Hidden Camera Exposes Slaughterhouse In Toronto (Warning Graphic)

a hidden camera captured horrible animal abuse at Ryding Regency a slaughterhouse located in Toronto. Please sign the petition to get Ryding Regency shut down.
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Hidden Camera Exposes Slaughterhouse In Toronto (Warning Graphic)

a hidden camera captured horrible animal abuse at Ryding Regency a slaughterhouse located in Toronto. Please sign the petition to get Ryding Regency shut down.
Sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/canadian-food-inspection-agency-shut-down-ryding-regency-slaughterhouse?recruiter=530263631&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition

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66 thoughts on “Hidden Camera Exposes Slaughterhouse In Toronto (Warning Graphic)

    1. Bruce S, carnists and adrenochrome addicts BRING ANTI-LIVE to earth.

      What’s “live” SPELLED backwards?

      GEt REAL MOFO; PINCH yourself ’till it HURTS…

      I’ll say WHEN to stop.

      Can you do that Bruce S?

    2. Juliette Repole
      Juliette Repole , Hell doesn’t exist except on Earth inside every slaughterhouse AND CARNISTS’ FRIDGES

  1. Thank you for acting on behalf of the animal’s interests. If even one person goes vegan from it – it is a success.

    1. Vegan Beaker,

      Yeah STUPID pedo-sadists ‘n carnists that are openly anti-live are NULL AND VOID.


      ! RAW Please 🙂

      <:> !

    2. Christians are hypocritical when they protest abortion but go to the store and directly fund animal torture. I guess they value an unborn fetus over a full grown animal that feels pain and suffering.

    3. Our Talmud says that it’s ethical. We can do whatever want in this world without repercussions. This is our world. You are merely a guest here.

    1. Gsl3vin Don’t get worked up about, just let people have their own individual views and beliefs. I’m not a smart person, but I can reassure you that it’s nearly impossible to change someone’s mind. For example, I’m going to stay a meat eater simply because I think it taste good, and people become vegetarians because they feel obligated to do so. I didn’t see the video, since its been blocked, but I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t change my mind.

  2. This is why I will never come to respect meat eaters that say “It’s my personal choice, respect me!”
    If there is a victim, it is NOT a personal choice.

    1. IamCancer624 oh and meat eaters usually whine about personal choice when their conciensce is hurt by objective facts FACT

    2. K, you are presupposing that life is the morally relevant factor, which presumably Skeptic, and certainly Richard don’t believe. They believe that sentience, the ability to have an experience, is the relevant factor.

  3. @vegangains i think this type of videos is much more effective than screaming at people for not knowing any better

    1. That is true, emotional manipulation is far more effective then logical discourse, which kinda sucks, but hey at least there’s a way to get through to people about this issue

    2. Bruce S and God also said you’re not allowed to eat pork because it’s unclean to you. But I still see Christians scarfing down bacon.

  4. Thankyou for the video VG. I hope that the petition gets much more attention and the food association is able to bring and end to such slaughterhouses.

    1. Good luck with that. Most vegans I’ve met have managed to cause increased meat consumption in normal people they’ve come into contact with. That’s worse than placebo.

  5. I’m pretty sure in the future humanity will look back on this and wonder why we ate meat at all…that is if we’re still here…I believe we’re all gonna have to pay the price for our needless destruction of nature.

    1. Please educate yourself on how to eat first, dont just go vegan. Many people fail becuase they aren’t aware of the nutrition that a vegan needs. Most of my friends who tried vegamism gave up a week in due to lack of information and that caused them to have little energy throughout the day..

    2. Daniel Vargas we used to get b12 from the dirt of our farmed fruits and vegetales. Cows Only get that because they eat this dirt that humans stop eating. Read more

    1. Slash687

      Don’t make it more complicated than it is.

      Look up vegan physique, Jon Venus, Brian turner, hench herbivore on YouTube.. all vegan and healthy. Easy and cheap.

    2. Slash687 Good ???? Look up vegan recipes and watch vegan cooking/what I eat in a day videos on YouTube for inspiration. There is a ton of delicious vegan food. Try whatever looks good. Keep watching veganism videos. Also, make sure you’re getting enough protein & take B12 supplements.

  6. Vegan for six months now and I would give anything to have my eyes opened sooner. I’m shaking. This is so upsetting… Thank you so much for sharing I’m going to download it in case it gets removed.

    1. Kyla Szweety i’m a meat eater however I’ve opened my eyes long time ago. We only reason I still eat meat is because my parents are selfish brainwashed idiots who force thier idoigoly on me (does it sound familiar to you?). Also i’m 21 but i can’t live on my own because economic of my country is fucked up

    2. weereerw

      Wow.. you’re 21. You don’t have to do anything your parents tell you anymore. You’ve been an adult now for a long time. You should’ve already moved out.

    3. weereerw That sucks man. If possible I suggest an office job, they’re easy to get, good pay, and a good start to getting on your own. Having financial hardships is normal unfortunately at that age.

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