Mental Health Update

I've been having issues with mental health lately and I thought I'd update you on what's going on.

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Mental Health Update

I've been having issues with mental health lately and I thought I'd update you on what's going on.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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78 thoughts on “Mental Health Update

    1. He needs help. I think he is scared of getting real help. B12, being vegan,
      mediating, getting married isn’t going to help him. He is just
      procrastinating. It’s got to be scary getting diagnosed but it’s for the

    2. Hallucinations alone is not Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia usually involves
      very serious delusions. There are many many reasons people could
      hallucinate other than Schizophrenia.

    3. I agree but I don’t think he has Schizophrenia.

      List of common Schizophrenia Symptoms : Delusions of persecution, delusions
      of reference, delusions of grandeur, delusions of control, hallucinations
      of the five senses, disorganized speech, disorganized behavior, lack of
      emotional expression, lack of interest or enthusiasm, lack of interest in
      the world, speech difficulties, inability to hold conversations

      He may have a few of these but in general I highly doubt someone who is as
      functional as him is Schizophrenic. But he should 10000% go see a doctor. I
      really hope he isn’t one of those naturalist conspiracy theorists who
      doesn’t believe in doctors.

    1. slider292 3000 years of Asian philosophy, Zen and Tao, for exemplo means
      nothing… The Tao of physics, it’s a very good book, explains this better
      than I could put in words in a comment.

    2. +Valeri Ševtšenko Yes, but simple chemical signaling is not conscious.
      Chemicals can form natural gradients where a process can arise to take
      advantage of a more efficient energy conversion. Whatever method they use
      bubbles up naturally, complexity emerges without any input from a so-called
      top-down creator.

    1. +R. MacDonald It sounds more like bipolar or schizophrenia (or a
      personality disorder) so they normally would try medication rather than a
      brain scan. He hasn’t mentioned any neurological problems.

    2. Have you ever actually witness a person with bipolar disorder? People very
      casually toss this term around yet have no clue what it really looks like.

    3. +Rationalthought83​ I’ve had bipolar since l was 16. 31 now. I got the MRI
      for hemiplegic migraines which caused hallucinations. Lithium stopped that

    1. halfsxegirl oh no not at all haha I’ve experimented with a lot of things
      but each drug leaves there mark on someone if you get what i mean

    2. shrooms can mess you up. any psychedelic can. expanding your brain in any
      way has unpredictable effects. dosage and potency play a major role. your
      environment plays a role. if you never did drugs, your perspective and
      consciousness changes after you experience drugs that tap into parts of
      your mind that you never knew were even there. once that happens then you
      have to live with it… you cant turn it off or go back in time to undo
      those changes. dont play with fire… i got burned…and so will you.. if
      you disagree you either never tried anything which is good, or you didnt do
      enough which is also a blessing.

    3. Healing365 Well for the people who have been watching for a while,we all
      know the question to if shrooms have anything to do with it,the answer is
      no because he was having these mental health issues before he even used
      shrooms and before he was even vegan and if I’m correct his mental health
      was worse then

    1. +Vegan Gains : MEDITATION BUT NO MEDICATION ! Be aware of the psychiatric
      drug maffia! The most poisonous substances ever applied by law !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Don’t victimize yourself, you are valuable , we love you. peace

    2. Balazs Pk yeah. true. it’s like they want to make you worse. it might help
      short term but in the long run the side effects make you worse

    3. yes unfortunately. evil forces are very real , one must not fall into their
      hands. If they could make mandatory medications for everyone, they would do
      that. But they can’t. So claim your own power and stay away from them

  1. I’m also having some mental health problems, just on a much deeper level
    than Richard

    1. Fran Rod don’t underestimate what goes into YouTube bro.
      I work 6 days a week on a construction site. (demolition; Jackhammer all
      day etc). And I have my YouTube channel. Believe me when I say, that the
      creative Process of YouTube can be at times harder. And You wouldn’t
      believe how much time goes into a 10 Minute Video.

    1. Javed Alam that’s not necessarily true. They have delusions that they think
      are in accordance with reality and might have hallucinations that fit in
      those delusions, but they can also have hallucinations they can be
      convinced aren’t real.

  2. **Mental Health Update** …Not very reassuring when you’re holding a knife
    in the thumbnail ?

  3. guy gets way too much hate. he reminds me a lot of Socrates. very isolated
    on his perspective but has incredibly just logic and is generations beyond
    others in his view of animal cruelty and veganism. Just like Socrates, he
    will suffer being scrutinized and called all sorts of names, but in
    decades, maybe centuries, people will look back in history and realize how
    dumb the average person was for having no problem with animal cruelty.

    If by any chance you are reading this, just remember to ignore all of the
    imbeciles and to always keep going. You’re serving an important purpose.

    1. It’s always heartening when someone has the integrity not to make silly
      excuses. I never expect to see good comments like this on Richard’s videos,
      but there seems to be more of them lately.

    2. there are still way more important things to be concerned about and to put
      your energy into , this is why your comment is crap and veganism is crap
      because it comes only from rich white people that didnt have enough
      problems to deal with.

    1. It’s okay, you’re just one of *those* vegans. It comes naturally. Just
      don’t go out buying any trenchcoats anytime soon.

  4. Vc. Your a black man living in canada. U prob haven’t seen the sun in 5
    months. Im telling u cause i live in montreal and i get super depressed in
    the winter. U need the sun ☀️. And not those shitty vitamin d supps. Im in
    costa rica now. Feeling much better. Come out to the tropics for 3 months
    and see for yourself. Come home vc. Ur not designed to live there

    1. +Rice Master I agree with you. I am white though, same blood you know, same
      eyes and retina too… and same problems with lack of sun.
      I go cross country skiing a lot, it’s easier here than in Montreal. And
      this cures my depression. No vitamin: light and exercise.

    2. Haha i feel the same way. humans aren’t meant to live in shitty cold
      conditions like Toronto. we need good Ole warm sunlight to be happy =)

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