Mass Effect Andromeda Ugly Character Redesigns

Mass Effect Andromeda had some character redesigns which were intentionally made to be unflattering.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Ugly Character Redesigns

Mass Effect Andromeda had some character redesigns which were intentionally made to be unflattering.

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66 thoughts on “Mass Effect Andromeda Ugly Character Redesigns

    1. You look like a skinny Turian female who tried to trans-race-gender into a human male but failed miserably

    1. The immersion is broken not by “ugly characters” since beauty is subjective. The immersion is broken by bad 3d modeling, texture, material/weight simulation and animation. Can be also broken with a look that does not fit to the story universe/context. Other judgements can easily go as prejudice. Finally, i didn’t jugdge anyone look. You are doing so.

    2. I am sure he put make up on or something to make fun of the game… That can’t be his real face! …No? Oops…

    1. The whole point was the they want to try to put their own extreme feminist ideology forward in the female character designs. They actually listened to Anita Sarceesian who says women in games are too hot and there’s not enough girls making games. So what do brain dead, ultra liberals do when someone tells them they might hurt someone’s feelings by not bending over backwards to accommodate every possible SJW demand?
      They submit, hire a bunch of unqualified “diverse” amateurs and create a semi polished turd for you to buy.

    2. Scott M Oh, Anita. She’s irritating. I don’t think that female beauty is a bad thing. It’s something that women should embrace and revel in, because most women can be beautiful when the effort is put in. There is nothing wrong with pretty female video game characters, and even with them, the diversity that SJWs desire so badly can still be achieved. For example, say you have a game that takes place in medieval times. The female archer is a short woman, with blonde hair, freckles and green eyes, and maybe the warrior is a taller, tan brunette. Both beautiful, and different.
      I grew up watching shows, and sometimes playing games, that encouraged femininity, so seeing how things are changing makes me really…upset. Those with an agenda just want people to feed into a hive mind mentality. It’s like 1984.

    1. @oldi184
      Meh, I’d assume his argument wasn’t about Meryl Streep at any age vs Jennifer Lawrence (at any age too if you like)
      It seemed more along the line of what is typically perceived as sexually attractive by the general populous.
      So when you look objectively at that specific picture of Meryl vs that specific picture of Jennifer. Most guys would choose Jennifer as a bunk mate (if they had that choice)
      When you objectively look at it, most men tend to be more physically attracted to the 18 – 40 age range (this figure was intentionally conflated) than the 60+ age range
      Yes, Meryl Streep was quite attractive at age 30. However, his argument wasn’t about whether Meryl Streep was ever considered attractive.

  1. You don’t have to be gay to compliment another man’s looks – saying otherwise just stems from insecurity.

    1. It depends. I you feel desire, well then you’re a gay (which is not a flaw, it’s your own business and I don’t care). I can say to another man that he looks good, but never that he looks sexy or something like that (else I’d be a gay, in that sense the thought never rose).

    2. Ian , Just google the wiki page about Adolf Hitler and vegetarianism. There are plenty of contemporary reports that he stopped eating meat around 38. Hell, he even tried to dissuade other people by regaling dinnner guests with gruesome descriptions of animal cruelty.

  2. Hey, it’s okay to be a heterosexual man and say, “Yeah, that’s a good looking guy.” It’s just an objective statement.

    1. Mathias Kraut, let’s put it another and simpler way : a man can’t express a sexual attraction to another man without being a homo/bi-sexual, or without being hypocrite in that sense. Same thing for women.

    2. No good looks are not subjective at all, it’s in our DNA. Tests have been done on babies that had no time for societal influence and they judged beauty. Scientists have been doing tests like that since at least the 1980’s. It’s no revelation, woman are naturally attracted to hunky men who are bigger then them for pure survival and men are attracted to women who look like good breeders. It’s just how humans evolved over the last 50k plus years to survive.

    3. Many gay men will have sex with a hot woman, but their standards are very high plus they wouldn’t want to be a couple with her, which is the defining thing.

    4. In your opinion, if a person is heterosexual, he may not have the taste and ability to appreciate the beauty, the beauty of a man or a woman?

  3. Dude I’m not going to disagree with you and say the characters are hot, they are ugly. But this has nothing to do with SJW or feminazis. It’s just a shitty graphics engine and the lack of the motion capture acting

    1. I agree. The funny thing is that there is plenty of other content in Mass Effect Andromeda that absolutely is trying to appeal to the SJW’s, so why not talk about that stuff?

