I’m Not Vegan Anymore

I've decided to quit veganism after realizing the hypocrisy with some of my lifestyle choices.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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I'm Not Vegan Anymore

I've decided to quit veganism after realizing the hypocrisy with some of my lifestyle choices.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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50 thoughts on “I’m Not Vegan Anymore

  1. Kinda obvious that it’s April fools. You know with game grumps and “G” then there’s this. This is actually great. I mean, even though the video is fake, it’s still great to hear out of his lips.

    1. As if Mr Gains.I could see a small shift in ideology but people don’t drift to far. happy april fools

    1. Vanellope’sCorner not Canada lol (jk I know Canada’s a real country, just like Atlantis. No one seems to believe me though…)

  2. And this is exactly why I just had to put you in my last parody vid dude lmao.

    I was laughing so hard the more the video kept moving forward. I’ve always thought you’re awesome dude. Great April Fools joke.

    Psycho-path Gains? XD

    1. Isolation from the rest of society is a great thing. I would never want to be like 95% of the cucks that is the human population

    2. guess thats why we have 80 years or so to live, make a few of them along the way to know which ones is true and which ones is not. Why would you make it so hard to live? Is it not just breathing afterall?

    3. The Wheat Is Growing Thin Dont worry. People dont want your brainwashed bullshit around them anyways. How about you vegan nut jobs just kill yourselves so that future generations wont have to work in fields and kill plant babies just to feed you? You do realize that scientists have proven plants respond to violence and death just like any animal? YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY MORAL SUPERIORITY YOU MONKEY FUCKS!

    4. So this is what you call success? Hating on people, not telling the joke, but being the joke? Look at you, no soul left.. The price for fifteen minutes of fame and now everybody hates you. Usually i would just comment on your weak logic, but man.. When i see you, i just feel sad for you.

  3. Hi Richard, I was debating a friend over veganism and she brought up a point I have no background knowledge on: Cellulose. She claims that humans are omnivores because of our lack in enzymes to digest cellulose. She then stated that our body has to go into overdrive to digest this and puts things like meat on hold. I didn’t see the argument in the second statement because I was aware that meat sat and rotted in your colon anyways, but I need more information and understanding on this. Can you make a video on the topic of cellulose please?

    1. Andrew Carrill Mic the vegan has a video where he addresses this. It’s called humans are herbivores (something like that) and he explains this.

    2. Yeah your right, im a herbavor. Who cares if I eat meat. It dosent matter its all an illusion. Im not a meat eater im just a vegan that eats meat.

  4. Vegan gain I’m currently a junior in high school, I live in Florida and I’m planning on joining the army reserves and going to college in Florida I’m either going to university or Florida, Florida state university or university of central Florida. I want to major in mechanical engineering and I’m going to get a bachelors of science. I just want to know if you think going to colloge is worth it, like in the U.S. college is very expensive and my history teacher always mentions how college is like a scam because the prices to attend colleges are so high. I just want to know what you think about my plan and what you think about the prices to attend college in the U.S.

    1. If you’re considered about money then I would recommend going to Valencia for your A.A and then transfer to UCF/FSU/wherever, it only costs about $7,000 for the degree and it is a very good school (back in 2011 when it was still a community college, it was voted #1 Community College in the whole country by the Aspen Institute).

      But regardless of where you go, you have an awesome goal and I wish you the best of luck.

    2. Go to a two year school to take your gen ed classes, they’re literally the same classes for half the price. Make sure you keep you grades up, if you can maintain a 3.0 or above there are a buttload of scholarships just for choosing engineering as a major

  5. I just had a 2lb steak and bacon strips for dinner.

    Tasted fucking amazing. Vegans are really missing out on the good food in life. Animals die, we die. It’s the circle of life. Humans are animals too. When a lion kills an antelope, it’s fine. But when a human kills an antelope or some other animal, it’s considered unethical. I couldn’t give two shits if you stopped eating meat, but don’t get all toxic for those who do eat meat. Meat production is not going to stop just because you keyboard warriors are arguing with people like us.

    1. Meat is fucking amazing <3 The fact you care what other people eat is sad if you want to be a vegan keep it to yourself we do not care whatever you say isn't gonna stop us from eating what we enjoy.

    2. Exploitation and the ability to murder and enslave should not be considered human rights. Excessive and needless animal flesh consumption, like reproducing by breeding humans or non-human animals (consigning more sentient beings to earth-imprisonment) and exploiting workers (e.g. sweatshop labor, wage-workers) or having slaves or programatically torturing things for absurd egoistic reasons is never ethically justifiable.

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