I Won’t Tell You I’m Vegan

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I Won't Tell You I'm Vegan

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23 thoughts on “I Won’t Tell You I’m Vegan

  1. this is the greatest channel in the history of youtubes existence( not joking) obviously not because of this video, but every topic you ever discuss agrees with what i believe and is just simply logical.

  2. You haven’t hung around many meat eaters have you HAHAHA. Get out of your bubble, it’s nice meating new people.

  3. My experience. Say i’m Vegan, oh preachy fanatic vegan trying to control me. Where do you get your vitamins and what medicine do i need to take. Lol.
    Don’t say i’m vegan, WHAT! Your vegan, sneeky bastard conspiring about us, reality isn’t real, must be lying, lip service!


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