Laci Green Trump Hating

Laci Green Trump Hating

Laci Green Trump Hating

Laci Green Trump Hating

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Laci Green Trump Hating

heart-disease - Laci Green Trump Hating

Laci Green Trump Hating

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Laci Green Trump Hating

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Unsurprisingly Laci Green's upset about Trump's presidential victory and she's crying like a spoiled child that she didn't get her way.

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Laci Green Trump Hating

Unsurprisingly Laci Green's upset about Trump's presidential victory and she's crying like a spoiled child that she didn't get her way.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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48 thoughts on “Laci Green Trump Hating

  1. These kids have been brainwashed by the media to genuinely believe that a
    tangerine is going to initiate Armageddon.

    1. +No class smut
      I never said storms and tornadoes were not natural. I’m saying, as we
      manipulate the environment, we excerbate the conditions of the storms.

    1. Richard is bought and paid for now. If he steps out of line, there goes his
      source of income. Apparently, his new masters wanted him to go after
      anti-Trump channels.

    1. I feel like every single vegan youtuber (or youtuber in general) doesn’t
      have a freaking brain right now when it comes to this election

  2. I didn’t support HC, but there is so much wrong with this video – VG do you
    not understand the role of a defense lawyer? As a lawyer you can be legally
    obligated to take a criminal case, and if you do have to/choose to you MUST
    defend them to the best of your ability. HC was appointed by a judge to
    defend the man. As a lawyer I can attest that you get desensitised to dark
    cases – she was laughing about the lie detector test not the case. This is
    propaganda. Are defense attorneys bad people? No they’re 100% needed for
    the system to work.

    1. Potestas L I am sure VG is intelligent enough to understand what a defence
      lawyer does. What sticks with me, was Hillary laughing because she removed
      the gusset of the girls panties that had the DNA evidence and gave the path
      lab the DNA free part if the underwear which in common law she perverted
      the course of justice and got her client off. Also, telling a 12 year old
      she was up for it with an older guy is just scum behaviour.

    2. +up4atgal She was obligated to question the sexual history of the victim,
      as any lawyer would have been. In my opinion using the sexual history of a
      victim as evidence shouldn’t be allowed, and in many
      countries/jurisdictions it isn’t – but if it is allowed you have to do it.
      The bottom line is she could have been sued by her client if she didn’t do
      everything in her ability to defend the man, and lawyers being obliged to
      defend to the best of their ability is a key component of our adversarial

      a. She didn’t laugh at that, she laughed at the polygraph b. Tampering with
      evidence isn’t common law it’s a crime c. stop saying “common law” like you
      know what you’re talking about d. There is no evidence she tampered with
      anything, that’s propaganda

    3. +mr burg Nuts! Well I’ve graduated, and actually in many jurisdictions
      (like the one HC was in) you can only refuse with good reason, like when
      you’re too busy etc. This is common legislation – even defence lawyers
      don’t want to defend child rapists

    1. The missle was shot from land to air, not air to air, theres even video of
      it, not 1 Turkish aircraft near the area when it happened. Blame the turks
      all u want, the missle came from the ground, not air-to-air.

    2. Im not Turkish. I remember seeing a video leaked that shows the guys aiming
      and shooting plane down, then later finding the crash site and poking the
      bodies or moving them. Unless it was another plane shot down with russian
      numbering wing tag on it. And what sense would a Turkish Gov airplane
      shooting down a aircraft from Russia…. that makes no sense to me. The
      blow would of pissed off the russians more than NATO just being in the way.
      Maybe there was another plane shotdown. But the one everyone went crazy for
      was a missle shot down from land. I forgot the type of missle was used. But
      it is the one that has legs like a tripod and in the video u can see them
      aiming and pointing at aircrafts that are heard in the wooded area the
      turkish mountain men were. Just seems odd that russia will let their crew
      get shot down and just do nothing in retaliation in some way.

    3. This is the same issue we had when 1 or 2 planes were shot down between
      russian/Ukraine border. Not that hard to shot at a moving plane with the
      right equipment.

  3. So you are ok with Russia bombing civilian towns in Syria I take it ?.

    A strict no fly zone with the threat of a military response is the only
    thing Putin understands and even he is not stupid enough to go to war over
    that. Trump would rather get into bed with him for a slight potential
    benefit for the american people at the expense of the lives of civilian

    1. +rynor23
      No I didn’t suggest that at all, I just brought up an example, of how WW3
      didn’t start ,when a russian plane was shot down, which was illegally
      crossing the Turkish border btw, something which Russian planes do all the
      time also in the Baltic region.
      I’m against all foreign interventions in the middle-east, but that ship
      sailed long ago, my point was that letting Russia do whatever they want in
      Syria won’t necessarily mean that relations between US and Russia will be

    2. +Henri S. You went from “you cant be soft and give in to Russia” then said
      “I was actually saying that you can’t let russia do whatever they want and
      the relations will be solved” two very different things, you’re trying to
      obfuscate what you said, because it was silly. You referenced Turkey
      shooting a plane down and it actually lead to better relations. I disagree
      with your plan to shoot down russian fighter jets

    1. I’m pretty sure shooting down russian planes and using a military response
      (whatever that means) to russian cyber attacks would have started a war
      with russia. Even Putin thought if she were to be elected they’d have to go
      to war.

    2. “…they used that exact strategy in Libya, leading to the killing of
      Gadafi which destabilized the region, leading to the rise of ISIS and the
      current refugee crisis plaguing Europe.” (Most of the points in the video
      were correct) How do you connect Libya to ISIS in this scenario? and Syrian
      refugees; the Gaddafii incident had nothing to do with the formation of ISIS

    1. +Don McGowan Well then you are biased against representative democracy and
      makes you unAmerican as you want to implement the minority ideas and your
      ideas are not representative of most Americans. Now we know where you
      stand. Good to know.

    2. +Veruc The electoral college is biased against representative democracy as
      it biases against voters and discourages more voters to not vote as they
      feel their opinions won’t matter. That’s a disaster towards undemocratic
      system. The founders obviously didn’t think much of this and technological
      future that we have today to not need electoral college pr the consequences
      of the electoral system, so that’s why we are here to determine change for
      more effective electoral process that works for for democracy. They are not
      always right on all issues and this issue proves their mistake as the
      electoral college today is not democratic as it does not effectively match
      the opinions of most Americans.

  4. Clinton wants to conquer the world. Trump wants to repair American
    infrastructure. Trey Gowdy and Rand Paul should run together in 2020.

  5. Love Trumps Hate, now let’s go riot, fight each other, throw rocks at
    police, destroy police cars, burn American flags, vandalize, and try to
    burn down Trump Tower because that’s love.

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