Is All Life Equal?

Are humans special compared to all other animals and do we deserve to have dominion over them? Does species matter and should certain species be considered more important than others?

Intro: Maldito by Blood for Blood
Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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Is All Life Equal?

Are humans special compared to all other animals and do we deserve to have dominion over them? Does species matter and should certain species be considered more important than others?

Intro: Maldito by Blood for Blood
Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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91 thoughts on “Is All Life Equal?

  1. Analyze
    Anal ysis
    Anal Isis
    Isis anal

    I don’t know where I was going with this, anyone got bleach

    1. I should change my username to the strawberry industry, I’ve been using
      this picture for like 4 years even before I was a vegan haha.

  2. No all life is not equal. I’d kill a million insects before killing a human
    being. I’d rather save a human from a burning building than a dog. Yes we
    should have dominion over them cause we can reason and we have a conscience
    even though some humans are assholes and abuse of this power.

    1. +Antim8ah You can’t use something you don’t have lol. As i said before.. If
      i wouldn’t know you and i had to save a dog or you, i’d choose the dog..
      I’d always choose the animal.. Is not because of what you said here.. Let
      me tell you that there are many people out there which are thinking exactly
      the same..
      BTW you didn’t watch the video.

    2. +crazywaffleking your an idoit the strongest men to ever live were
      vegetarian look at all the roman solider they were vegetarians while the
      rich fat lazy fucks ate meat. a real man doesn’t just save his family the a
      real man saves the world… grow up

    3. +Kleo3392 “all life is equal. Period…(…)…you should be murdered”

      Aaaaaahh to much logic…

      Also, if all life is eqal then why do humans eat animals?

    1. +Sam Goulette I am not being racist but chandra shekhar has a pic of a
      actor who is brown skinned and I am white, that guy in his profile pic is
      Indian and I forgot his name but he looks ten times better than I do also
      we look different, I was not expecting this confusion from you.

    1. +Sam Goulette First of all, I went vegan before watching youtube videos
      about veganism, I did it myself, without anyone telling me to do it.

      Second of all, it’s not a matter of opinion. “Id rather live 20 years and
      enjoy what I eat than eat leaves and live 70” is a clear demonstration of
      someone who isn’t aware of what’s in the market and probably doesn’t have
      the scientific knowledge to defend his diet. In other words, doesn’t know
      what the hell he’s talking about.

      Third of all, I can prove to you that I’m being more manly than you by
      going vegan, but I guess you would enter in denial and cry about it,
      because you must be so god damn brainwashed that you can’t even acknowledge
      that you’re being a victim of social engineering.

      Finally, it’s not 99%, it’s fucking 100%. If we keep producing animal
      products at this rate, the oceans would be fishless in 2048. Do you know
      what that means? You probably don’t, because all you care about is how many
      kills you can get in Call of Duty. I’ll explain what’s going on to you in a
      very clear way for you to understand. If the oceans are fishless, the air
      can’t be filtrated. If the air isn’t being filtrated, you can’t breathe. If
      you can’t breathe, you die. Do you understand the gravity of the situation?

  3. what are your thoughts on endangered species? For me, a gorilla takes clear
    priorority over a species that’s 7 billion strong.

  4. Dont have to make choices, or put priorities. All animals deserve to live.
    We should not have dominion, but seek to live in balance with respect for
    nature. Simple. It is easy to go vegan, easy to maintain that lifestyle,
    and easy to debunk ANY excuses omnivores have in continuing their
    addiction. It is all about respect, not any food chain etc. We live in
    2016, we have the technology and the civilization to not enslave and kill
    animals anymore. It is easy, and the ONLY reason to eat meat is addiction
    to the taste – science has debunked the rest. Keep it up Richard, you are
    making a difference.

    1. +Thomas Maw I didn’t see your other comment, but I made up the statement
      myself, besides we all know it’s true. I guess off your comments on the
      thread, we’re arguing the same thing. That comment was meant for +

    2. +Thomas Maw I have linked two independent studies that were published in
      journals – medical journals. There are my facts. These are not internet
      things, I have read the journals themselves – because I am invested in my
      own health. Until you produce your own studies, I have won this discussion
      by default.

      Living to over 100 means nothing, Your argument for that is invalid.

      You just cant handle that your position has no standing. None. There are no
      positives to eating meat and dairy. They are bad for the planet, for the
      animals [certainly], and for yourself.

      For a concise discussion, watch Forks Over Knives on Netflix. It may
      educate you.

      Here are some of the links. These studies mentioned in articles have been
      peer reviewed and published:

      And here is your sickly weak vegan LOL!

      ……and the list goes on, and on, and on….they ALL can’t be wrong.

      So where are your studies?

    1. the negroid species is ethically superior than the Caucasian species Euro
      ppl have caused the majority of atrocities throughout the world noting but
      immoral pest if you ask me

    2. +Eztli Ixtli Statistically Negros have low IQ’s.

      I suppose they’re too stupid to be much of a danger.

