How Big Are My Arms?

There's been some question over the size of my arms so I decided to measure them on camera.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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How Big Are My Arms?

There's been some question over the size of my arms so I decided to measure them on camera.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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80 thoughts on “How Big Are My Arms?

    1. +Hi Cow It’s actually not about the length of the fingers in general, but the ratio of the length of the index finger compared to the ring finger. Basically men’s ring fingers are usually longer than their index fingers. But with women they are usually the same length. This is because of testosterone effecting the growth of our ring fingers. This study just showed that men with higher testosterone generally have bigger dicks. No surprise there. However there are always exceptions of course. There are wimpy skinny girly looking guys with huge ones and masculine tough guys who are small. I always have to say that to keep some idiots from saying, “That’s not true! I know this skinny feminine guy who is 10 inches!” Yes, there are always exceptions.

    2. you must have not read the article I put the link to..And generally I would imagine that taller guys do have bigger dicks, not that it really matters at all, lol

    1. +caulkin bowls
      I was saying radius because it is half of the diameter, thus implying that bearing anus is in fact 38 inches. Sit down.

  1. Seriously though, I think you should get onto more of the hodgetwins. I’ve been on their asses lately and they’ve deleted about 3 of my comments by now. You should destroy them.

    1. chips and coke are terrible for you. For people taking small steps to 21 inch biceps and fitness the very first step is eliminating pop. Water is the healthiest substance on the planet and vegan unsweetened mills are also decent.

    1. Xeno Altrax This dude is like 6″3his bone obviously gonna be bigger. His 18.5 is perhaps a 16.5 if he was at an average height 5″7-5″10.

    1. Hahaha Dan Brown you deleted your comment because you realized you were wrong. The tape measure says 18.5″. That image you linked is pointing the red arrow at a part of the tape BEFORE 0″ !!! Some dumbass actually made that image and posted it online without even knowing how to read a measuring tape!!! The tape has a clearly marked 0″ point which marks the beginning, some empty white tape before the 0″ mark doesn’t count towards the measurement!!

    2. +Danny M And you know this how? He measured them at 18.5″ and I just explained to other people that he measured properly and explained why it looks legit to me. The only thing he may have lied about is not having a pump. It’s possible he is pumped up and just saying he isn’t to sound more impressive, but the measuring itself is accurate.

    1. I feel sad and scared for our future that so many people believe that Vegan Gains didn’t have a pump when he made a video to prove how big his arms are.
      I’m scared and sad moreso for myself that I have to live in a world with such ignorant people.

    2. FlatEarthTruth abit drastic mate its either pumped or not whos arsed you cant really tell if its pump or not, dont wanna live in a world with people over a bicep away bro

    3. FlatEarthTruth lool um skinny people have 14 inch bicep.. before i started working out i had 13 inch arms now i have 17 inches without a pump and 18 with. I love how your getting so pissed if he got a pump or not hahaha. 18-19 inch arms are still impressive and he said hes gonna go for 20 inches.

    1. i’m 80% sure that vegan gains lied look at 1:26 the person measuring folded the tape measure to make the number bigger

    1. Wing Wu Wang Inner Voice: its quite a shame he doesnt have more attention
      Kreig: nipple salads NIPPLE SALADS!

  2. Wow, I didn’t believe you either, but close enough. Talk about shutting down trolls. So fortunate to have arms as a genetic strong point.

  3. If I hadn’t known that Richard was tall, I wouldn’t have believed the 19″ arm claim either. Tall people are at a disadvantage (especially on camera) because they have to build a lot more muscle to look big relative to their frames. Tons of dudes in the NBA are sporting IFBB-sized arms but you can’t tell because they’re about 6’7″ on average.

    1. XxFATALITYxX I want you to ask yourself a question, do you really think I would take offense by being called pathetic, unoriginal insults by some insignificant YouTube loser?

    1. Having issues with hamstrings doesn’t mean she can’t do anything, that’s so ridiculous. That’s like my boy skipping leg day because he has ankle problems.

    2. Jevvy Media Why do you care what someone does and doesn’t do. Maybe you should mind your own damn business.

  4. Research indicates that eventually vegans eat meat and other animal products again; a relapse if you will, at least once. The time it takes varies.

    1. There’s a high percentage of people who go back to eating meat. That doesn’t mean for everyone it is inevitable and that doesn’t mean it is justified to eat meat.

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