How Crazy Am I For Doing This?

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Ya I'm a little weird.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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How Crazy Am I For Doing This?

Ya I'm a little weird.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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74 thoughts on “How Crazy Am I For Doing This?

    1. Being or feeling insecure is not a problem , we all are to some extent, but
      it becomes a problem when you let it run your life in a negative way.

    1. Omg no he needs to start making videos like this!!! X’D His content has
      sucked lately, I would very much so enjoy this.

    1. Your not just wrong but massively wrong. There is a HUGE difference to
      doing 700 watts for 5 hours straight to doing 700 watts for a minute after
      5 hours of ave 300 watts (which is possible) The very very best in the
      world might be able to do 700 watts for 5 minutes on fresh legs but
      everyone else would be doing very well to hold that power for just one

    1. It’s really easy to find, just go to aliexpress and search for compression
      shirt, dragonball shirt, or piccolo shirt. If you type in compression shirt
      you’ll also find alot of other cool shirts.

    1. It’s my humble opinion that most people who obsess on, and constantly
      mention being gay have some type of underlying desire to be Gay and that
      subconsciously manifests itself into self flagellating insults.

    1. +UNITATO How am I pretending I don’t have issues? Just because I don’t make
      a video talking about my issues, doesn’t mean I don’t have any. Also
      doesn’t mean I can’t say this vegan guy has daddy issues, ’cause he
      obviously does 🙂

  1. Recognizing bad habits and realizing that you want to change is key….
    don’t be that person. Take time to work on it and change your thought
    process! ❤️ that’s what I do — first work on NOT acting on those thoughts
    and then work on trying to revert the thoughts. — that’s what I do!!

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