Hypocrites Attack Logan Paul

The people who are criticizing Logan Paul are just as guilty.

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Hypocrites Attack Logan Paul

The people who are criticizing Logan Paul are just as guilty.

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57 thoughts on “Hypocrites Attack Logan Paul

    1. We aren’t plants, fungi or bacteria, so that makes us animals. At what point in our evolution do you think we became capable of feeling pain or emotions?

    2. Alfas07 I would say they probably only feel anxiety and euphoria but their “thoughts” are just them behaving on instinct

    1. James Sparks S ……this guy is a complete idiot….He thinks that anyone who is not Vegan should not have any rights to talk about literally anything!

    2. Doc Manhattan A comparison between a chicken and a human is perfectly valid in the context of deciding whether or not to needlessly kill them. They’re both sentient beings who can experience pain, suffering and fear, and there is no logically consistent way to justify needlessly torturing and killing one of them and not the other.

  1. Of course Vegan Gains the psychopath, the guy who tried recording his Grandfather dying of a heart attack to upload on Youtube, sees no problem with what Logan Paul did. Pretty sure almost no one you put on blast in this video said they were better than Logan Paul.

    1. pretty sure he never said he has no problem with Logan Paul’s actions. Link the spot in the video where he defended or justified logans actions.

    2. gyt26 You have to understand that these people don’t want to face the fact that VG is making logically consistent arguments so they resort to ad hominem attacks and baseless assumptions.

    1. So if I wanted to kill you and your family it’s fine because it’s my choice? It’s only a personal choice when no one else is directly affected by that decision.

    2. Diego Munoz I’m not defending animal eaters, I’m just saying, it’s their choice if they want to kill/eat innocent animals. I just hate it when they claim to love animals, like Aaron Paul did in his pictures.

  2. It’s getting old. The exaggerated rage and screaming at your lungs and wishing death on people.

    1) They aren’t ‘virtue signalling’ just because they’re bothered by his lack of empathy. People say the EXACT SAME THING about vegans who, I might add, are almost always former meat eaters themselves and had to be persuaded to reconsider how ethical their behavior was. I don’t know you or why exactly you chose to adopt a vegan (likely *relatively* vegan) lifestyle but chances are you didn’t become vegan for entirely altruistic reasons, even if consideration for animal well-being was a factor. You would have most likely taken into account any cost to yourself (beyond just craving for non-vegan comfort food) even if you believed that cost would have been compensated for by the benefit to non-human animals because you care most about yourself, like meat eaters do. A lot of the empathy that you think you have for non-human animals is really just how you feel about them.

    2 a) Their hypocrisy doesn’t invalidate their criticism. You are in a position to criticize someone else for murder even if you’ve just gone out and finished killing 100 people because the validity of that criticism has nothing to do with your character. You briefly mentioned that ‘suicide can be tragic’ but at no point in the video did I have the impression that you actually saw something wrong with his laughing at someone’s having committed suicide (I admit – I haven’t seen the Logan video but from what I’ve heard there’s no way you can rationalize that not being a lack of empathy for both the victim and the friends and family members who have to see the decomposing body of someone they loved being mocked and displayed on youtube. If you want to counter that he has no obligation to sympathize with the suicide victim or his or her loved ones- that’s ‘fine’ – but you can’t rationalize that as being benign – it’s objectively not. He wouldn’t do that to his mother, or his best friend or his dog). The double standard doesn’t mean that their criticism of Logan is invalid.

    2b ) They’re not necessarily being hypocritical because most people consider human death to be tragic for reasons that don’t apply to non-human animals (or human infants). I don’t agree with them – but their position isn’t necessarily speciesist (even if they are speciesist the distinction can be made on a non-speciesist basis). When psychologically normal humans aged 2 and over die – their deaths frustrate a self-consious desire to exist that most non-human animals aren’t capable of because they lack the capacity to consciously reflect on their own existence and form plans regarding the extended future (this also applies to suicide victims who would ideally prefer to live if not for the intense suffering that drives them to kill themselves – because they see the benefit as being outweighed by the cost). You’re going to dance around and PRETEND that you don’t understand what I’m saying because it doesn’t fit your agenda. You ‘KNOW’ that most non-human animals can’t form choices and have no desire to exist for it’s own sake so much of human morality doesn’t apply to them. You’ve said often enough that they’re not cognitively developed enough to ‘conceptualize ethics’. This is the reason why… You know good and well that cows (who aren’t exposed to the sight or smell of their calves) don’t feel what human mothers feel when they’re separated from their offspring, not because they don’t love them but because they can’t consciously remember them when they’re out of sight / smell / hearing / perception. Remember when you said that Finn, who had always gotten along with Lucy, didn’t appear to miss her? But you’re still going to dance around and pretend that the two are entirely equivalent and it discredits the argument for veganism because it’s rooted in a claim that at least some people know isn’t supported by all of the available evidence.

    3) I couldn’t care less whether or not the victim chose to end their life. So fucking what? Logan didn’t just (apparently) belittle his death (and it’s not necessarily that he himself didn’t value his life, he just didn’t value it more than he wanted to be free), he belittled the suffering that drove him to end his life and the grief of the people who loved him.

