Help Me Sue The Vegan Cheetah

The Vegan Cheetah is finally getting sued for slander and I ask that you please help fund this legal action to defend vegan activism on youtube and to defend the long list of people Charlie has harmed with his lies.

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Help Me Sue The Vegan Cheetah

The Vegan Cheetah is finally getting sued for slander and I ask that you please help fund this legal action to defend vegan activism on youtube and to defend the long list of people Charlie has harmed with his lies.

Go Fund me Page:
Anna Scanlon's video:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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68 thoughts on “Help Me Sue The Vegan Cheetah

    1. Vegan Grass
      Unlike the not-so-vegan cheetah, Richard feeds his dog as much as is needed, he’s being practical, if he sends the dog away, someone else would do the same. Unless you think killing a dog is ethical, when most humans are eating it for pleasure, his dog actually needs it.

      Veganism still stands on Richard’s part.

    2. Worst Of The Fitness Industry
      The dogs will eat meat regardless, and family A could just get their dog from a shelter.

      If you’re going to tell me that “one dog will kill more animals” then it’s sad we come to a point where humans eat animals for pleasure, and that’s ok, but when a dog needs it to survive, he should just be let to die, otherwise the vegan that owns him is seen as a hypocrite? What?? Plus, he tries to feed the dog meat that has a chance of being lost anyways, which is at least a bit better than normal meat. If he gave the dog to someone else, who knows if they would feed the dog the same?

    1. Alex Piron

      1% at best are vegan. Your exponential theory is a lie. You only say that to add some credibility to your stance.
      Look up the numbers – depressive.

    2. +Vlad Tepes Happy to admit that if you got some evidence. How funny that you also think the whole world eats like the west. Most developing nations have not the luxury of flesh.

  1. Richard. I have mad respect for you, but I am not helping you sue him. There are better ways to retaliate, and suing him is not one of them. After he exposed you and Jasmine for buying and feeding a dog raw meat, it’s hard for me to support you when it comes to a matter against him. My advice, leave him alone and don’t let his drama bother you. Move on bro.

    1. John Snow lmaoooo No I’m not alright. This video upset me. I just wanted people to know my penis was small. That’s it. Lookout for it in the next video Papi ?

  2. I feel like this video was made with malicious intent. I can’t support it. You’re saying Charles is lying without proof. They will have to prove he lied in court, not by the words from your mouth.

    1. 1perle I’ve watched the video now. I don’t have an issue with her suing Cheetah. My issue is VG saying that he lied about it when it hasn’t been proven in a court of law. And uses other examples to prove that Charles is a liar. But just because you lied here doesn’t make everything you’ve ever said a lie.

    2. +Sarah Gwin
      I’m not gonna take Anna’s word , women are emotional and hence they can easily lie to get what they want . It’s an old tactic .

    3. Wrong. Charles will have to prove he’s telling the truth. The burden of proof lies on the claims, not on the challenge.

    1. It’s not about being a stripper, it’s about being a scam artist who bragged about manipulating disabled men & wrote in her thesis “don’t know how to turn off my manipulation skills” SHe also posed for naked pictures dressed up like a baby..EEP!

    1. not only the transportation (it was a black area… not gray at all. it was terrible) but the fact that he willingly BOUGHT a WOLD dog and had it separated from its own family

    2. they share the same house and im pretty sure if she leaves the house for some time and vg is alone at home , he would have to feed it. no difference

    3. take it up with the vegan society, you know the one’s who created and defined veganism. your argument is with them not me. just telling you what they say about pet ownership. according to them, richard buying a pet and feeding it meat is vegan (since the dog requires it).

      from the vegan society: “Not all dogs and cats can move to a vegan diet. If your dog or cat is elderly, or unwell or has specific needs then we would always recommend following a qualified veterinarian’s advice to ensure the best welfare for them.”


      “Can vegan homes include non-human animals?

      Many vegans share their homes with domesticated animals that cannot live independently. If you are looking for non-human companion, why not welcome a rescued animal from your local animal sanctuary into your home?”
      they do not make any hard rule, just a question “why not…?”

      same source page.

    1. @Troll Busta — Lol, I’m pissing my pants. Of course in a criminal investigation, the police will not confirm an alias before proceeding with the charges and prosecutors are totally ok with that. And of course a sitting judge in a criminal case where the defendant has not show up for many auditions will not issue a warrant for his arrest. In the case of the Cheetah lawsuit, there’s a clear winner and he doesn’t post videos on YouTube. Haha!

    2. +Donald Trump lol.. ok.. lets hope you are VCs LEGAL advisor.. even easier for anna’s already easy win the.. hahahaha

    3. @Troll Busta — I spent enough time in Courts to know that winning these types of cases is as rare as witnessing the birth of a panda. In America at least, you might be from a foreign country and therefore not understand the legal basis set by NYT v Sullivan on free speech and the limitations added by Milkovich v Lorain Journal.

  3. When did he stop being vegan? Man I remember when I first saw one of his videos a few years ago I thought he was a good guy. Wtf was I on…

    1. The first half I have no idea what you’re on about other than that you proclaiming that you have no compassion.
      I take it you’re refusing to watch the material?

      Going vegan is the simplest and easiest climate relevant action you can take. If enough people do it, it might give us enough time to tackle the other issues.

    1. 2 years ago DR & FR settled out of court, and FR had to read a statement on YT. She’s as popular as back then.

    2. republicans suck Hero? you forgot to complete the sentence HEROin addict I think, thats the closest thing VC can get to that word

    1. N’Wah S’wit he’s one of the few people who has made vegan gains look like a sane human being.

    1. Lmao “you’re a child, you’re ignoring me” so in other words you don’t have an argument. Thanks for being honest.

    2. Leo R, wow. You’ve had multiple weeks to come up with a remotely intelligent argument. Instead you run away and cry. Bye bye kid.

    1. As someone who incidentally went to the same high school as you, and has spent many summers in Southern California, do you like everything being more expensive? Or having a limited supply of water on tap? You did just miss what would have been the second worst snowstorm of your life, so I guess I can understand if you don’t miss that.

  4. Is the cheetah a meat industry shill, sponsored to undermine vegan activism?

    Or is he just a soul-less vulture who has not nor understands true values?

    1. @Blonde Cleopatra

      “The only thing his diet should consist of is more heroine so he can disappear from the face of this earth.”

      And this why most people hate Vegans, you all go on about morals or some BS and then prove you have none – every time you open your mouths

      Vegan Gains being a raging Psychopath and filming his Grandfather dying, in order to push his shitty agenda, Freelee The Banana Girl being Genocidal and A Privileged Vegan being an Intersectional Mental Case are all doing more to undermine Vegan Activism than a potential paid meat industry shill could ever hope to accomplish.

      That’s just the poor spokespeople for Veganism that I can think of off the top of my head. Veganism has really bad public representation and it’s Veganism’s own fault.

    2. @ian roberts


      Yeah, because the spelling mistake was the biggest problem with that statement.

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