How Much Food Can You Find In A Dumpster?

I go dumpster diving to find some fresh organic food.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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How Much Food Can You Find In A Dumpster?

I go dumpster diving to find some fresh organic food.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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65 thoughts on “How Much Food Can You Find In A Dumpster?

  1. I used to work at a grocery store and the amount of food they wasted was unbelievable. A LOT of the stuff was still good. One time I asked if I could take some “damaged” stuff and they said they can’t let me and that they have to throw it away

    1. rembrandt We live in a world gone global. Most products in your average store comes from OUTSIDE that country, unless your privileged enough to live around local farms. You seriously must be an idiot to think anyone still uses the feudalism system. Let me ask you a question; If a product expires tomorrow, how many people are going to buy it? Companies can get sued if they sell out of date products.

    2. Nick Miller if a product expires the next day? Actually A LOT of people would buy it. At my grocery store, when meat is expiring in a day or two, it’s heavily discounted and A LOT of people buy it… You’re a waste of my time m8

  2. Some places in America spray the food with chemicals to prevent people bin raiding… It’s so fucked.

    1. The Bloody Talker oh no I agree, and I understand your view. I was just pointing out an example of an abnormal exception.
      I in no way meant to imply a disagreement or imply that I thought you were attacking cooperations. I do apologize for the confusion.

  3. I’m an 11 year old and I like your videos and you made me want to become vegan and I asked my mom if I could and she just laughed at me ? I don’t know what I should do does anyone have any advice?

    1. Don’t be a vegan it’s extremely unhealthy even this guy admits he takes injections to make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals in the vegan diet.

    1. Random fact – Sv3rige was one of the most famous runescape player killers – Kids Ranqe

      If you used to play the game in 2006-2010, you will probably know.

    1. vegancorn in Berlin there is a scheme called food sharing which cooperates with shops around Berlin and organises free collection of food rather than chucking it out

    1. That would be like saying, people who don’t harm animals are annoying. As if animal abusing/eating people aren’t. See how stupid you seem? We do.

    2. You guys are all getting trolled fucking hard. Take 2 seconds to check out his channel and you’ll see he’s vegan. His videos are really funny too. lelelelelle

  4. Nothing better than getting free food and also jumping into a dumpster. If you took Jasmine this could’ve been a very romantic evening!

    1. @goaway Leavemealone
      The only things dumpster diving has that’s ‘safe’ is if it’s canned, and unpunctured. And then you have to disinfect before opening.

    1. I eat a fairly large amount lol I’m thinking what your talking about is probably very rare as I’ve gotten food poisoning from cookie dough but never bread

    2. PhoenixIllusion Yeah no I have no clue. We freeze our bread, so it may have been February of this year, but even then I’d figure they’d be moldy

  5. I’m a cook and I actually work at a restaurant, and every single evening there’s loads upon loads of leftover food, especially from the caterings and the buffets. Can we take any of that home with us? Apparently not — it all has to be thrown away, because regulation this and regulation that. I’m damn near in tears every time I’m having to go outside to the dumpsters and throw it down like it’s garbage. It’s such a waste, through and through, and I don’t understand it.

    1. I work at a convenience store and we have a spoilage list for a good reason; its not that the food is spoiled though, it has to do with how long its been sitting in the food case (heat coils, heat lights ext).

      Would you eat something that’s been sitting for the last 12 hours? Sure you can…just don’t come crying to me if you start shitting pencils Dx

    2. Same thing when I worked in the bakery. If someone overproofed or underproofed the bread it would get thrown out, same if someone forgot yeast. The bread would be just as good to eat as normal but the reason why it gets thrown out is because it doesn’t look presentable for customers. Feels like such a waste.

    1. Bloak You mean the video where he explained the fact that he was feeding the dog a vegan diet and it became malnourished?…

    2. Bloak It’s funny that you think I havent, It’s also fairly telling how you jump straight to insults…

      Way to prove VG’s fanbase being cancerous

    1. Trick Daddy wow what a mature and well articulated reply, please go eat out of a dumpster, you are clearly worthy of the magic bread

    2. Has nothing to do with earning a special title for themselves. Vegans are just trying to reduce the horrible cruelty happening behind the scenes with the slaughter that happens pretty much everyday. And reduce as much waste possible. Why do you make it sound like vegans are extreme and stupid?

    1. Deexsy Games I’m vegan… so… yaaaaaa. VG is unfortunately astoundingly stupid and people think he speaks for me, even though he’s not mentally fit to shine my fucking shoes. His fans are also presumptuous little twits, who characterize themselves as vegans rather than developing any worth or personality. Get REKT fgt.

    2. “idiot meat eaters” if I told people from the 20th century this is what the world would come to, I don’t think they would believe me.

    3. Deexsy Games Lol. “Refutes claims”. You should probably read the studies he cites (when he bothers), I have yet to read one that actually says what he claims it does…

  6. This is legitimately dangerous advice to be giving out… Food borne pathogens are nothing to mess with, nor are the chemical contaminants, and pests found in dumpsters. There is a lot of food waste in North America, but many times, you can negotiate with the grocery store’s employees and ask them to give you the food that expired that same day (dry goods at least) BEFORE it goes into a dumpster and milk sits out, fake meat sits out, in a dumpster, where it can become contaminated with all kinds of horrible pathogens and chemicals. Seriously, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

    1. raaawrrr fiesty aren’t cha’? 😉 that’s strange that there is a kitchen inside of the ER lol? really though, my friend at fsu graduated nursing school about a month after she got blacked out in a hotel lobby bar and dislocated her ankle walking down the road for like 2 miles in heels. the fact that you throw around any arbitrary simplistic elements of being a nurse and expect it to impress people is embarrassing to be frank. there are millions of people who do the same exact thing as you, we know that eating expired food is bad, you are an attention seeker brah. bye.

    2. “This is legitimately dangerous advice to be giving out”

      Please tell me the exact timestamp where he advices the viewers to do this.

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