    4) As wrong as they are for giving moral and financial support to the meat industry and contributing to the unnecessary suffering and death of non-human animals, there’s a psychological difference between seeing a dead body and laughing at someone’s having been driven to commit suicide and eating products that are, in the minds of most people, divorced from the animals and cruelty that they came from. They’re not amused by the suffering and death of cows, pigs and chickens. They don’t care enough to change their dietary or lifestyle habits but probably all of them would rather animals not suffer. Paul Logan (again, I haven’t seen the video and I can’t say that I’d want to) was apparently amused by someone’s suicide.

    5) Not all of them claimed to be ‘better’ than him. Their criticizing him doesn’t imply that.

    6) Get over non-human animals being ‘innocent’. You’re not describing an internally coherent ethical principle when you focus on how ‘innocent’ or ‘guilty’ people are, you’re just telling us how you feel about them. Again, you already understand that being a-moral most animals can’t be credited for their innocence for the exact same reason they can’t be debited for the harm they cause others. You’ve even said in the past that they’re not intellectually developed enough to be held accountable for the wrong they do yet somehow you’ve worked out that they should be rewarded for their innocence. Again, you’re intelligent enough to understand my point, you just want to pretend that compassion for non-human animals doesn’t logically imply compassion for ALL humans, even the ones who are cruel toward non-human animals or enable that cruelty. You’re right to point out the double standard – at least it’s a double standard if we’re talking about giving more consideration to human happiness and suffering than we do to animal happiness and suffering- but the idea that animals deserve more consideration because they’re ‘innocent’, also a double standard, is completely an EMOTIONAL position. Nobody said that ethics was supposed to be easy. To be clear, I love all non-human animals (more than I love most human beings) and I believe in animal equality – I’m just pointing out how backward your position is.

    I forgot something else I wanted to say – but it’s not like you care about what’s actually true or reasonable.

  3. ? Guess who just got back today
    That wild-eyed boy that had been away
    Haven’t changed that much to say
    But man, I still think he’s crazy
    They were askin’ if you were around
    How you was, where you could be found
    Told ’em you were livin’ in 2015 YouTube
    Drivin’ all them nonvegans crazy
    Vegan Gains is back in town! ?

  4. is there a low carb diet for vegan? I want to start going vegan but everything i tried was gross. also i want to feel full. I love veggies but they have lots of carbs or dont fill me up

    1. The first question is why do you want to be low-carb?
      I’m guessing its cause u want to lose weight, and although I understand it, I wouldn’t advise it. Going low carb is just miserable, you’ll likely get headaches and have low energy, or consume foods that are very high in saturated fats which will likely hurt your health. I would advise to continue to eat carbs, just drop your overall caloric intake instead, OR do more exercise. Ride your bike for an hour (I know its winter but you can figure out some kind of cardio) or go to the gym. If you’re obese or overweight, drop the caloric intake and do more exercise. If you’re skinny fat then eat at maintenance but go lift weights or do more cardio.
      If the problem is that you’re not getting enough protein, TVP, beans, lentils, nuts, tofu, replacement meats, oats, broccoli and some other veggies are all good sources of protein. On my workout days I get about 150 grams of protein so you shouldn’t have a problem.
      Essentially, at the end of it all, you want to get into a lifestyle and eating pattern which you want to continue for a long time, maybe the rest of your life. Because if not, and you just follow something which you don’t like or enjoy until you get results, you’ll just go back to your old ways, and gain all the weight back.
      Hope I helped!

    1. Caleb Never said it was my beilef system. Clearly it’s MAJORITY of the world belief system, thats what almost everyone human who isn’t vegan says, although I wouldn’t beg to differ. Also literally millions of people who are omnivores live as long as a vegan. We all die at the end of the day. You can be a healthy vegan or a healthy omnivore.

    2. Sorsha Just hating on Philly D for views. Anyone with sence would know PD was helping the situation while VG is just profiting from it.

    3. noooo. this is by far his worst argument. he thinks that buying meat means you’re directly paying for someone to kill it and that you’re responsible. and he even compared it to owning slaves. he looks at it from an individual guilt level and it doesn’t make sense

  5. I knew where this video was going before I started watching it, but let’s be honest, a human life with all of it’s untapped potential to do great things in this world and to possibly help humanity is far more precious than a chicken FFS. And no I don’t eat meat. I’ve been plant based for 9 years. Vegan Stains is a dried up sack of shyt excuse for animal liberation. This video only panders to an immature blind dogmatic vegan audience and does nothing to help animals.
    BTW, whine like a girl much Soy BoyGains?

    1. A human life with so much untapped potential. Lmfao. Romanticizing your existencr much? Let me know when you start fufilling some sort of environmental niche or providing the Earth a service. Oh wait, you’re on Youtube commenting.

  6. “Logan Paul does nothing with his life except for playing video games and screaming into the camera.” Hmmm kind of sounds like Vegan “Soy Boy” Stains.

    1. +Murder Me Where’s your profile pic? And why does it matter?
      BTW wtf is an ARA?
      You sound like a Vegan Stains butt blower. How old are you? 13?
      Grow up fag.

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