Live Q&A Stream #2

Thoughts on Islam, protein intake and nutrition for young athletes, training for noob lifters, and other personal questions.

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Live Q&A Stream #2

Thoughts on Islam, protein intake and nutrition for young athletes, training for noob lifters, and other personal questions.

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53 thoughts on “Live Q&A Stream #2

    1. he is an infinite , shapeshifting being. he can just turn into something
      else. the spirit isn’t limited to just one form man.

    1. +Leo Libby why not I mean if its not in a church wouldn’t it to be good for
      someone to see their loved one if they didn’t believe that they died

    2. +Moondog I’m a diagnostic radiologist and I don’t believe for a second that
      fMRI can tell you conclusively who “cares” about humans more.. a bold and
      unsubstantiated claim.

    3. +DontGetOffended You are engaging in what psychologists call “motivated
      reasoning”. Here is a published, scientific study telling you that vegans
      don’t care less for humans than meat-eaters do, yet you still won’t believe
      it. You just don’t want to face up to the facts even when they hit you
      squarely in the face. If you are so worried about the study being
      misreported because a guy stands to make money off of the book it was
      mentioned in, why don’t you just go to the original academic journal
      Filippi et al. “The Brain Functional Networks Associated to Human and
      Animal Suffering Differ among Omnivores, Vegetarians and Vegans.” 2010
      Preylo and Arkiwawa. “Comparison of Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians on Pet
      Attitude and Empathy.” 2008

    4. +Re3iRtH If you are talking about individuals, then yes, you are right,
      because brain ventricle size won’t tell you if someone has Alzheimer’s or
      not. However, when you compare GROUPS of Alzheimer’s patients to GROUPS of
      healthy individuals, you can see that the AVERAGE of the ventricle size is
      different. Same with height and pedophilia. You can’t just step outside
      your door and point to the shortest man you see and scream “pedophile!”,
      because there are healthy people of almost all heights. However, studies on
      GROUPS have found that the average height of pedophiles is slightly shorter
      than the average height of normal men. The areas of the brain associated
      with empathy lit up more widely and intensely in veg*ans than in
      meat-eaters when viewing pictures of human suffering. This is found on page
      38 of Cooney’s book.

  1. Sick Q&A as always. I fucking love you.

    I’m currently pondering whether nuclear weapons, Islam, or Flat Earthers
    are going to be the end of our species.
    What a time to be alive innit.

    1. Could just be genetics. I’ve heard milk causes acne, but that is not an
      issue for you since you’re vegan.

    1. maybe because he backs up all statements with facts unlike yours which is
      completely false, he has admitted to being a sociopath in the past but said
      it had passed after taking mushrooms.

    1. +russian soviet just by reading ur name i can tell ur living in the 80’s,
      so its not surprising u think weed does that.

    2. Do you know how to tell if someone is intelligent or not? VG just starts
      answering every question even those 40-50% which he is not qualified or
      credentialed to answer. Look at someone like Sam Harris or another
      intellectual. The words “I don’t know” come out of their mouth very often…

    1. I know alot of people disagree with me but i drink a cup of black coffee on
      an empty stomach before a workout. Sometimes i add coconut oil i think its
      called bulletproof coffee

  2. Your head and the elephant mans are one in the same…you’re hideous and
    your “female” girlfriend is heinous. Please let it go…it doesn’t need to

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