My Anger Was Out Of Control

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I recently had a huge breakthrough with my anger management issues and I can finally control my anger.

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Intro: Puritania by Dimmu Borgir
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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My Anger Was Out Of Control

I recently had a huge breakthrough with my anger management issues and I can finally control my anger.

Vegan Apparel:
Discount code: Gains10
Intro: Puritania by Dimmu Borgir
outro: Beef by KRS-One
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77 thoughts on “My Anger Was Out Of Control

    1. Emanuil Ivanov he’s not doing anything wrong! let him grow his channel he’s
      actually a pretty Kool guy and can learn a lot from him subscribed to his
      channel and just support him unless he’s giving false information which I
      don’t think he will

    2. Hogan’s Channel I agree people hate when they see someone grow their
      channel. The guy actually seems like a nice guy with knowledge but ppl
      don’t wanna see others grow.

      its kinda sad

    1. +Sieben Fünf -I read the Power of Now several years before Oprah got
      Eckhart on her show. I don’t fully trust Eckhart (or any “spiritual”
      teacher really) but the message of being more in the present moment and
      learning about the ego and pain body is invaluable. I don’t like Oprah
      either, I have to admit. And even some things about Eckhart I find
      unappealing as well. I especially don’t like that some people hold him in a
      high esteem like he’s some prophet or guru. He’s just a smart guy that put
      a good teaching out to the masses in an easy to grasp manner.

    1. +Timelapsed now you did it even more another bolly , am mentally ill like
      vegan gain and I can’t take it any more you make fun of me people for not
      speak English and ried proper , I have low self-esteem issue now am drunk
      and hi on drugs and ready to jump any sec

    1. lmao, doesn’t matter to her where she is as long as there is lol and fast
      food. Plus points for no work and not having to go outside.

  1. The situation of you looking at people in the karate place, was projection.
    You could project the feelings you had about yourself to other people.
    “They are clumsy helpless weak stupid”, this made you happy. As it was no
    longer you who was stupid, clumsy, weak etc. what your parents made you
    feel. The same what you feel every time you are failing at something.

    Also there surely was a reason why you were angry at you mother. Children
    know when their parents don’t supply them what they need. I have seen this
    on many children, and they will say it very directly. Like one said “mother
    is no nurturing us”.

    The anger does not come from you. It’s like accepting that there is
    something wrong about you, and i assume that was what you learned from your
    parents. The anger is really valid and it has a reason. People who have
    gone through abuse & trauma in early life end up angry. For a good reason.
    You were mistreated as a helpless child, your parents misused their power
    over you.

    1. jannu jokunen u can at least use words like maybe or perhaps or end you
      sentences with question marks maybe…or somethin!!

    2. or u can just have such character… i had no trauma but I have it after my
      mom, its a bad quality to have tho

    3. I defend youtube from redditerrhia not trying be rude or nosey. But you
      said you “have it after”‘your mom. So if she was angry often, then perhaps
      it was traumatic without you evening knowing.

  2. I feel sorry for Jasmine. Poor girl probably peed her pants after your
    mental rage. It’s going to happen again. It doesn’t go away in one day

    1. And thank YOU for the only decent comment I found here. 🙂 VG makes a
      decent and enriching video that can actually help people and all most
      people have to say in response is pure crap! 😛

  3. bro sounds like my family, my parents were always angry and would go crazy
    for the smallest things I remember one thing when I was a kid i dropped a
    spoon and my dad went crazy i was like wtf it’s just a spoon, my siblings
    have that same learned behaviour they just go crazy at a drop of a hat or
    in this case a drop of a spoon lol, keep it up bro

    1. same, my parents were always angry over the tiniest little everything…
      their only solution to every problem was anger and yelling. luckily they’ve
      changed for the better and i’m glad i could see that i didn’t like who they
      were and didn’t become them

    2. Vegan Man I have the same my parents are like that aswell i see them doing
      that on my little brother and i remember them doing that with me. Now i am
      older so it doesn’t happen that often.

    1. Now guys im quite sure she isn’t a tranny just a very tomboyish chick who
      has zero sexuality and plays computer games and watches Naruto.

  4. You’re always making your grandfather out to be mean to justify your
    previous hateful statements about him when he died.

    1. Vegan Gains im glad u said this
      dont get mad at every im recently became vegan and i get angry easy and i
      work on that . im glad u said and made this video. gr8 sage

    1. +Body Swap Hahahahhahah! I swear i’m the same! My earliest memories were
      when i was in kindergarten, before that, i might as well have been my
      neighbor’s pet goat ???

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