Live Q&A Stream

Ask me anything from Training, nutrition, how I make videos to some personal stuff.

Live Q&A Stream

Ask me anything from Training, nutrition, how I make videos to some personal stuff.

47 thoughts on “Live Q&A Stream

    1. actual answer:
      the top most powerful industries, they corrupt governments because they
      have so much money so basically they rule the world.

    1. +Hypee559 no she’s not. She is a sane person. Trump is a racist. He said
      that a federal judge in Indiana that is an American who’s parents were from
      Mexico couldn’t handle his case without being bias because of his ethnic
      background. That’s racist. He says he will bring low skill manufacturing
      jobs back to the USA when he makes literally all of his clothes and other
      products in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, etc. you can watch the david
      letterman episode with trump to prove that. He said we should kill the
      family of terrorists which is a war crime. He said that he wants a complete
      ban on Muslims until we figure out what is going on. He is awful. The next
      president will appoint a couple Supreme Court justices and Clinton is
      better on this issue for me. Gun control, abortion rights, and education
      reform as well as healthcare reform are things that I care about so that’s
      why I’ll vote Clinton . Trump even said in a republican debate that he
      thinks the minimum wage should lower because it’s

    2. +Hypee559 too high and makes us uncompetitive. Basically, we should make
      slave wages to compete with Chinese wage slaves

  1. Very interesting Richard. You should do a video explaining more about BPAs
    I didn’t know they were in animal products. Ever since I learned about what
    BPAs are I avoid them as much as possible

  2. At 11:18 he says islam is the worst religion and he hates it even more than
    the two other
    Just saying this to add drama to this comment section

    1. +Kyle Collins in modern years, it is only Islam. What do Christians wanna
      do? Not bake you a fucking cake. Islam? Lock you up, execute you, you
      receive lashings, family is persecuted, etc.

    1. Fair point. I have liked his videos for awhile and respect how he appeals
      to logic. I guess I just appreciate it more when he has a more relaxed

    2. +Jamie Leurquin You’re right but he can’t be in a relaxed manner when he is
      approaching or confronting people who hurt animals. BTW what do you think
      about Roelly Winklaar? Do you think he is natural?

    3. +Lil Rajah Yeah, I agree with that. Idk if you’re question was to me about
      this Roelly guy… but I had to google him and he looks unnatural and
      unattractive, in my opinion.

    1. +Megh- Charmeghander I don’t know what its called but i think if you surf
      through previous videos you will be able to find it. BTW Who do you think
      is going to win Big Ramy or Roelly Winklaar?

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