My Parents Almost Killed Me – Childhood Story

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When I was a kid I had some insane hockey parents, but in spite of them I survived childhood.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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My Parents Almost Killed Me - Childhood Story

When I was a kid I had some insane hockey parents, but in spite of them I survived childhood.

Outro: Beef by KRS-One
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71 thoughts on “My Parents Almost Killed Me – Childhood Story

    1. Cancer and dementia disappear too, and if you go raw as well then you will
      grow 4-5 inches, get a 190+ IQ and live beyond 200 years

    2. +Jizz Epees Pizzeria My Mom was Vegan with me and my brothers, she’s a
      physical therapist, and we were all well over healthy weight and height.

    1. MoMoneyMoBUCKETS Well about 250,000 people die of asthma each year. Having
      multiple asthma attacks with no way to treat them, Vegan Gains is lucky to
      be alive.

    2. MoMoneyMoBUCKETS Also he didn’t make a big deal about it. He played and
      worked through his asthma for years, and is just now explaining the
      situation. Not even complaining. Just expressing his confusion as to he
      wasn’t allowed treatment for his life-threatening condition.

    1. Imagine if his pappy filmed him gasping for air, loaded it to the net and
      said he was happy because (insert your holier than thou reasoning).

    1. +Lord Lazy ok good was hoping you caught that lol. I mean, I mostly agree
      with your main point I’m not gonna try to defend that guy but to be fair
      vegan gains comment section is troll city and will remain as such

    2. +Tumba Of Infinity yeah I know that but this particular guy is trying so
      hard to smear the vegan lifestyle that its actually pathetic.

    3. Ok but what does being born out of wedlock have to do with having a good
      father? There’s good and bad fathers in every race. It doesn’t matter if
      your parents are married or not.

    1. YourMother I came from east Europe where asthma was pretty much unheard of,
      very rare. Meanwhile in Canada ther would be a couple kids with asthma in
      each class. We perceived it to be whinyness and weakness endemic to

  1. Hey Vegan Gains, I also had crazy parents, I used to live in Eritrea which
    is located in Africa and we had this culture where 6 months before
    Christmas we buy a sheep and feed and take care of it. I got along with the
    sheep and it became my second pet after my dog. One morning they took the
    sheep into the courtyard and my dad told me to slit the sheep’s throat. I
    remember saying no and told them to leave it alone and they kept saying
    ‘god will be angry at you’. When I still refused my dad grabbed a belt and
    beat me up and locked me a room and said I won’t be eating any food for the
    day. Luckily we left the country to Australia and I’ve never have and never
    will kill any animals.

    1. +Sudarshan Aravamudhan Yeah I just recently finished school so I can
      finally be independent and live the life I want. Thx bro 🙂

    1. +Viewing Asking a man how another mans nuts taste? You seem very educated.
      And the sentence would go: “How do his nuts taste?” Not: “How does his nuts
      taste?” But of course, you are the educated one making a lot of money.

  2. It doesn’t sound like you had an asthma attack. Sounds more like anxiety
    attack. If you were passing out due to asthma, you would be dead by now
    without an inhaler.

    1. Nothing was giving me anxiety at those times, I’m still extremely sure it
      was asthma especially since so many kids in hockey were getting it.

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