      If you’re little negro brain’s capable you should read about the atrocities
      committed by Genghis Khan,Mohammed and Mao.

    1. +imthetank3
      Lack of compassion on why things are the way they are. Serial killers are
      created through the environment WE are ALL co-creating. Construct the
      conditions of Paradise for ALL and the violence will disappear. Keep
      reporting to work and keep the dysfunction spinning then you are part of
      the reason these things happen…

  5. In the grand scheme of things all live is equally worthless. No lives
    should be valued more than others. Everything is interconnected

    1. If you believe that there must be an intelligent creator because of the
      apparently perfect living conditions present today:
      You are using reverse logic to engineer a seemingly solid argument against
      the concept that a god does not exist or that there is a minimal chance
      that he does. You begin with the point that conditions on Earth are so
      perfect for allowing life to inhabit it, but fail to consider the fact that
      the conditions present in the environment of the Earth today are results of
      evolution and long -term biological interactions among organisms and their
      habitats. Therefore, you are using reverse logic in that you work backwards
      from the fact that we and all other species can somehow exist on one planet
      Earth, unique from all other currently observable planets, when in reality
      these “perfect” conditions arise as a result of the natural timeline which
      may be exclusive to Earth due to its chemical makeup and biological
      composition. Really, you mislead an ignorant audience into buying a false
      notion raised by perhaps genuine misunderstandings and limited thinking

      The creator of everything, the universe, the worlds, all of its animals,
      bacteria, molecules, atoms, electrons, etc., is particularly concerned with
      what I do when my pants are off. How convenient, right? The ultimate
      overseer is attempting to control my actions by enforcing punishments for
      certain, essentially irrelevant actions. I wonder…is it really him
      controlling me, or fabrics of society known as the religious? It is, of
      course, the ladder. –> formal point underneath denoted by (a)

      (a) The creator of all things known to us and all things possibly conjured
      up by our wildly expansive imaginations is conveniently judging our every
      action, even if it is non-violent or does not cause unjust suffering, ready
      to inflict punishment upon observing our misdeeds. This fear-control
      mechanism is important to note because it is one of the reasons of the
      persistence of religion throughout the ages: a controlling mechanism which
      acts to establish unquestioned rules and obedience. Another important
      concept to note is the absurd nature of the claim that the omniscient
      creator of the universe and all universes is concerned with what each of
      our individual selves is undertaking, even while extreme acts of violence
      occur to innocent beings virtually every single moment of time which passes
      on Earth, largely due to the selfish acts of the human species itself; the
      very mind which gave rise to the foolish notion of an ultimate authority in
      the heavens which musters judgement on our every action.

    2. You could say that life is meaningless since everything will all eventually
      be destroyed, but events of the present still have effects in the present
      on an individual level, if that’s understandable. Empathizing allows you to
      see that others should also be able to experience life.

    1. The reason is obvious. Not everyone has the same IQ level or the ability to
      open their minds for a sec and live their egocentric approach behind.

    2. Because they all stand together in their egocentric obsessiveness, making
      jokes and such about the matter without really willing to face the

  6. I’m not a vegan, but I watch your videos anyway because I consistently find
    your opinion on the matter surprisingly valid and respectable.

    1. I watch him for pure entertainment as most people do, and it’s pretty funny
      to listen to him even though he is very ill-informed on a lot of issues. I
      especially love eating meat while watching his videos!

    1. No it’s not… You mean if a building is burning you would be okay with me
      saving a dog and letting you burn? Because supposedly you’re both equals?

    2. You say it’s not yet you did not give any proof as to why. No i would not
      be ok with you leaving me behind you would have to save both me and the dog.

    3. +PhineasAndFerbPinky if i could only save one the obvious choice would be
      to save you… im sure you can agree with that… but why would it be the
      obvious choice? simple… you’re not equals… a human is worth more than a
      dog… if you do think you’re both equals then you should be okay with me
      saving the dog instead because you both have the same value… however you
      said you didnt agree with that sooo… you’re contradicting yourself.

    4. It is the obvious choice to you and most humans because you all think that
      humans are superior to other animals. And that is the problem most humans
      are not educated on animals so they automatically label them as stupid and
      useless because they do not know enough about animals to determine if they
      are intellegent beings.

  7. This is a very nuanced argument for a vegan.

    The idea that the meat industry =/= meat consumption is so far beyond the
    grasp of any vegan I’ve ever met I was genuinely shocked to see this
    argument made

    Following this train of thought will lead you to become an ethical
    omnivore,that might be a good new youtube name for when you wake VG.

    1. +Exdeath lmao, yes he and the rest of the world follows the dictionary
      definition. Words have definitions for a reason

    2. +neems hunter​ i do think those words are anthropocentric for its time. I
      think, we should expand the definition of those words to include non-human
      beings that are capable of sentience, because there is no logical reason to
      not include them.
      If you go by dictionary definition of murder, then you must admit that what
      is happening to animals is a holocaust, according to dictionary definition.

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