More Lies From Plant Eats

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Plant Eats has responded to my criticisms of him and he has come up with more lies to cover his tracks.

Plant Eat's video:
Plant Eats Exposed part 1:
Part 2:

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More Lies From Plant Eats

Plant Eats has responded to my criticisms of him and he has come up with more lies to cover his tracks.

Plant Eat's video:
Plant Eats Exposed part 1:
Part 2:
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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59 thoughts on “More Lies From Plant Eats

    1. Michelle *** well he claimed she was taking money from fans even though she wasn’t making videos therefore using fans, etc, I went looking for the video but it seems he deleted it, why I ask

    2. Ricardo Pizarro I was curious if your opinion of why VG hasn’t made a video addressing Durianriders slander of Emily and Joey Carbstrong. Do you think VG should focus on Durianrider too?

    3. The action will be brutal, so much built up, so much ripe fruits, it will go everywhere, yummy, so tasty!! #LoveIsInTheAir @thumbnails

    1. Ya coward lord is a bully! Why don’t you encourage to accept the 50 push ups challenge? He is a hypocrite, busy cannibalizing his own! You too are a coward. Cowards follow cowards! You probably should help him do that 50 pushups!

    2. Ooh my freaking gosh! You too huh? That hypocrite Richard! He only preys on the weak..I challenged him to 50 push ups! The didn’t put up, so I up the ante to 60! What do you know he still didn’t put up. Now his side piece vegetable police is with him!

    1. Michele, Durianrider has been called out many times by many including VG.currently Norvegan is destroying him wih a series of vids. not much more to be sid about him. he will always have his group of idiots who support him and give him his 3k views per vid

    2. People can’t help the tone of their voice. Maybe you should listen to what he’s actually saying rather than how he sounds.

    1. He needs to look like a child so he can try and sleep with his students, probably. Me calling him a pedophile isn’t slander though, if you say it is, you’re the one slandering ME. As is the Plant Eats way.

    2. Because he’s a pedophile and he likes to look young and attractive for the young boys. Not a joke btw, it will come out soon that he’s a pedophile.

    1. +Katerina St. Video proof of her doing all these claimed vegan speaking engagement or they aren’t happening to the extent we’re led to believe. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a camera pointed at the stage. No editing required. She could even live stream these speeches on periscope or google hangouts with a simple phone on a tripod. It really doesn’t take a lot of work. Live streaming would be the best option: no need to edit and upload the video. Just open the damn phone app on and we have a stream going!

    2. D K if you have doubts then don’t pay her. If on the other hand you believe her and want to help her then donate. Its as simple as that! And have you seen her videos? She has a burn out. She can’t handle youtube right now and has taken some time for her self to get well and then start again. In the meanwhile she is doing other forms of activism.

  1. I TRULY hope you don’t make another response video to him since he said he is going to make one more video on you. Please Richard, move on from this topic already. Ignore him since he don’t have that much subscribers in the first place. And we all are waiting for videos on some “real” issues… not on some petty drama….

    1. Kazzy Kaioken great comment. (Separate message from messenger) I often have to do this with VG as he is an excellent source of information.
      In regards to Emily, from what I can tell, she’s done amazing work. There is evidence of her hard work, compassion and determination. However, for the last several months following her videos stating she wouldn’t be focusing on YouTube, there hasn’t been a lot of communication on what she’s doing. (Facebook, twitter, website, patreon, etc)
      VG easily debunked the claim PE made about putting in 30-40 hours of work in on YouTube the last 2 years. Some people are wondering exactly what BSV is doing to equal 30-40 hours a week. (On her Patreon page she states she puts in even more hours, mostly to do with videos, but it hasn’t been updated to reflect that she’s no longer making videos.)
      Of course people can give money how they see fit, but I can understand how there is concern that the money may not be currently used for its original purpose or as effectively as intended.
      Whether she works full time or 5 hours a week, doesn’t really matter to me. It’s still a question that I think many people would like answered.
      Let’s say I worked hard and did a great job at something and was compensated for that work. If I decided to stop working or put in much less effort (and have subsequently less impact), is it fair I should receive the same compensation? If I am working just as hard, should I be accountable to keep a record of what I’m doing?
      It would appear that many people are curious to know more about what’s going on.
      Personally, if I were donating to BSV because I supported the type and amount of work she does and later found out she isn’t putting in the same time and effort, I would be unhappy my money wasn’t being spent the way I originally intended it to be. I would prefer to spend my money where I think it has the greatest impact.
      Again, not claiming BSV isn’t doing anything, just saying it would be good to provide evidence as it could clear up this whole matter.

    1. why are you not spending your 40 to 50 hrs a week on making videos instead on replying to every comment on vegan gains channel , you just show how pathetic you are.

    1. I agree.

      I don’t agree with the disrespect (and I don’t think Plant Eats is deliberately lying or manipulating people) but I was surprised that Vegan Gains had such strong points. From start to finish he made a powerful argument (minus the aggression, character speculation and ‘ad hominems’). I thought Plant Eats had ‘had’ me in the last video of his- I’m sure they both made reasonable points I can’t immediately remember and Vegan Gain’s aggression doesn’t really ‘appeal’ to me even though it can be entertaining. I can’t judge videos I haven’t seen but I’m turned off the by the concept of ‘exposing fake vegans’ that seems to be the theme in many of the videos on Plant Eats’ page (assuming this based on the titles – I could be taking them out of context).

      -I had to rewrite that. I deleted my first reply because I thought it was such a petty issue to comment on or be concerned with.

    1. How would you feel about a paleo “activist” asking for $1500 in free public donation to go around the streets lecturing people on the wonders of the paleo diet lol ?

      “full time paleo activists” on the publics dime.

      vegans would lose their minds.

      i could hear it now, they’re shills brah… greedy lazy meat industry shills brah.

    2. We’ve already been told where it’s going.

      Its going on $3300 dollars worth of speeches in real life every month lol.

      and other “activism” “stuff” in real life that nobody seems quite able to account for.

    3. “so far she has not created anything”

      Oh no of course not… just the greatest catalogue of vegan outreach material ever created and assembled anywhere on any platform and in any medium. I mean arguably there’s not much left for her to do on Youtube – her back catalogue is both complete and excellent… and she’s just not interested in creating the tasteless tabloid garbage that you make Dom.

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