My New Year’s Plans

A lot changed for me in 2016 and there are going to be some more big changes in 2017.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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My New Year's Plans

A lot changed for me in 2016 and there are going to be some more big changes in 2017.

outro: Beef by KRS-One
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57 thoughts on “My New Year’s Plans

    1. +blackbird1432
      I just wonder if she is or not. A lot of people say she is not as she has
      an incredible amount of muscle for a woman.

    1. +Fruitbat Eddy
      Ok I will follow the advice of dr mcdougall when it comes to refined sugar
      and keep it minimal, you do you fruitboy

    1. Vegan Gains i have an idea. you could supplement calisthenics at home in
      place of the gym. pistol squats typewriter pushups and good ole pullups
      ect. its good for the mind and the body and you dont have to go anywhere to
      make your vegan gains. weights are great but mixing it up is fun.

  1. You’ve done a lot – I honour your tiredness… Turned a lot of people Vegan!
    Hope we can shroom together one day.

    1. VeganRevolution personally, I’ve just been wanting to meet him in real
      life, would be great. (: always will support this channel.

    2. +EM O Blonde lean hair white skin grey blue eye color at poles uva less
      intense the closer you get there’s almost none at all.. d vitamin uptake is
      related. The closer to equator coarse hair black skin sunlight all year
      round, different weather patterns to facilitate that inverse at the poles.
      more grey and rainy and cloudy. the skin becomes darker the eyes become
      brown/green (brown and blue mix regression and adaptation to closer to
      equator blue grey etc. the opposite closer to the poles)

    1. +liquid uranium
      I agree with basically everything you said. Though you mentioned racial
      insinuations, pale humans are simply darker humans who migrated away from
      the sun. As Ive said, there are both dark and pale humans within all races.
      There are certain mexicans that are darker than certain african americans
      and there are certain caucasians that are darker that certain mexicans.
      Race does not directly correlate with the color of the body.

    2. +Deep In Darkness its an inherited trait, how much melanin is in your skin
      from birth is determined by heredity, exposure to sunlight stimulates
      melanin production but ultimately people are genetically prone to darker or
      lighter skin, there are of course many grey areas because humans are
      diverse but moving away from the sun is the reason why some races are
      lighter skinned than others, you cant deny that europeans are a distinct
      racial group that has mutated genetically among other races to lose the
      higher melanin levels that africans jamaicans and others have, so when you
      say lighter skin people are devolved no one other than you fails to see the
      insinuation, you’re not even wrong about the importance of sunlight or the
      fact that darker skin people can absorb and process sunlight into energy
      more efficiently but you seem to think its the most important thing and
      focus on that one issue alone rather than addressing a wide range of health
      issues, all of which are important, i would be willing to bet
      2323784958470928735409587309457809358740958735094785049387509847 dollars
      you wouldnt put so much emphasis on this if you werent black

    3. +liquid uranium​
      Most of the issues within this planet stem from the effects of modern
      civilization, which was created and is lead by pale humans, these humans
      didnt surface untill around 5000-7500 years ago, though darker humans have
      been living in a sustainable fashion on this planet for over 6 million
      years. Meaning 5000 years after the arrival of paler humans the planet is
      now being said to be “damaged beyond repair” and a “ticking time bomb”, due
      to the effects modern civilization has on the its ecosystem, while darker
      humans have lived 6 million years in a type of equilibrium with their

      You should take a look at the symptoms of lack of direct sunlight and then
      ponder the how much it effected humans to be away from sunlight for so long
      that they became pale with straight, pale hair and started living in
      manners that pollute and contaminate the planet. Direct sunlight is more
      important than you seem to realize.

    4. Using a basic energy or wavelength scale, electromagnetic (spectrum) chart
      pertaining to colors and waves, the lowest charge or longest wavelength
      within color would be white, pale. The highest charge and shortest
      wavelength being black, or dark. With different charges in between. Yellow,
      red, green, blue, purple. Dark and pale being the highest and lowest. The
      lowest energetic charge in relation to waves would be straight or flat,
      meaning no energy. The highest would be a spiral. There are many variations
      in bewteen the two. These principals apply to all matter because all matter
      is made up of energy or has a wavelength, including the matter that makes
      up the human body. Dark, violet bodies with spiraling hair standing on
      their heads have the highest energetic charge or shortest wavelength. Pale
      bodies with straight, pale hair that falls from their heads have the lowest
      charge and the longest wavelength. The hair stands on the heads of most
      darker humans for the same reason the hair stands on the heads of paler
      humans when they come into contact with a powerful energy source like
      getting zapped by electricity, the body experiences an increase in energy.
      When humans migrated away from the energy of the sun, they experienced a
      decrease in energy…they devolved energetically becoming numb, less
      sensitive to the environment around them.

    1. Fine Brothers after all she did brining the PC to the American home and
      developing Windows. I don’t think that would be very fair.

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