girls pregnant too early and not being considerate, or getting pregnant themselves.

    And all that, just to bring a little gremlin into the world when there’s already almost 8 billion.

  6. Unsubbed- lmfao at falling for the propranda of overpopulation/”carbon footprints” we leave behind
    Your overlords are very pleased with you.

  7. When you go out and there is children screaming and the parents are not doing much about it, it is annoying 100%. Just shows me that they have no respect for anyone else in the resturant.

  8. Then why do you have a fur baby? What does that animal do when it grows up? Probably helps you with chores around the house and does his/her homework. Good dog. Dogs are better than human children.

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