    2. They were using the frost bite engine so no it’s not a shitty graphics engine. One of the lead animators is also a feminist who’s previous work before mass effect included a short film titled I hate men. So ya there was pressure within the company to push this feminist social justice warrior bs.

    1. wtf you on about? my point was by that far in the future you would assume they would of found a way to treat obesity; drugs, surgery, genetic engineering.

    2. Just throwing in an opinion, but I’m not sure if Christine was talking specifically about “fat level”. There is diversity between people who are athletic, too – stockiness, upper body versus lower body ratio, muscles, even just the size of your neck. You could even have humans who have body types like the aliens – Krogan/Batarian (beefy/tanky), Turian/Asari (toned), Salarian/Vorcha (scrappy/lean).

    1. It is not as great as it sounds. Most men can’t do it, and those that can, don’t get the satisfaction you envision with your normal sex associations.

    1. Insulting someone based on their looks? Pathetic. He raises valid points even if you don’t agree you’re just as bad as you claim he is by resorting to such childish methods.

  4. I don’t think the character looks ugly. I think it’s mostly just the eyes. The eyes just look so lifeless sometimes. Plus, the animations really don’t help either.

    1. +Buhry LOL. Should I skip this Mass Effect? I *really* loved the original trilogy on Xbox 360 on a Super Mario, Zelda, GTA type of level. The games were completely awesome. The reviews don’t look promising or is it all just negative hype like the CoD hype train haters.

    2. Jimmy Two-Times It’s still a decent game it’s not as good as the originals, but hopefully the dlc and sequels will improve upon what was lacking here. I say go for it.

  5. “We know what’s beautiful and what’s ugly.” because the media influences us.

    Why would the standard for beauty be different at different time periods? In victorian era paintings, chubby girls were more desirable. it has to do with society and the media that influences us differently across different time periods.

    1. Brick I was talking to Diandra. Diandra, rather of worrying about the problems of the gaming industry, worry about your weight problem. Just get your ADHD diagnosed, get dextro-amphetamine 15mg XR prescribed, take the amphetamine so you stop eating and then hit the gym 1 hour/day. You keep telling yourself all kinds of bullshit, most of which is correct but you use it as avoidance and that incorrect. It doesn’t help you.

  6. I watch this video for 30 seconds and all I can hear is “mimimi bad bad feminist, mimimi I’m a manly manly man and that’s why everything is the fault of liberals and, and, and… social justice warriors and, and, and FEMINISM!”
    Yeah. That’s it. You got it all right dude. Everything in this world is the fault of feminism. And social justice warriors. Because we all know that they’ve been around since before fucking jesus came and ruined the world from day one. Women and Socialists and Liberals. They fucked up the Planet. Oh yeah and Vegans did, too according to many people including Trump Voters which you could be as well.
    30 seconds and I generally dislike you already. That is something absolutely incredible. It’s not good and not helpful. Not in any kind of way but it’s incredible. Guess that’s just the ‘murican way, hm? Must be why the whole world loves you. And ‘murica. According to ‘murrica. Aaaaand you.

    Bye 🙂

    1. 30 seconds of this video got you so butthurt that you rushed to the comment section to spew out three paragraphs of – no doubt, highly witty in your opinion – hyperbolic arguments and nationalistic remarks, sprinkled with speech mocking?
      Damn, that must’ve burned.

    2. Well… I think fast and I think allot. I should really change that. Maybe by making Youtube Let’s Plays that nobody cares for. What u think?

    3. You’re confusing feminism with this modern pop culture feminism nonsense thats been a plague for the past few years. And this pop culture nonsense is beyond fucking cancer.

    1. Hes a guy. Shes a woman. Guys with big lips look good. Women with same lips look like gorillas or failed botox injection victims.

    2. +Alex Figueroa, he might wear his lips in a good way, but a lot of verbal diarrhoea comes out of them (not talking about this video though, he’s a well known wanker in the vegan community who among other things filmed his grandfather having a heart attack, claims pet ownership is wrong because he took drugs and imagined he was a dog and has beef with a lot of people including making fun of another (non-vegan) body builder for getting cancer and making death threats in his video)

    3. Not gonna argue what his personality is like. I meant his appearance only and that’s what i commented on.

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