Jasmin and VeganGains Valentine’s Day Q&A Stream

Jasmin and I share the secrets of our love during this livestream.

Jasmin and VeganGains Valentine's Day Q&A Stream

Jasmin and I share the secrets of our love during this livestream.

75 thoughts on “Jasmin and VeganGains Valentine’s Day Q&A Stream

    1. Diabolik Dooby420 are you seeing that about this video somewhere, or something? I’m not.

      Though it wouldn’t surprise me considering I’ve seen one video for a couple hours after release say it had over 1.6 quintillion minutes when it wasn’t quite two and a half hours – less that 150 minutes – long.

    1. Yea, men don’t usually clean that much around the house… women have a tendency to do that. Since there’s no women in that household…

  1. I think you should definitely have your own animal sanctuary, it makes sense because you influence people to go vegan so it makes sense you open an animal sanctuary because in the future when the demand of meat goes down there will be animal sanctuaries popping up everywhere so you should be part of that as an OG Vegan

    1. No money in it. Better to run a ranch. A small number of cattle beasts initially and build up the herd as he gains experience and the pasture becomes established. Good option for their dogs too, with 1 or 2 working dogs and the rat weasel one just kicking around the house. Easy to stay on the vegan diet too with a massive vege garden and a stable income through the livestock sales.

    1. Dude, they’re trolling the haters. They always do. I mean look at the thumb nail. They TRY to look as unattractive as humanly possible.

  2. Vegan gains doesn’t want a dog, Jasmin does.
    So they settled their differences and got a dog.
    Vegan gains doesn’t want a rabbit, Jasmin does.
    So they settled their differences and got a dog.
    Vegan gains doesn’t want more pets, Jasmin does.
    So they settled their differences and got a FUCKING RANCH??

    1. It’s an interesting correlation that that since an increase of gun laws in the US there has been an increase of these “mass shootings”. But I’ll leave it at that it is just a correlation

    2. Dirtkid98505 Even more interesting is putting the term “mass shootings” in quotations. The definition of that terminology has been characterized and elaborated upon more so every phase in multiple years in garnering statistics.

      The idea is not to be the biggest know-it-all in the universe, rather using your imagination to solve problems. Like a puzzle.

    3. Venezuela has strict gun laws, yet is 2nd in the world gun related homicides. Mexico is 1st and also has very strict gun laws. The reason is because criminals don’t care about laws so they keep their guns. Law abiding citizens turn theirs in. What you’re left with is government and criminals with all the guns and everyone else is at their mercy.

    4. White Devil Those countries blame the US for supplying those weapons in the first place. Arms trade exploded during the Cold War and narco wars so don’t be surprised of putting two and two together because the US are Number 1 in the bloody business of crime and war. Both in and out of their own country.

    1. He’s quite literally a cuckold. He’s admitted to it in a past video. Why do you care, though? They’re two consenting adults.

    2. ” what’s an obvious mind? ”

      Well, in these circles, mostly faceless individuals, who for rather twisted reasons, drop anti-Jasmine/anti-VG comments on each & every video … an obvious mind, with an obvious expression.

      The pre-frontal cortex doesn’t fully develop in most humans until the mid-20s … so this has to be factored in.

      So we are likely dealing with the fart wind of immature feks.

      That is an obvious mind. A tedious / boring / pointless – use of this resource.

      Self-congratulatory egoic bullshit 🙂

  3. [ – insert tedious negative comment about Jasmine – ]

    For those who do this: research: Jungian shadow work: know thyself – – – get better soon 🙂

    1. Well JC – I don’t really drop that many comments, so we must curiously glance at similar content.
      I do contribute heavily within specific circles however.

    2. John I don’t think that comment is likely to be effective. I mean if your goal was just to feel good about yourself then my bad, you can disregard this. But if you want to change minds you have to be more charismatic.

    3. Well said, John Yin (well, the tedium of negative antiJasmine comments).
      Don’t know WTF you’re talking about Jungian shadow bullshit

    1. Kevin Areynolds how about they see the world how it really is? Listen to the DEVO song Beautiful World and maybe you’ll get it.

    2. These people are blind which comes from the indoctrination. They cant assign feelings anymore, they are laughing while the world is burning and they even cant realize!

    1. he said in this vid they bought a new sex toy and that his favourite position is doggy lmao cringe, his gf didn’t approve of candidness

  4. Poor Jasmine looked really annoyed over the c*ck ring comment???????????? I hope you vet a new apartment the o e you live in is a nightmare because of the ‘party’ room

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