Mom Strikes Back

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Mom Strikes Back

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58 thoughts on “Mom Strikes Back

    1. chinom Her baby was yelling and all they did was tell her to calm her baby down and she got triggered. I’m pretty sure that means she started it. Also she didn’t have to leave a comment if she didn’t want exposure.

    1. western woman’s child like brains and inability to override emotions with logic makes them malleable to (((their))) influence via mainstream culture/media – do you know who I’m referring to by (((them))) goyim? the (((ones))) advocating open borders for Europa while closed borders for (((their))) own?

    2. That’s because it is embedded into the minds of everyone in Western nations that racism is equated with evil, negativity, and dystopia. Seeing as women are generally more susceptible to herd mentality they are also more likely to fall in line with this ideology that is forced on the populace almost exclusively through popular media.

  1. Am I the only one not surprised that a non western father is the culprit here refusing to discipline his kid in a restaurant? I hate that I even thought that but the pattern is clear. Savage video.

    1. Sea Witch Commenting to both of your replies. No what I said didn’t reference western parents because it wasn’t relevant, there’s no need to placate both sides so others can see I’m not some bigoted monster since that’ll happen anyway. Obviously there are so many horrible parents of all skin colors & ethnicities that let there kids run wild. However in my life I’ve noticed it’s mostly non westerners. But the worst melt downs I’ve seen have been from welfare queen spawns In the south so there’s that. & to the other dude’s comment about anecdotes being used for evidence, I’ll study the generalisations of parenting across ethnicity if you’re willing to fund it. If not I’ll stick to offering all I can which is my own experience.

    1. Rev0UK1 they might follow the trend of other gay couples and adopt or create some kind of lab experiment test tube half caste monkey thing that jizzman gives birth to

  2. This lady was out of line saying your wife looks like a tranny. Trannies look much more feminine & put much more time into there appearance than your wife ever will.

    1. I’m not debating Jasmine’s looks here, if she does look more masculine is mostly because of her attitude, but anyway my point is, am I supposed to think that my wife looks more feminine when she puts make up and goes to work, compare to when she wakes up in the morning? I don’t think so, she’s feminine all around. Femininity is in the attitude not the amount of make up that a girl has. Make up is just there to complement and enhance female features, the only reason Trannies have to go hard on make up is to hide an otherwise masculine face.

    2. VEXARI cry harder dumb skank, everybody appreciates when women actually put effort into their appearance. Get over it.

    1. Sunshine51891 Lmao why did you get so offended by her comment? Yes, VG is being immature. Also, dont be throwing around personal insults, especially when you have no lips and a long chin. It can backfire on you lol. Just saying

  3. Poor Jasmine, she should really get that nose job. No hate. I know the phrase that true beauty is on the inside, but dealing with such comments on a daily basis would make almost everyone heartbroken. Give her a chance Richard and pay for her nose job.

    1. I didn’t even mean random commenters, (although those tend to be mean too) but those tranny comments from that mother were really cruel. Nobody should deal with such abuse, it must leave a big psychological impact on anyone. So yes, I think she’s not really OK with how she looks and plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of, look at South Korea, where like 30% of girls have had some procedures done and no shits given. It’s not about pride, just improving quality of life. I’m serious BTW, not hating, you can say I’m “trying to help” in an awkward aspie way.

    2. It’s so easy to patronize others, but Jasmine egitimately looks like a boy and maybe just minor nose job would fix the problem. It’s not how you feel, it’s how people perceive you that hugely affects your life on a daily basis.

  4. you never said her name in the “married without kids video” she should have never commented. she brought this attention to

    1. Chris, one of the only person vegan gains admitted that is natural and just a freak of genes haha no other utubers would comment because they all been dissed.

  5. Gains your a idiot
    You cant blame about her for typing a comment and a few responce comments
    While you go out of you way to make a video crying on the internet about some kid being loud.
    Why didnt you complain towards the resteraunt managment? Caus no one gives a f_kc
    You just sound like a butthurtloser

    1. RetributionAngel
      Butthurt loser*

      Jesus, before trying to call someone an idiot at least pass first grade English.

    2. She started the YouTube drama. He just mentioned the incident in a video, but didn’t give any names or details. She then wrote that huge comment on the video and identified herself. She deserves it

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