35 thoughts on “Heart attack in 3d animation

  1. 1 spoon of pure honey and 1 spoon pure termaric , mix it well eat it every
    morning before you eat anything , have your breakfast after an hour . Do
    this 2-3 months and all your vain will be clean and you won’t find any
    blockage at all. My grandmother had blockage and she did this and now she
    is perfect without any surgery , I have seen 3-4 cases like that and they
    all doing good. You will save lot of money and don’t need any medication in
    rest of your life. This treatment is from Ayurveda. I am not a doctor but
    seen these cases.do your research before you start. Thanks

  2. Medical propaganda . They are just scurvy !
    This video is great for stupid people .
    It’s just propaganda .
    All of them are scurvy. Take vit C and Lysie and you have none of the above

    1. Yes ! Really !
      Hearth problems are deficiency of Vit C and Lysine. It’s that simple !
      Humans , Primates and bats cannot make vit C and Lysine . Getting from
      food. They are the only creatures with hearth disease .
      A pig or an elephant, or a whale cannot have a heart attack, Mrs Stupid !
      That’s why a gorilla is getting 30 grams of vit C /day in any Zoo. A
      gorilla costs $ 900k .
      It’s scurvy for Circulatory system.
      Yes ! I’m very bright !
      Medical drs cannot understand a simple system . Takes thinking and
      education; they have a training in selling drugs, pimps for Pharma .

    2. Do you want ” evidence ” right now or tomorrow ?
      Medical dr are pimps for Pharma ! Do you need evidence for that too ?

  3. May I know about “bypass” surgery in heart , if the patient has 3 tubes
    blocked ( 75% – 60% and 75% ) then , is it a dangerous surgery to do in
    bypass form ??? how many % the patient could be survive about it??? thank.!

  4. Whenever I see a heart / hear a heart beating I feel like I’m having a
    heart attack myself. I really hate talking about it or hearing of it
    because I’m so afraid of heart failure. Anyone with a similar feeling?

    1. Same here. I have a heart problems also and need surgery, doctor’s advice,
      unfortunately i cannot afford it. I watch these kind of videos sometimes,
      and right now, my heart aches.. i didn’t finish the video.

    2. +ruby pits Hope you’re doing fine and that you will find treatment someday.
      Just don’t stress yourself too much and take some breaks whenever you feel

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